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Hidden Winners is a relatively long standing horse racing tipster service which is being offered by Michael Carr of Lucrative Racing. It has shown some very strong looking profits to date using quite big winners.  

Introduction to Hidden Winners

I am always keen to explore new approaches to betting. That’s a big part of why I do this. Forcing yourself to constantly being exposed to new things can help you to change your perspective, and sometimes, you find something that can become your new favourite thing. As a none betting example, I didn’t really think I liked The Beatles until somebody actually made me listen to them. Turns out they were pretty bloody great. And you see the same thing in betting all the time. We stay in our lane without ever actually looking around us.

All of this is quite poignant because the subject of today’s review, Hidden Winners, is a very interesting one indeed. There is a lot to be said for the concept that Michael Carr leverages in looking for his selections (a topic I will go into detail about a little later on). But what I will say is this, it is also an approach that I don’t really recall seeing before. Or at least, I have never seen it laid out quite this clearly. It is a genuinely interesting approach that carries a lot of evergreen profit potential.

Of course, no tipster service is flawless. And there are some considerations here that you will want to keep in mind if you are looking at this. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Hidden Winners has anything that I would consider to be a “dealbreaker” to any serious bettor. But I think it is important to manage expectations about what Michael Carr is doing here as well. So, with everything on the table, let’s jump into it.  

What Does Hidden Winners Offer?

Arguably the first thing that stood out to me about Hidden Winners is that this isn’t just a typical tipster service. Lucrative Racing have a very substantive back catalogue of publications and services and all of this is leveraged to make an attractive looking package. This means as well as getting tips, you also get a lot of learning materials thrown in too. Now, I will be touching on this, but I think it is pertinent to mention that the focus of this review is on the tipping side.  

With that said, let’s talk about that core tipster offering. Hidden Winners is a near daily tipster service which, honestly, is pretty much everything that you would expect from a tipster service. I have sometimes had accusations levelled at me that this is a criticism, but it is not. I cannot stress enough that something that doesn’t deviate from “the norm” isn’t bad. It can often be a good thing.

Now, something that I do find interesting about Hidden Winners is that Michael Carr talks about how you can employ his approach to betting through bookmakers, as you would expect. But also, there is something of a focus on Betfair’s exchange. Which means that in theory, this opens up the service to those who have had their accounts gubbed and restricted.

In terms of the bets that you are placing, there are two different approaches available. The first of these is simply following Hidden Winners as a straight win service. Notably, this isn’t actually the recommended approach from Michael Carr, however, it is still important (as I will discuss). Here you simply back a horse to win at level stakes of 1 point per bet.

The alternative approach, and the way that is recommended, is so bet on horses to stakes of 2 points per bet. If a horse has odds at lower than 8.0, then you back that horse on an each way basis with that same stake (1 point each way). In theory, this makes much more sense and has on occasion allowed the recovery of a small profit on those longer shots. I’m not so certain that this is the best approach though.

All of this leads me to talk about the odds that are available. Because Hidden Winners is, generally speaking, a high odds betting service. In the last week or so, the lowest odds that Michael Carr has advised were 4.33. Meanwhile, the higher end odds are frequently double digits, where importantly, they do actually manage to win sometimes. It is the exploitation of these odds that is key to how everything works. A topic I will be looking at in depth shortly.

Volume of bets wise, one of the things that I do like about Hidden Winners is that Michael Carr advises at most 4 selections per day. That means that the service doesn’t ever feel unmanageable or like you’re going to struggle following along. It also means that because you aren’t really betting all that much on a per day basis (at most 4-8 points), your betting bank isn’t at too much risk in the long term. This despite some significant drawdowns.

Which brings me to a very pervasive potential issue with Hidden Winners. The longest losing streak was only October last year. This saw 21 losing bets in a row over a week long period. Other losing streaks in this period contributed heavily in terms of your drawdown too. But even with the higher takes and each way betting, Michael Carr’s overall losses for the month were around 30 points. Significant, but not bank destroying.

This is all roughly in line with what I would expect from a service of this nature, so it isn’t actually as scary as it all sounds. And honestly, with an average strike rate of 20.33% on bets that are backed to win and 29.27% on an each way basis, Michael Carr is generally delivering pretty consistently with Hidden Winners.

Now, before I delve into the details of how Hidden Winners works, there are a few other things that I want to mention. These are all things that Lucrative Racing provide when you sign up for the service. This includes a detailed explanation of how Michael Carr finds selections (and how you can find them yourself). On top of that, there are eleven different other betting guides. These definitely add value, however, they are definitely not an integral part of the service.

How Does Hidden Winners Work?

One of the main reasons that I find Hidden Winners to be so potentially exciting is the approach that Michael Carr takes. Now, I want you to keep in mind that I won’t be going into too much detail here. At the end of the day, if you’re really curious, you can sign up to the service for free and get full access to all of the resources. But I do still want to provide an overview.

Effectively, Hidden Winners works by focusing on “The Madness of Crowds”. How this theory of Michael Carr’s works is that in certain types of races, there is very little advantage from one horse to the next. This typically involves horses that have little or no previous form. And whilst it is much more nuanced than this, these races are effectively a free for all.

Despite this, there will still be clear favourites for said race. Often priced significantly lower than other competitors. Michael Carr then carries out research into the horses who are running and sees where things like the sire, trainer, and jockey data can provide additional insight (all of which are generally tangible and influential things). If there is value to be had backing a horse that isn’t the favourite, then it is a potential selection.

This is a solid looking approach and is arguably niche enough that there should still be reasonable value on these horses. Something that is demonstrated by the very comprehensive proofing Michael Carr and Lucrative Racing provide for Hidden Winners. It really allows you to get an idea of the “ebb and flow” of the service, and ultimately, what you are getting yourself into.

What is the Initial Investment?

When it comes to covering the pricing for Hidden Winners, there is actually quite a lot to discuss. Firstly, let’s talk about the actual subscription rates. These vary massively in terms of cost and value. The “entry level” for Hidden Winners is a monthly subscription which is priced at £39 per month. A reasonable amount to pay for a tipster service, however, it is also the worst value.

Alternatively, you can sign up to Hidden Winners on a quarterly basis at a cost of £99 per quarter. This represents slightly better value, albeit at a more significant initial cost. Finally, Michael Carr offers a full year of selections for a one time cost of £199. Obviously that is a big ask in one go, however, it is the best value option.

Now, something that is noteworthy here is that all of these options come with a 7 day free trial. If you find that you aren’t happy with Hidden Winners in this period, or simply want to cancel, you just get in touch with Michael Carr. Slightly more impressive to me however is the 12 month profit guarantee that is in place. This states that if you haven’t made 100 points of profit in your first year, you get a second year for free.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Lucrative Racing’s proofing for Hidden Winners began in October 2019. A year later, the profits stood at 548.09 points using the 2 point staking plan, and 319.47 points of profit using straight win bets and 1 point stakes. At the time of writing, those numbers stand at 576.39 points and 343.53 points respectively. This shows that there has been a continued trend of profit, albeit at a slower rate.

For some context on results, I think it is noteworthy that the return on stakes comes in at 28.31% on the 2 point bets if you are using a bookie. This drops to 20.4% if you are using BSP. Meanwhile, the 1 point bets are at 33.75% through a bookmaker and 28.55% at BSP. Something which I think is incredibly insightful.  

Conclusion for Hidden Winners

There are a lot of questions that should be asked when looking at a tipster service, but by far and away the biggest one in my eyes is whether or not it is consistent. And by and large, I think that Hidden Winners is a relatively good example of this. Don’t get me wrong, Michael Carr has very clearly had his ups and downs. But that is typical for most tipsters who have been around long enough.

The important part is that he has stuck with a system and seems to be starting to emerge from the other side with some more positive results. This suggests to me that there is potentially quite an auspicious period upcoming. I wouldn’t stake my life savings on it, but the outlook is reasonable.

In the last month or so, there have been some decent profits made. And because of the approach that is taken, I can’t realty see them going anywhere. At least, in theory. Which brings me to one of the elements of Hidden Winners that I think is most appealing, and that is the system in place and the transparency with which Michael Carr shares it.

The fact is that not many tipsters are willing to tell you exactly how they find bets. Let alone create a virtual training program that allows you to implement those methods yourself. But that is exactly what Michael Carr does here. And the fact that you can sign up for free, have a look around, and see if it is for you is massive. In fact, in some respects, I am inclined to say that it is a bit of a gold standard in terms of how tipster services present themselves (although I can see why most wouldn’t want to do that).

Honestly, it isn’t even like you’re paying a huge amount for that. The £39 per month that Michael Carr asks is exactly that. There is no VAT, there is no shady practice of defining a month as 28 days. What you pay is what you pay, and I rate that quite highly. Especially knowing how some other services work and operate.

Combine all of that with the profit guarantee, and things look pretty attractive for Hidden Winners. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think this will absolutely suit everybody. Whilst I believe there is an upswing in form, you do have to be willing to weather the bad runs. And these will come, because the odds involve mean that, generally speaking, there will always be restrictions on how often you can win.

The important factor is that Michael Carr continues to produce wins in the long term. And if you are willing to have a long term mindset, then I don’t think Hidden Winners is a bad looking option at all. There are certainly much worse tipster services currently on the market that are asking more or equivalent money. Factor in the additional content, and I think Lucrative Racing have put out quite an attractive package here.  


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