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Greyhound Maestro is a greyhound racing tipster service which is being offered through the BetHub tipster stable. The service boasts some very consistent results.

Introduction to Greyhound Maestro

At the time of writing this, the new Premier League football season is under way and so I have spent a lot of time looking at football tipster services. What I didn’t expect to land on my desk, was todays subject, Greyhound Maestro.

I have looked at greyhound racing before and honestly, I’ve always been a little bit turned off by it. Not because I don’t think there is money to be made, because there can be. Although honestly, this can be a struggle with somewhat restricted odds and a general niche feel to the sport which has some limitations.

Now these negatives can also be seen in a positive light, especially if a service is consistently profitable, something that BetHub say that this service is. With that in mind, you create a situation whereby you can expand your portfolio and ultimately begin to really maximise your profits. All of this is simply conjecture however, and if Greyhound Maestro isn’t any good, it is all irrelevant.

What Does Greyhound Maestro Offer?

Over the course of this article, it should become apparent to you that there are some pretty big gaps in knowledge when it comes to Greyhound Maestro. This is all entirely down to the fact that BetHub simply don’t provide a huge amount of information about the service. Fortunately, it seems to be a pretty simple enough affair.

This applies in articular to the logistical elements of the service which are about as straight forward as it comes. This isn’t an inherently bad thing. Now, it should be noted out of the gate (or perhaps that should be trap) that this is not a daily tipster service.

In fact, it is not uncommon for there to be quite significant gaps between selections. Now, I don’t see this as the be all and end all, as there are in fact a number of reasons that this ultimately works out in the favour of Greyhound Maestro that I will get to shortly.

As you would expect, when selections are issued, they are sent out directly to subscribers via  email. These are usually sent before midday which given the later starts of greyhound racing gives you plenty of time to get bets placed etc. They are also made available on an Greyhound Maestro member’s area on the BetHub website with an app also being in the works.

Now, the fact that Greyhound Maestro isn’t a daily service doesn’t mean that it is a low volume one. In the 18 months that BetHub have been proofing the service, there have been close to 900 bets advised. These can be quite heavy on some days as well with 17 dogs advised as selections recommended on one particular day in June this year. Whilst this isn’t a common event, you should keep it in consideration.

The bets themselves cover a decent variety of odds which is something that is a bit of a rarity in my experience with greyhound racing tipsters. Usually there is a strong leaning towards much lower odds, typically topping out around 3/1. The range here it substantially larger though.

These higher odds may well be down to the range of bets that are involved with Greyhound Maestro. BetHub’s proofing shows that as well as simply backing a dog to win, there are a number of each way bets. seemingly critical to the results though are the doubles and triples that are advised. These aren’t exactly uncommon either.

There is of course a staking plan in place, and it is also a key element in the profitability of Greyhound Maestro. All bets are advised to be backed at anywhere from 1 point going all the way up to 3 points on a given bet. Naturally this can start to get expensive and as such, a reasonable sized betting bank will be required.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for Greyhound Maestro. This is something that is particularly important as key to the service working well is consistency. And honestly, the results that are produced are actually pretty solid.

Now, BetHub don’t actually provide any claimed strike rate for Greyhound Maestro, however they do provide some very comprehensive proofing. Using this, I have calculated a strike rate that sits between 30% and 35%. Honestly, this isn’t a bad result at all and highlights that there is definitely potential to make some money here.

How Does Greyhound Maestro Work?

One of the things that stands out massively about Greyhound Maestro is the detail that you get in terms of why the tipster behind the service has picked a given dog. Whilst you don’t receive selections on a daily basis, you do receive a full and detailed write up on why a given greyhound has been selected.

This is a rare, but incredibly welcome touch. There are so many tipster services out there that don’t provide any real insight into their selection process or simply describe some vague system that they don’t explore enough to really give you any insight into whether or not they are good at what they do.

And yet here, with Greyhound Maestro, the doors are thrown wide open. The reasoning can actually be varied as well which if I’m entirely honest is a good thing. This suggest that there is somebody picking bets who has a genuine understanding rather than relying on some theoretical “if x then y” scenario.

Topping all of this off is the fact that BetHub provide some massively comprehensive proofing for Greyhound Maestro. This means that you can easily look at those historic results and also get that “big picture” look at what to expect from the future.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two pricing options for those who want to subscribe to Greyhound Maestro. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £33 per month (plus VAT). Alternatively, you can sign up on a quarterly basis which is better value at £75 per quarter (plus VAT), however that does come with the additional initial outlay.

BetHub are selling both of the subscriptions to Greyhound Maestro through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee available. To be fair to them, this is well advertised in the sales material for the service.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since it launched in 2018, Greyhound Maestro has produced an overall profit of 343.03 points to BOG. Of those, 128.96 points of profit have been made in 2019 which is a modest figure, but roughly on track with what was made in 2018 (despite more bets being likely ending being placed over the course of the year).

This is a pretty modest profit, especially when you factor in the staking plan, however, it is worth considering that these profits have been pretty consistent with just a few big dips in your betting bank.

Conclusion for Greyhound Maestro

I wouldn’t say that I’ve particularly gone out of my way to look for it, but I have long been waiting to find a greyhound betting service that is actually something close to a “must have” for your betting portfolio.

I will be honest and say that Greyhound Maestro really ticks a lot of the boxes there. It is a good looking service. I will admit that those profits aren’t necessarily setting the world alight, but ultimately, I see greyhound racing as something that will augment your core betting markets as opposed to something that is the main focus.

Furthermore, whilst those profits are pretty average, that consistency is what I would really be looking for in a service that is there to add to my income rather than being the sole focus. And if you look at the strike rate and the odds that are involved, then there is definitely potential for those results to be maintained in the longer term which is also a positive.

On top of this, I actually find myself believing that BetHub is genuine in terms of how it is that he actually approaches the service. That is something that is a bit of a rarity, especially given the massive number of tipsters that actually make this claim.

But there is one thing that if I’m honest really puts me off about Greyhound Maestro and that is the price. When you factor in the VAT, you are paying close to £40 per month for Greyhound Maestro. That is a huge amount of money and is in line with what I would expect to pay for a much more premium service. Something that I would consider to be one of those “core” services I mentioned.

That really makes it difficult to see the value for money in Greyhound Maestro. With a premium pricing, I would expect results that are significantly more substantial than some 180 points per year. It isn’t that that result is necessarily bad, but there are definitely more profits available for less money and that is a bit of a problem.

With all of this in mind, I am rather unfortunately a bit disappointed with Greyhound Maestro. I don’t think that this is a bad product at all, I just don’t see how it can be competitive at the price. This is a shame as there are a lot of elements of the service that are strong positives. It is just too expensive given the costs that are involved.


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