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Greyhound UK Rater is a new to market greyhound racing betting service. It comes courtesy of Steve Davidson and Winningmore and has, supposedly, produced some decent bets to date.

Introduction to Greyhound UK Rater

If I’m honest, I always like seeing stuff relating to greyhound racing. Maybe it’s the working class Northerner in me, or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s a somewhat niche betting market that carries quite significant profit potential… Either way, I do admit that I tend to prick my ears up when someone mentions the word. And if there is one person who, generally speaking, seems to get it right… Well, it’s Steve Davidson of Winningmore. As such, when there is a new launch from him, pertaining to this uncut gem, it’s hard not to be intrigued.

Now, I think it’s only fair to be really blunt, straight off the mark. What you are getting into here isn’t anything new. It isn’t some revolutionary approach. In fact, if I’m really honest, in the best possible way, Greyhound UK Rater is a bit boring. But there is no reason for that to be a bad thing. In actual fact, it can be a very good thing. If there is one thing that I’ve come to learn in my time doing this, those who rely on flash and exciting big new ideas, they rarely work. Meanwhile, tried and tested methods continue to make money.

So, Greyhound UK Rater is a complete shoe in, right? Well, not exactly. It is very apparent, from the offset, that this isn’t going to be something that will be for everyone. Which isn’t to say that I think that Steve Davidson’s approach with this is flawed or anything. It’s just that… Well, let’s just say niche betting systems tend to produce niche results. They also oftentimes involve strategies that don’t fit everybody’s way of betting. Keeping this in mind, let’s get into Greyhound UK Rater.  

What Does Greyhound UK Rater Offer?

First things first, let’s talk about what Greyhound UK Rater actually is. And for those who are even vaguely familiar with the work of Steve Davidson and Winningmore, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise. Because this is a piece of software. Now, I know that some of you may already be turned off at this point, but stick with me. Because it is actually quite decent.

Now, one of the major issues that I have had with Steve Davidson and Winningmore in the past is the restrictions on their software. They have normally worked exclusively on Windows, which isn’t a problem for most people, but the world is different now. Instead, this is all online based which means you can access it from anywhere, on any device, so long as you have an internet connection.

As a piece of software, Greyhound UK Rater is… Well, it’s functional. Actually, that feels a bit unfair if I’m honest, because one upon a time, this kind of thing was incredibly difficult to use and was rarely user friendly. Here though, the software is a breeze to use and I really don’t think that you should have much trouble navigating it.

The user interface is nice and intuitive, and everything does what you would expect it to do. All that you have to do is choose the date, choose the card, and choose the race for the day. It really is a few clicks of your mouse, and everything is there in front of you. This shouldn’t be something that is difficult to deliver on, but I can tell you, it is frustratingly uncommon in this industry.

With all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the data itself, because that is the meat and veg of this. Data. Specifically, Greyhound UK Rater is concerned with speed ratings. That is to say, how fast a dog runs. For a lot of people, whilst the most basic approach to greyhound racing, this is also one of the most profitable long term. As such, it does make it an important number.

As well as the speed rating for this particular race, Greyhound UK Rater also includes the speed ratings for the last 5 starts for that dog. This means that you can quickly and easily size up the competition. Again, I do feel the need to praise the software and say that all of this is really clearly shown, and it is very easy to get an idea of what is going on in a race. You can also go back 14 days and view this data if you want to start trying to build your own system.

Now, something to keep in mind is that whilst the software updates daily, it isn’t until 7.30am UK time. Personally, I think this is fine. Greyhound racing tends to run later in the day and as such, there is plenty of potential to get some value from bets if you are up and at it early enough.

Really, that is about all that Greyhound UK Rater is. It is a piece of software that displays data, however, Steve Davidson has also provided a few different strategies that you can utilise in order to turn this into actual tangible profit. Neither of these are really particularly groundbreaking or complex, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The fact is that there is a strong opportunity to leverage the software to produce profit.

How Does Greyhound UK Rater Work?

Talking about how Greyhound UK Rater works is a bit of a difficult thing in some respects. Steve Davidson mentions that he as approached by somebody to automate their own approach to producing speed ratings, and as such, we don’t get a whole lot of insight into this. Honestly, I find that to be forgivable. The fact is that from a less credible source, I might dismiss this a bit, but Winningmore have been going for some time, and whilst I don’t always like what they put out, they are above board.

Furthermore, to reiterate a point, I ultimately see this as being more of a tool than a direct money making product. This makes it difficult to talk about how it “works”, because that will depend hugely on what you are looking at. The fact is that even Steve Davidson talks about the fact that you can use this to develop your own systems. That won’t be for everyone, but it is good to know the option exists.

With all of that said, I do want to touch on the systems that Steve Davidson offers. The first of these is a backing based system. This yields a small number of bets and ultimately, carries somewhat limited quantities of bets. However, it is also probably the simplest approach to utilising Greyhound UK Rater. It has also produced a respectable profit on the days where it has been used.

The laying system is a much higher volume service. Inevitably, this also means more work. Especially because a key element of what Steve Davidson is doing here is based around laying off horses when they reach a certain price. Now this can all be set up through a Betfair trading bot (with Steve Davidson recommending using Winningmore’s own version), but it isn’t technically a necessity.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Greyhound UK Rater there are a multitude of options available, each of which vary wildly in terms of outlay and value. The cheapest option is a 3 month license which is priced at £29.97 (which is a recurring payment), however it is also the worst value. A 6 month license offers slightly better value being priced at £49.97.

By far and away the best value comes from signing up to Greyhound UK Rater for a 12 month license. This is priced at £69.97 and is supposedly a reduction on an actual value of £139.97. Quite where this higher number has come from I’m not sure though, and Steve Davidson doesn’t really mention it. As such, I’d take this with a very large pinch of salt and chalk it up to crude marketing.

What is noteworthy is the fact that, as with all products from Steve Davidson and Winningmore, there is no money back guarantee or refund period available with Greyhound UK Rater. This means that, realistically, you should be at least somewhat certain that you are going to get some use out of the software if you buy it.

What is the Rate of Return?

Talking about a rate of return for Greyhound UK Rater is a difficult thing. Now, Steve Davidson provides some examples on the website for the service, and they are generally pretty food looking. However, I don’t necessarily think that this is the fairest representation. The fact of the matter is this. As with any tool, ultimately, what you get from this will depend on what you are willing to put in.

What I will say is that I genuinely believe that leveraging Greyhound UK Rater, you can definitely make some profit here. What I wouldn’t really like to do though is put any distinctive numbers on it that may mislead people as to what they are getting into.  

Conclusion for Greyhound UK Rater

Way back in the introduction to Greyhound UK Rater, I talked about how I see greyhound racing as being a bit niche, and rather unfortunately, I have to come back to this a little bit now that we’re wrapping up as well. Because, and I feel like I say this quite often, this isn’t something that is going to be for everybody. For several reasons really.

First things first, I really want to hammer home (pun not intended) a point that I have already made. Greyhound UK Rater is only a tool. Now, what exactly do I mean by this? Well, it’s a bit difficult to explain, but stick with me. Usually when you sign up for a betting service, you are gaining insight, in some form or another. Whether that is a tipster or somebody who has created a betting system, you are getting introspection and a perspective.

This is normally very handy, because it may well be introspection or perspective that you don’t really have. Consider it akin to reading an article by a good journalist. You both have the same facts, but if they know a topic particularly well, then they may be able to read more from that data than you could. It is the same with most betting systems.

Now, to some degree, Greyhound UK Rater also does this. When people talk about speed ratings, it is often as though you are dealing with something entirely objective. However, there is some subjectivity to how those speed ratings are found, with different people putting more and less weight on very subtle nuances. I mean, let’s not forget that Steve Davidson does say that all of this started with somebody wanting a process automating.

Ultimately though, I think in order to create the correct context, it is important to treat these as being “factual”. To go back to the analogy I used about journalism, what Greyhound UK Rater is set up for is to give you the facts. Steve Davidson provides those few strategies to help you to start understanding, but in many respects, the onus to make this work is on you, something that some people will struggle with.

With all of that said, I don’t think that you can really view Greyhound UK Rater as a bad product. However you want to line it up, it does do exactly what it says on the tin. The real question is whether or not you are in a position to get the most out of it. And that is where I feel like the line needs to be drawn.

Because if you are looking at Greyhound UK Rater and thinking that it’s worth a buy as a relatively inexpensive way of getting an “in” on greyhound racing. Well, I think that you’re probably going to be a bit disappointed in the long term. Sure, this can be that, but in a very limited degree. Maybe that will be enough for you, but I don’t think it is where it shines.

Really, I think that this is probably at its best for somebody who is already trading. Somebody who is already positioned to take full advantage of Greyhound UK Rater as a tool. Because if you are that person, then frankly, this is something that is worth some very serious consideration. If you are in anyway a more casual bettor, whilst there may still be some value here, it is going to be considerably lessened.


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Hi Curtis, thanks for the review and couldn’t agree more. After years of relatively unfocussed trading (and losing money of course), I have started to take data very seriously and the results are slowly starting to reflect this.

The rating tool is a great source of data but as you say, this won’t suit people looking for some sort of quick magic ‘strategy’

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