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High Roller Racing Club Review

High Roller Racing Club is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Betfan platform. It has a very substantial history and some results that demonstrate a very mixed bag.

Introduction to the High Roller Racing Club

Usually when Betfan release a product, it is off the back of a good run. Somebody on their Tipster Planet platform does 300 points in a few months and it is launched with much fanfare.

There isn’t inherently anything wrong with this model. Some of the more successful tipster services that I have looked at in my time have come from Betfan, often off the back of some very mixed results.

High Roller Racing Club however, has proofing going all the way back to 2015. It has some relatively respectable profits. Or does it? The fact of the matter is that there is actually a lot to unpack with High Roller Racing Club, so let’s get to it.

High_Roller_Racing_Club_ReviewWhat Does High Roller Racing Club Offer?

Betfan actively describe High Roller Racing Club as being a selective tipster service. I will cover exactly what this means in a little more detail, but logistically, it means that you can expect selections on a near daily basis. There are inevitably a few days where High Roller Racing Club doesn’t have bets to advise, but this is pretty typical for most tipsters. Selections are sent out directly to subscribers via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the Betfan website.

In terms of the bets themselves, how exactly do you define selective? For High Roller Racing Club, this apparently means that there will usually be just one bet that is advised (although Betfan do say that occasionally there may be two bets).

Historically, there has been a focus on straight win bets however more recent months have also seen a number of each way bets too. In terms of the odds that are involved with High Roller Racing Club, there are generally low to lower middling odds (think around the 4.5 mark) with the very occasional longer shot.

All of this leads me in to something that definitely stands out about High Roller Racing Club and that is the staking plan that is in place. Betfan have proofed the service to level stakes which helps to create a decent understanding of what to expect.

The big problem that I have here boils down to the fact that all of the proofing for High Roller Racing Club is to 5 point stakes. This means that effectively, all results that have been generated can very easily be scaled down (I will come back to this topic a little later).

Finally, I want to discuss the strike rate for High Roller Racing Club because honestly, this is one area where the service starts to stand out. Over some 4 years or so, Betfan have an average striker rate of 43.98% which is a very strong result. Especially for a service that has been maintained for as long as this has. This doesn’t however paint a full picture of what you can expect from High Roller Racing Club as there are some very clear peaks and troughs from the service.

How Does High Roller Racing Club Work?

Outside of the fact that High Roller Racing Club is a selective tipster service, we aren’t really told anything about how High Roller Racing Club actually works. Betfan say that the service is about quality over quantity and make reference to selections having to “meet a strict criteria before being made available to members”, but that still doesn’t really tell us anything.

Honestly, this lack of information is frustrating and as always, I will take the stance that as consumers we should have enough detail about what a tipster service entails to make an informed decision. Betfan obviously beg to differ.

With that having been said, it is also hard to ignore what almost 4 years of proofing tells you. A look at this clearly demonstrates what you can generally expect from High Roller Racing Club. For example, a look at the results on the Betfan sales page for the service demonstrates some very big losing months, a factor that you would perhaps have been ignorant to if you simply paid attention to the “amazing strike rate” that the service has attained. s

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a number of different options available if you want to subscribe to High Roller Racing Club. These are referred to by Betfan as Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and 6 Months. It is important to note that as well as the price, you have to given consideration for the actual length of subscriptions.

The weekly service is charged at £10 for 7 days. The monthly option is priced at £30 but is actually paid for every 28 days, effectively meaning that you will pay this “monthly” cost 13 times a year. The quarterly subscription is priced at £84.50 for 90 days, and finally, the 6 monthly subscription is priced at £143.

It is worth noting that none of these options come with any real money back guarantee. Betfan do say that they consider refund requests, however these are not typically offered.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Since High Roller Racing Club launched in August of 2015, the service has produced at profit of 497.47 points. Being very approximate, this means around 115 points of profit per year on average. This isn’t a great result. Especially when you consider the fact that High Roller Racing Club has only actually made 100 points of profit since February 2017.

What is the nail in the coffin for these numbers in my book though is that  Betfan’s results for this are all based off 5 point stakes. This means that effectively, you could look at High Roller Racing Club and see 99.4 points since launch and a profit of 20 points since February 2017. For slightly wider context, there is an ROI of 9.77% which isn’t too bad.  

Conclusion on the High Roller Racing Club

How you see High Roller Racing Club as performing all depends on how you choose to view results. Being generous, I will operate off £10 stakes to the advised 5 points per bet. Using this, you would have made £4,975 of profit (rounding the number up) in the time High Roller Racing Club has been proofed. Of this, £1,680 would be your “monthly” subscription. This leaves £3,295. Break this down, and you are looking at just under £770 per year or £64 per calendar month as your profit. That is not a lot of money.

Personally, I don’t even necessarily see this as an accurate reflection of the profits as most people will instead bet a flat amount (likely between £10-25 per bet) on any bets. This isn’t technically out of line with the staking plan.

Using 1 point level stakes, these numbers drop hugely significantly to £154 per year to £10 per point. Now, if you want to look simply at the ROI, then there is more promise here, but that will mean investing quite significant amounts in order to see returns that I would consider to be worthwhile.

With all of this in mind, do I see High Roller Racing Club as being a viable tipster service? I mean… Technically it has made money. I don’t think that it has made a particularly large amount of money though.

Even with Betfan’s staking plan, I just don’t see how it is economically worth your time unless you are looking at staking £100 per point to 5 point bets. On top of this, I don’t really see value for money here. £30 per month is enough to get some much better and more profitable tipster services (that I would like to add, you won’t pay 13 times a year for).

The fact of the matter is that there is a very competitive market and High Roller Racing Club just isn’t up there in my opinion.

Honestly, I can see why Betfan would look to push High Roller Racing Club. Making a profit over a substantial period of time isn’t easy, but unless you are going to make enough money for it to be worth your while, why would that be enough?

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