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Head 2 Head Sports Review

Head 2 Head Sports is the latest tipster service to be launched by Tipster Street and is a sports betting based operation with a focus on sports where there can only be one winner.

What does the product offer?

Head 2 Head Sports is a brand new tipster service that Tipster Street have launched following a successful stint in tipster academy. This means that the service has been proofed for a substantial period of time (since the 1st of January) with the selections open to anybody to trial. Head 2 Head combines a combination of accumulator bets and win bets in order to generate profit with accumulators typically being comprised of all bets on a given day when multiple selections are issued which can be a pretty frequent thing when the various sporting seasons really get underway. The staking plan for Head 2 Head Sports is straightforward enough simply requiring 2 point backing on each win bet whilst any accumulators are advised at one point. In terms of the strike rate, since proofing began in January, Head 2 Head Sports has generally been between the 75% and 80% mark which is an exceptional figure.

How does the product work?

There is no details on what the selection process for Head 2 Head Sports is however it is pretty easy to get an idea. Because the service only looks at tennis, snooker and darts there will always be a winner of each game. This means that it is much easier to discern where the edge lies and ultimately, what the likeliest out comes are going to be.

What is the initial investment?

Tipster Street are offering Head 2 Head Sports for £9.95 per month, £19.95 per quarter or £79.95 for a lifetime of selections. There is also an option to get a one month trial for £2.95 however if you head over to the Tipster Street blog, you can get two months of access for free.

What is the rate of return?

Between January 1st and the last day of August, Head 2 Head Sports produced an overall profit of 83.93 points with just 2 very minor losing months of a few points each.


As far as tipster services go I can’t help but feel that you could do much worse than Head 2 Head Sports. It has some pretty solid results to date that really seem grounded in reality and that is something that you simply don’t get very often with tipster services. This is topped off with an excellent value for money package that includes a substantial trial leaving very little to take exception to however there are some things, namely the odds that are involved with Head 2 Head Sports.

Profit is rarely above 1 point per bet which means that if you do want to make any serious money out of it, Head 2 Head Sports will need a pretty big betting bank for a pretty slow burning profit. Otherwise, there isn’t a lot to dislike about Head 2 Head Sports and I feel that it is well worth giving a trial to if you can.



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From: Simon Roberts