Half Time Method Review

Half Time Method is a brand new sports betting tipster service from Louis Martin. He claims that his tips can provide substantial profit through football betting for his subscribers.

Introduction to the Half Time Method

There are a lot of reasons that a product typically lands on my proverbial desk. One of the main ones is that there is a particularly prolific push through affiliate marketing channels. Now this isn’t necessarily an inherent cause for concern, but as you can imagine given how long I’ve been doing this, I am on a large number of mailing lists.

half-time-method-reviewAs such, there are certain characters that you see pushing he same products at the same time. To my mind, I can’t think of a single occasion where this has led to a positive experience with a product. None the less, when you are being told about products like Half Time Method and how Louis Martin “hasn’t lost a single stake all season long”.

Well, it’s hard not to pay attention. Whilst it is likely that this is simply a ploy to get people to sign up for Half Time Method, there is a (admittedly very small) possibility that the service can deliver. With that in mind, let’s have a look at Half Time Method.

What Does Half Time Method Offer?

Rather surprisingly, there is a lot about Half Time Method that is different to the norm. This is quite welcome and definitely no bad thing. First of all, there is the fact that Louis Martin does not operate his service in a way that simply churns out selections. Instead, bets are provided only on match days for the Premier League and the Championship.

Selections are emailed directly out to subscribers (always before kick off with Louis Martin saying that he aims to provide bets the day before when possible) with full instructions on how to bet. This is an important element of Half Time Method that I want to return to the best that I can.

In terms of the bets themselves, I am put in a rather difficult position here. Louis Martin says that Half Time Method is based on a top secret method that he has developed. So much so that he cannot post his results “as it reveals [his] methods”.

As such, I am unsure how reasonable it is to go into detail. What I can say is that Half Time Method isn’t a particularly high volume service. Furthermore, whilst some of the promotional material talks about high odds, I haven’t seen anything that suggests this is common place.

Rather interestingly for this kind of set up, there is a full staking plan in place for Half Time Method. Louis Martin is a firm advocate of compounding and upping your stakes. He does however say that you can start with quite low numbers as your betting bank will increase exponentially and in a short space of time.

Truth be told, I am not entirely convinced by these claims and I think that there is an element of salesmanship with Half Time Method in this regard.

One of the things which clearly stands out about Half Time Method pertains to the strike rate. There is no specific claim made, however we are told by Louis Martin several times that his bets cannot lose.

I don’t doubt that there is an argument that can be made that this is the case, however I feel like realistically, Half Time Method is something that works very well on paper. I am less convinced that it translates well to real life.

How Does Half Time Method Work?

Once again, I feel like I am a little bit stuck in terms of discussing how Half Time Method works. I maintain that it isn’t fair to divulge information that somebody doesn’t want out there. Especially when it pertains to Louis Martin’s making a living. This doesn’t however make the marketing strategy any less frustrating.

Being real about it, Louis Martin is saying that he cannot tell you anything about his service, and the only way to buy into it is Half Time Method. I am not saying that this is a scam, but the method of engagement seems a long way from above board.

This doesn’t mean that I can’t say anything. At its core, Half Time Method is based around betting in such a way that you hedge your bets. I am grossly oversimplifying things here, but you should be ready to place two bets on each event.

There is a bet which is placed before half time, and then a bet that is then placed at half time should the first bet lose. Again, I feel the need to reiterate that the idea works on paper, but I am not convinced about the long term profitability here.

What is the Initial Investment?

Louis Martin has just one option if you want to sign up to Half Time Method. This is a one time payment of £30, for which you will receive his bets for the next 30 weeks, i.e. until the football season ends. Once this has elapsed, presumably you can subscribe again for the next year, but there doesn’t appear to be any attempt to look at the future of Half Time Method. A noteworthy point in my book.

I should point out that Half Time Method is sold through Clickbank which means that if you want to trial the service, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. Louis Martin does mention this, however it is far from prominent.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are a lot of different numbers claimed by Louis Martin in terms of the profitability and I want to address this. He claims that personally he is looking to “easily clear £40,000 by the end of the season”. This is apparently based off making £36,000 over the next 30 weeks.

This what the website states:

half-time-method-profitsIn 8 weeks, he claims to have made £4,280 in profit, however this is presumably now being used for staking to make the £36,000. Realistically, he says, £20,000 is a “very achievable” profit starting with a big enough bank to allow you to place £20 bets.

Conclusion to the Half Time Method

There ae a lot of reasons not to like something. It may be a matter of personal preference or taste. It may be that there is overwhelming evidence that stands in front of you. Sometimes, it can simply be a gut feeling. More often than not though, it is a combination of the three. In this line of work, I find that I rely on all of these.

Now I should say that I generally like to make a decision based off evidence, but sometimes, you just get a feeling in your gut. This is what happened with Half Time Method.

If you don’t look at it too hard (which I feel like most people probably don’t), then Half Time Method looks like a sure fire winner. The results that are claimed are, rather frankly, beyond belief. That for me stands as a huge red flag. Put simply, if something sounds too good to be true, this is usually for a very good reason.

The claim that starting bets of £20 can be turned into £20,000 I just don’t see happening without extensive compounding and as such, creating additional risk.

Louis Martin talks about how Half Time Method s guaranteed to not lose, and like I have already said, this works. In theory. If you want evidence that it may not necessarily work in practice, you need only look at the (lack of) evidence that Louis Martin puts forward.

The fact of the matter is that there is simply no results or evidence that show the system working as claimed. Given that Louis Martin has supposedly been going for two months with Half Time Method with nothing but profit, it seems reasonable to question why this might be missing.

Personally, I am not nearly as convinced by Louis Martin’s claims for Half Time Method as he seems to be. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily say that I out and out refute them, I don’t believe that there is any particularly viable evidence either.

Given the fact that Half Time Method looks an awful lot like a large number of tipster services which have all conveniently disappeared after 60 days, and has been launched by a vendor who has been dormant on Clickbank for 6 years (and sold a number of questionable tipster services back then). I just see this as being a risky proposition.

For those of us who are less risk averse, I can see some appeal in so much as Half Time Method is only £30. This isn’t a lot of money, but I do think that you will end up getting what you pay for in terms of long term quality.


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I have been trying to get a refund after his first bet LOST !
So much for never lost a bet all last season !

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your own take on the Hal Time Method product.


All you need to do for a refund (if purchased through Clickbank) is to send your Clickbank receipt email to refunds (at) clickbank.com. Never a problem this way.

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