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Heli’s Horses is a horse racing tipster service which is currently being offered through the popular Tipstrr platform. There are some very strong claimed results for the service.

Introduction to Heli’s Horses

Let’s be honest for a minute. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of horse racing tipster services that are currently available online. All of which claim to be profitable. However, as I have discussed before, profit is a pretty subjective thing with different people judging their success on different measures. So, what if a tipster could deliver strong results in all of the ways?

This brings me to a rather fascinating horse racing tipster (the seemingly eponymous “Heli”) who is tipping through the Tipstrr platform. Now, there is a lot about this service that is interesting, much of which I will discuss over the course of this review. Bit what stands out is that Heli’s Horses has a strong monthly profit, a strong overall profit, and a very good ROI.

Now intrinsically, you would expect these things to be linked however this isn’t always the case. The fact is that a lot of tipster services will struggle to keep this balance. And as such, I can say that this really does make Heli’s Horses quite an exciting prospect. The big question though (as is frustratingly the case with Tipstrr) is just how feasible are these claimed results?  

What Does Heli’s Horses Offer?

One of the great things that I think can be said about any tipster who is operating through Tipstrr is that there are certain high standards that must be met. This applies both in terms of keeping track of a tipster’s performance (with some incredibly transparent statistics and results), as well as how a service is operated.

Which is where I want to start with Heli’s Horses, because, as is the case with all of the tipsters they work with, Tipstrr provide a very good service. This means that if you are subscribed, there are a number of flexible ways that you can access your selections from Heli.

These include email, a member’s area, and the Tipstrr app (which is available on both iOS and Android). For my money, the latter is the best option with real time push notifications of bets sent directly to your phone.

All of this is well and good, however, there are a few things that you should be aware of in terms of the logistics that are down to the tipster behind the service. First of all, Heli’s Horses is far from a daily tipster service. In fact, there can be frequent gaps. Personally, I like to see a selective approach to betting and don’t count this as too much of a negative.

You should also keep in mind that Heli sends out his tips a little later in the morning (around 9am to 10am GMT) meaning this won’t necessarily suit everybody. However, when selections are sent out, you get a decent amount of information including recommended odds and which bookies are offering them (although this could be well suited to a betting exchange as well, but I’ll talk about that later).

Moving on to the bets themselves, there is a strong focus that runs through Heli’s Horses that I will get to later, but it does mean that you will exclusively be backing horses to win. This does at least mean that following the service is all very straight forward and that you won’t have trouble getting bets placed.

Tying into this idea of Heli’s Horses being manageable, I want to talk about the volume of bets. The fact that Heli doesn’t issue selections on a daily basis already tells you he is selective. And Tipstrr’s claim of just 22 bets per month on average is also very low. But you should keep in mind that these can be spread out. As such, one day may have 5 of your monthly quota of bets.   

Now, one of the more outstanding elements of Heli’s Horses is the odds that you will be backing horses at. The average odds according to Tipstrr stand at 11.29, however that doesn’t really do justice to the wider range. Even within this last month, there have been winners at a “low” of 4.33 and a high of 15.00.

As you would expect for a service that deals in these much longer odds, you should also keep in mind that if you decide to give Heli’s Horses a go, you aren’t going to win often. That is just part and parcel of this kind of service. With that said, Tipstrr do claim a strike rate for Heli’s Horses of 14% which when framed against those odds is actually pretty respectable in my opinion.

With that said, I also think it is important to note that this is also a service that will have long losing streaks. Heli himself says “Please ask yourself twice if your mindset is rocksolid enough to loose 20 or more bets after the series [sic]”. This means that betting bank management and discipline are a necessity.

Which of course brings me to the staking plan that is in place. This is something that is very important with something like Heli’s Horses as you can quickly lose money. Now, when it comes to these stakes, there are two slightly conflicting numbers that are provided.

All of Tipstrr’s results are based off of flat stakes of £25 per bet (which is a touch more than I would calculate results at, but it isn’t prohibitive either). And these are the numbers from which all of their numbers are calculated. However, Heli recommends staking 0.5% of your betting bank on each bet as a maximum.

How Does Heli’s Horses Work?

One of the things that was really interesting to me when looking at Heli’s Horses is Heli’s approach to betting. You see, there are two different elements that make this up. The first one is a very straight forward principle. You should always aim to back bets that represent value. Something that I believe that the average odds Tipstrr provide reflects well.

As well as this, he also talks about luck. More specifically, he says “”Problem” is lady luck aka variance. The bitch will hit us and she’ll hit us bloody hard from time to time. One day later she’s our best friend, just to take everything the day after. You can’t trust her, so it’s best not to bother [sic]”.

Now this is an interesting concept for a tipster service to talk about as most tipsters don’t like to consider that luck plays a part in their betting. But in this case, Heli basically says that sometimes, you are just going to be unlucky. However, if you aim to pick value consistently then that is all that you can do to make a profit.

Sure, this isn’t the most in depth discussion about how a tipster service should work. I would certainly have liked to have seen some information on the selection process. But what is stand out for me about this is that in describing his philosophy so avidly, Heli gives you a really good idea of what you can expect in the future.

When this is combined with the fact that Tipstrr provide comprehensive proofing for the service, as well as reams of data that you can pour over. Well, I think that it’s very fair to say that you will definitely come into Heli’s Horses with a decent idea of what to expect for the future.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up for Heli’s Horses, there are a lot of options that are available. And arguably, this is one of the strongest points surrounding the service, because it is very reasonably priced. And on top of this, there is also a lot of variety that surrounds these options meaning that in theory, there should be something for everyone.

First of all, there is a weekly subscription which is priced at £15 per week. The next option (and representing substantially better value) is a monthly subscription which is priced at £29 per month. After this there is a quarterly subscription which costs £69 every 3 months.

The best value of course comes with subscribing for longer, despite having that higher initial outlay. These are a 6 monthly subscription which is priced at £129, and finally, an annual subscription which will cost you £239.

Unfortunately, Tipstrr do not offer a money back guarantee or refund period on their services. However, if you sign up for the monthly subscription of Heli’s Horses, then you can get your first 7 days of tips on a trial basis for just £6.

What is the Rate of Return?

Much earlier in this review, I started to talk about how Heli’s Horses has delivered a decent profit on every front, and it is here that I really want to go into detail about what this means. The number that most immediately jumped out at me is that the average monthly profit according to Tipstrr is £570.31. That is a decent chunk of additional income.

The overall profit (at the time of writing) is £8,656.75 since October 2018. This represents a point profit of 346.27 points. That is a very respectable number. What is particularly outstanding about this though is that this is all actually quite consistent. There has been just one losing month so far with January looking very much on track to be in profit as well.

Finally, we come to the ROI for Heli’s Horses. An area that the selective approach allows to really shine through on. According to Tipstrr’s calculations, the return stands at 24%. Honestly, this is a very strong number to have maintained for this period of time.

Conclusion for Heli’s Horses

Every now and then, I look at something that seems to genuinely be a very decent looking investment. And Heli’s Horses is one of them. What is really quite impressive for me here though is I don’t find myself focusing in one area when it comes to finding the positives in the service. Typically, you see something that is good value, or has produced loads of profits.

With this service though, there aren’t really any real weak spots. Probably the singular “worst” element that I can find here is that you aren’t really going to win that often. But anybody with a modicum of sense should be able to look at the odds involved and figure that out. And even if you can’t do this, Heli tells you himself.

What this means that as long as you have a bit of discipline here, you should be just fine in the long term. Which is more than you can say for a lot of tipsters that are currently on the market.

So, with that out of the way, I want to talk a little bit about the positives here. And I want to start with the most important positive for any of us, which is the amount of money that can be made.

This is an interesting area for Heli’s Horses because in some ways, the profitability isn’t that exceptional. However, it has been pretty consistent to date. And whilst I can’t speak for everybody, I would personally take a regular profit over something that is going to earn 2,000 points for me once a year. It just makes following a service like this a more viable option.

On top of this, I think that Heli’s Horses is very reasonably priced. The fact is that in asking £29 per month, Heli and Tipstrr aren’t really asking a lot of money for a tipster service. For some context,  is very much at the bottom of what I could consider to be a reasonable amount (usually £30-£40 per month). And when you factor in the profit potential. Well, I think that there is clear value for money to be had here.

And this brings me to one of the elements that I think is potentially strongest about Heli’s Horses. Now, I want you to keep in mind that there is some speculation here, and this hasn’t been rigorously tested, but I can really see something like this working well with Betfair on the exchange.

You see, quite frequently, when it comes to backing outliers in a race (which is something that Heli does quite often) there can be much longer odds. Now this isn’t always the case, and in order to get the very best out of Heli’s Horses, you would look at a combination of betting through a bookie and consider looking at the exchange. However, this does mean that you could be looking at a good option if you have restrictions.

But even taking my own thoughts out of the matter, what you have here is a well-managed tipster service (courtesy of Tipstrr) that is proven to produce a profit. There may of course be ups and downs in the future, but by and large, I feel like there is a pretty decent trend that in theory, should continue in the future.

With all of this in mind, I think that Heli’s Horses is a solid option that is really worth some consideration. It looks to be as good as almost any other tipster services on the market, albeit at a much lower price. And that is a pretty decent thing in my book.


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