Hitman Racing Review

Hitman Racing is a horse racing based tipster service apparently from Jason Chesters of JLC Marketing that claims to be able to offer users the best tips from services across the UK.

What does the product offer?

Hitman Racing is a tipster service that offers its users daily selections for horse races from across the UK. Because of how Hitman Racing works, Jason Chesters says that the number of tips will differ from day to day depending on various factors. On average however, he claims that Hitman Racing should produce around 5-7 tips. Jason Chesters claims that Hitman Racing has been operational going back to 2013 however there is no proofing to back this up outside of a simple statement of the claimed points profit for that year.

How does Hitman Racing work?

The inner workings of Hitman Racing are actually very crude however do present an interesting idea. Essentially, Jason Chesters claims to have signed up for a massive number of monthly tipster services (at a claimed cost of £5,184 for a 12 month period) with Hitman Racing also allegedly gaining access to “real inside information” from leading UK stables and trainers. The tips that Hitman Racing sends out are filtered out from the selections that are sent out from the numerous tipster services (naturally no details are given about which services are being used). Jason Chesters does however state that if one of the services that he is subscribed to is doing well you will get more tips from them.

What is the initial investment?

Hitman Racing is very reasonably priced at £17.99 for a year which is a recurring payment through Paypal. It is worth noting that there is no mention whatsoever of a money back guarantee and as such, I would be inclined to say that Hitman Racing does not offer such a thing.

What is the rate of return?

For 2013 Hitman Racing allegedly made a 1872 point profit. For 2014, this was outperformed and the profit was 2266 points of profit. Between January and March of 2015, Hitman Racing has a claimed profit of 376.5 points. Like I have already stated however there is no proofing or evidence to back this up.

Conclusion on Hitman Racing

On the surface of things Hitman Racing looks like an absolute bargain however there are a number of things that I don’t feel are adequately addressed. First and foremost is the legality of what is being done and if it is not illegal, then Hitman Racing is definitely against the terms of service for the services that it is signed up for. This means that the whole operation could hypothetically be closed down should any service find out about it however this is a risk that you take buying into Hitman Racing. The lack of proofing is a concern but not too big an issue, namely down to the price. To be perfectly honest, I am not entirely sold on Hitman Racing as a viable option as a tipster service, namely because I see it as a castle built on sands. I don’t even see it as being cheap enough from the point of view of getting a lot for your money as you aren’t getting access to all the tips that the services are putting out, just the ones that Hitman Racing see as best.



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This site is awful, the tips that are given litter lay never win they may get a place but that’s not good enough. Do not buy this membership, total (defamation removed). I have warned you

Like a pratt I signed in to this (defamatory comment removed) service. So much for the so called profits they enjoy ? Been doing the so called tips using the recomended stakes for nearly 6 months and my kitty is down BELOW my starting bank by more than 50%. Needless to say I no longer back them. Which is just as well otherwise I would be down even more.

How appropriate the name….

still cant find login page


I have just noticed this company does not exist anymore but has taken a yearly payment out of my account for a service that does not exist

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