Guaranteed Winners Review Update

Guaranteed Winners is a new horse racing tipster service from one Eddie Newman. It claims to be able to predict winning horses with a startling amount of accuracy and bring respective profits with it.

Introduction to Guaranteed Winners

I have seen a lot of bold claims made by a lot of different people in my time writing these articles. Never though, have I seen a service that puts itself out there as much as Guaranteed Winners, just through the title. So with a name like Guaranteed Winners, I am being particularly difficult and going into this expecting no less.

A cursory glance over the sales material strongly suggests that this approach shouldn’t be problematic with glowing reports from customers, other tipsters and even an editor for a (apparently entirely fictional) horse racing magazine. With this kind of hype surrounding the service (including a big push from the usual affiliate sources), let’s see whether or not Guaranteed Winners is actually able to deliver on the lofty standards it sets for itself.

What Does Guaranteed Winners Offer?

In terms of what you are actually getting from Guaranteed Winners, things couldn’t be further from what I have talked about so far. The service is an incredibly straight forward daily horse racing tipster service. Eddie Newman sends out the selections directly to subscribers via email each morning. From here, all that you need to do is “Place your bets… Win MONEY!”. This would be all well and good but honestly, there is a disappointing lack of information contained within the emails that are issued.

Don’t get me wrong, Guaranteed Winners provides enough for you to get your bets placed but the quality is a long way off industry leaders. For example, we are simply told in the sales material to “place your bets with the online bookies of your choice”. There appears to be very little in the way of research carried out here.

guaranteed-winners-reviewTo say that this is a disappointment is an understatement, however this also appears to be something of a recurring theme with Guaranteed Winners.

I am trying to see some positives to Guaranteed Winners at this point but honestly, there is very little to get on board with. If you look at the staking plan for the service, you will quickly note that it is entirely lacking. We are very literally left to our own devices by Eddie Newman. This is a massive problem for me as Guaranteed Winners is claimed to have a very specific profit potential for his service (I will get to this later).

Finally I want to talk about the strike rate for Guaranteed Winners.

Now fortunately, we have a lot of information about this. In fact, I would go as far as to say that Eddie Newman has used it as the key selling point for his tips. Over time, the system behind the service has been refined to the point where an outstanding 96.7% of tips are apparently winning.

This is a phenomenal number, and to top it off, Guaranteed Winners is a “fully verified system”! We are not however told where this system is verified to. Nor have I been able to find this information out. There isn’t even any proofing provided for Guaranteed Winners, none of which really bodes well.

How Does Guaranteed Winners Work?

There is a very familiar narrative to Eddie Newman and it is rather unfortunate that it is about all that we are given in terms of how things work. The sales material for Guaranteed Winners talks about the creators working class background. Getting by, but without ever really having a lot of money. Of course, there was gambling in the family (there always is in these things).

Eddie Newman went away at 18 and finished university with a degree in IT (again, isn’t there always in these things?).

Unfortunately, nobody wanted to hire him so after grabbing the bull by the horns, he decided to sit down and develop a horse racing system using his computer programming knowledge (do I have to say it again?). After burning the candle at both ends, locked away etc. there was (of course) a breakthrough which led to everything coming together.

Of course, this doesn’t actually tell us anything about Guaranteed Winners and how it works, as you would expect. This is very much par for the course by this point.

What is the Initial Investment?

Guaranteed Winners is very generously being offered with a “lifetime membership” at the time of writing. This is available at a cost of just £29.99. This option is supposedly only open to the first 50 people (something which I am highly sceptical of) and once this has sold out, the doors will be closed on Guaranteed Winners forever.

The one thing that I will say for Eddie Newman is that he is open about the 60 day money back guarantee that is in place due to Guaranteed Winners being sold through Clickbank.

What is the Rate of Return?

Supposedly, Eddie Newman made £81,806.34 in a 12 month period. This is a huge claim with a very strong implication that this kind of result can be achieved again. It is also backed up by a key selling point which reads “earn a minimum £6,000 / monthly” and that “your earnings have no limit”.

Given that there is no real staking plan in place, I am not entirely certain how these claims could be backed up. For example, using the figure of £6,000 per month, even £100 per point and a level staking plan would mean 60 points. A result that whilst some tipsters will hit occasionally is a long way from the minimum.

Conclusion to Guaranteed Winners

There are a lot of products out there which make ridiculous claims with a view to getting subscribers on board but it has been a long time since I have looked at something like Guaranteed Winners. The sales material makes so many unfounded statements that I have rewritten this 3 times trying to find a place to start. As you can probably tell, I am not really sold on Guaranteed Winners.

Call me cynical, but to quote astronomer Carl Sagan (and not for the first time), “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. The only evidence that we are treated to is a very questionable William Hill screenshot.

Even putting the lack of evidence to one side, the whole of Guaranteed Winners is riddled with things that don’t quite add up. Whilst I can appreciate that Eddie Newman’s story is possibly true, I have seen enough variations on this to last me a lifetime.

The fact that we are told very specific claims about how much money Guaranteed Winners can make but aren’t provided with any explanation as to how is a problem. The supposedly fully verified tipping system which is not verified anywhere that I can see. The strike rate of near 100%. Each point seems to be worse than the last.

I can appreciate that Guaranteed Winners is not a lot of money. I would call it a saving grace but honestly, I only think that something being cheap counts as a positive if it does what it says. I would be very surprised however if Eddie Newman can deliver all of this.

In fact, about the best thing that I can say about Guaranteed Winners is that it comes with a full money back guarantee and even this has more to do with the payment platform than the service.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that I cannot recommend enough giving Guaranteed Winners a miss. It has been some time since I have looked at a tipster service which is so blatantly suspect. If you were to follow Guaranteed Winners, the only thing that I can see happening is that you will lose any betting bank you set up. Avoid this one like the plague.


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