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Herbalife Review MLM

Herbalife are a manufacturer and distributor of herbal supplements that promote general health and wellbeing.

The Company

Herbalife have been operational since 1980 when the company was founded in the United States. Since then (and the launch of a single weight loss product), Herbalife have gone on to grow the band and product range into a multi-national, multi-billion dollar company. This has been achieved though the medium of direct selling and multi level marketing. Herbalife now operate all over the world and have a huge market presence through sponsorship with sports personalities such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Product

There are a wide variety of Herbalife products available with the core range being supplements to assist in weight loss. Besides weight loss products, Herbalife market products that are designed to provide “energy and fitness” for those with an active lifestyle as well as a product line that provides targeted nutritional supplements. Finally Herbalife offer their own personal care range which provides various grooming products such as moisturisers and shampoos.

How to Apply

In order to apply to become a Herbalife representative they recommend filling in an online form to request more information whereby it can be handled via an existing distributor. There doesn’t appear to be anything stated about costs in starting up within the UK but research shows that in the US you would typically pay around $60 – $80 so I would expect similar expenses here in the UK.

Earning Potential

As a new Herbalife distributor you are able to get products at wholesale price and then resell them. The difference appears to be the profit that you take home. Once you become a sales leader, the majority earn an average £343 according to Herbalife statistics.


Despite being a big name company there is a lot of ongoing controversy surrounding the Herbalife brand with accusations of being a very elaborate pyramid scheme although these have failed to materialise in any genuine fashion. The fact is that Herbalife operate in one of the most enduring and popular niches of weight loss and general health and wellbeing. Whilst the figures may not look great on paper with the right marketing know how Herbalife has the ability to become a big business for the right distributor.



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