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Hanbury Racing Tips is a relatively new to market horse racing tipster service. It is being offered through the Mega Tipsters platform with selections coming courtesy of Richard Hutchinson.

Introduction to Hanbury Racing Tips

When it comes to looking at a tipster service, there aren’t really any definitive right or wrong answers to… Well, pretty much anything really. What exactly do I mean by this? Well, to cut a long story short, there are lots of different ways of making a profit. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that definitely elevate a service over the competition. Little bits that, when I see them, are generally an indicator that you’re dealing with a genuine and quality product. And honestly, there are a good number of these.

All of this is very important to establish, simply because today’s subject, Hanbury Racing Tips, ticks almost all of these boxes. Pretty much everything that Richard Hutchinson is doing here is what I would want to see from a tipster. And on the management side of things, Mega Tipsters also deliver on pretty much every front too. Make no mistake, it isn’t really all that often that I get particularly excited for something before I take a long hard look at it, but that is the case here. Because if even a small amount of the blatant potential can be reached, this will be an absolute winner.

So, you may think, this is all very positive. Which should also make it a sure fire thing, let’s start wrapping up now, and just generally not waste our time. But that isn’t the case. Because whilst Hanbury Racing Tips is incredibly impressive looking, and Richard Hutchinson and Mega Tipsters really do seem to do everything right. I can tell you here and now that this is a tipster service that categorically isn’t going to be for everybody. In actual fact, there are a good few reasons why you might want to give this a miss. Let’s explore why this is exactly.

What Does Hanbury Racing Tips Offer?

In many respects, talking about what is on offer with Hanbury Racing Tips is a difficult thing. Make no mistake, this is one of the most comprehensive and well put together services that I have looked at for some time. And as such, it is almost difficult to actually know where to start. With this in mind, I want to somewhat change up my typical structure and format a bit.

First things first, I want to start by talking a bit about the bets themselves. As you might expect from a horse racing tipster service, Hanbury Racing Tips is really quite simple. The focus here is on very straight forward win and each way betting. Something that is always welcome in my eyes. However, that feels like a bit of a reductive statement in some respects.

Normally when I say this, you are dealing with a service that has a healthy mix of the two bets. When an each way bet is advised, it is usually the exception and is because there are is a bet with odds of 10/1 plus. Not here though. Most of what Richard Hutchinson actually recommends are actually each way bets, and these are very frequently on horses that have very long odds.

For some context on this, Mega Tipsters’s proofing shows that only within the last month alone, Richard Hutchinson has found an 80/1 winner and a 150/1 winner. The average price for a bet for the service is 33/1. You just aren’t dealing with a “typical” horse racing tipster service. Bets are rarely into the single digits (making Hanbury Racing Tips a stark contrast with most other services I look at) and even then, we are looking at high numbers. It is truly a unique beast.

And yet, in spite of all of these big numbers, that are thrown around, Richard Hutchinson has guided Hanbury Racing Tips to a strike rate of 14.9%. Sure, that isn’t going to set the world alight. Not buy a long stretch, but for the odds involved, I can tell you here and now that is pretty bloody impressive really. I have seen services based on much shorter odds get a similar number.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the stakes involved with Hanbury Racing Tips. Generally speaking, you will be betting anywhere from 1 point all the way up to 3 points. On paper, this is a pretty substantial range, however, I can respect the fact that Richard Hutchinson doesn’t just recommend betting that top end for the sake of increasing numbers. In actual fact, you are rarely at that extreme.

On top of this, you aren’t dealing with a particularly high volume service either. Whilst are generally bets most days, there just aren’t that many of them. Realistically, you’re looking at just 3 or 4 as a maximum. However, something that is definitely of note is that Richard Hutchinson will on occasion tip multiple horses in the same race. Ultimately, this is a part and parcel of Hanbury Racing Tips, however, I have known a lot of people who find this kind of thing quite off putting.

This only really leaves the logistical elements to talk about. Once again, everything here is pretty much what you would expect. Selections are sent out to subscribers directly via email. These are sent out typically early on the morning of racing. However, you may also receive selections from Hanbury Racing Tips the evening before racing. I don’t think Mega Tipsters would disagree that they aren’t doing anything new.  

 However, there is one huge exception to all of this. You see, Richard Hutchinson provides a full and comprehensive write up on why he is selecting any given horse. This talks in depth about a lot of things, but it is absolutely the gold standard in terms of operating a tipster service. I want to pick this up properly very shortly, but it doesn’t really leave much space to hide.

How Does Hanbury Racing Tips Work?

The core premise behind Hanbury Racing Tips is something that I have seen referred to so many times now that it almost means nothing. Because the service is fundamentally based around value. Typically, this means people just throwing out long shots for the sake of it. Often with no real discussion of why. There is no rhyme or reason other than the overly simplistic notion that long shots make for big profit.

With Hanbury Racing Tips though, Mega Tipsters talk about Richard Hutchinson and… Well, if I’m blunt about it, the guy has a pedigree in finding value bets. I don’t want to talk about it too much here, but I do believe that he is the real deal. We are also given some insight into the wider approach of the service as well with mention of how he is a “form student” and watches a lot of racing. We are also told about how he has previously taken home the Tote Ten and runs a successful syndicate.

Of course, the real proof of the pudding is in the fact that you receive that insight into each and every selection. This means that when you are told about, for example, how a horse might enjoy the going more than its competitors or how it has been priced incorrectly because of previous result, you get the chance to watch that play out. And a lot of the time, Richard Hutchinson is pretty on the ball with Hanbury Racing Tips . Importantly, it means that you can always fully understand what you are getting into with each bet.

And of course, the final element of all of this, whilst not quite how Hanbury Racing Tips works, is the fact that Mega Tipsters provide incredibly comprehensive proofing. This breakdown of Richard Hutchinson’s tips really lets you get a bigger picture of what you can expect in terms of the results. Because the fact of the matter is that whilst they are generally pretty strong, there are definitely some ups and downs here, as I will discuss.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a lot of different prices available if you want to sign up for Hanbury Racing Tips. And each price point has drastically different costs and associated values. The lowest cost option is a trial period which is only for new customers. This gives you 14 days of access to Richard Hutchinson’s selections for £4.99 plus VAT.

In terms of full priced options, there are a good few. The least expensive is £36.99 per month (plus VAT). Alternatively, you can sign up on a quarterly basis. This will cost you more at £99 per month (again, plus VAT), however, it does mean the equivalent of £33 per month, representing significantly better value.

Building on that concept, the best value comes from signing up to the most expensive packages. These are a 6 month subscription which is priced at £188 (plus VAT) which comes in at a touch under £31.50 per month. The best value comes from the 12 month subscription. This is undoubtedly pricey with your initial outlay coming in at £349 (again, there is VAT on top of this), however at £28.85 per month it is by far and away the best long term value.

All of this is decent, but it isn’t where it stops. Because Mega Tipsters process payment through Clickbank, this also means that Hanbury Racing Tips comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee. This is backed up by Clickbank which means that you shouldn’t have any issues claiming said refund if you want it.  

What is the Rate of Return?

As far as the profits for Hanbury Racing Tips go… Well, they’re very strong. Since June 2020, Richard Hutchinson has produced a profit of 615 points according to Mega Tipsters. That puts the service in at twice the profit you might expect from a very strong performing tipster in the same period of time. Equally as impressive is the ROI which stands at 39.5%.

What is important to note however is that this isn’t necessarily the be all and end all. Hanbury Racing Tips has had 3 losing months, and some of those have been quite substantial. For example, between The end of February and the end of March, there was a drop off of some 81 points. A huge amount of money, however you want to dress it up. Now, don’t get me wrong, a few big wins have put Richard Hutchinson firmly back into profit, but this is an important consideration in my opinion.

Conclusion for Hanbury Racing Tips

Honestly, I can say with some confidence that Hanbury Racing Tips is a very good looking tipster service. And this isn’t by some small margin either. The truth of the matter is that I cannot, for a considerable period of time, remember seeing a service that does everything as right as Richard Hutchinson and Mega Tipsters are doing here.

Let’s just give a quick rundown of why I think this is. Is Hanbury Racing Tips profitable? Well, it’s made three times what some tipsters might make in a year, in less than a year. That is about as good as you can realistically hope to get in my eyes. But, the fact that the result has been achieved with a very reasonable staking plan makes it doubly impressive. And all of this is backed up by that ROI.

On top of that, you always know exactly why you are doing something with Hanbury Racing Tips. This isn’t a service where the profits have been made through betting ridiculous amounts for the sake of it. Don’t get me wrong, Richard Hutchinson’s staking plan does inflate the results. Any multi point plan will do that. But the fact that they have a genuine grounding in how strong a bet is means that this inflation isn’t artificial.

And on top of that, I really do think that there is value for money to be had here. The fact is that even if you are using the monthly subscription (the worst value by a considerable margin), you are still only paying £44.39 per month including VAT. Now that isn’t cheap, but it does put Hanbury Racing Tips pretty firmly in average territory in terms of costs. Except, I don’t really believe that this is an average service.

So, we can wrap things up then. This is a worthwhile service, surely? It’s profitable, Richard Hutchinson and Mega Tipsters do everything right. What possible reason could there be for not wanting to get involved with Hanbury Racing Tips? Well, the fact is that there are still those big ups and downs. Something that, despite a general trend towards longer term profits, it can be hard to ignore.

Let’s not forget the fact that as impressive as the results are, 260 points of profit were made over just a few days through rank outsiders. And what are the realistic odds of Hanbury Racing Tips achieving this in the near future? As such, it is hard not to look at this and also identify that there is still some risk here.

And that brings me to my final point really. Do I think that Hanbury Racing Tips is a good service? If you don’t mind taking on that risk, absolutely. I cannot stress enough that I am genuinely impressed with what Richard Hutchinson and Mega Tipsters are doing here. And the results, whilst far from being black and white, are still very bloody good.

Personally, I think that this is definitely something that is worth some consideration, but you should be very honest about just how much you are willing to take on. Otherwise, it could end up being a bust for you.


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Richard Hutchinson

Hi Curtis

It’s Richard Hutchinson from Hanbury Racing Tips.

I’d like to thank you for your robust review.

It’s good to know you are overall impressed about Hanbury Racing Tips, and I do completely understand your slight reservations due to the large prices I tip up!

You’ll be glad to know that a month on from your review I spotted a possible plot horse, Danilo D’airy, and tipped it up at 100/1. It was smashed into 13/2 and absolutely bolted up!!

You are right that Hanbury Racing isn’t for everyone as I do get some losing runs due to the prices I put up, but my methodology is sound and now coming up to 1 year of tipping I am sitting at a 39.5% ROI and almost 700 points profit!!

From what I’ve learnt about the Tipster marketplace, anyone that makes near 500 points in a year from single wins or each way bets is right up there with the very best – so my Customers are very happy!!

If anyone has any questions about the service I’m happy to respond through the MegaTipsters website!


Richard Hutchinson

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