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Home Straight Racing Review

Home Straight Racing is an email based horse racing tipster service operated by Joseph Ryan in conjunction with Betfan.

What does the product offer?

Home Straight Racing is a horse racing tipster service that specialises in providing its subscribers with daily horse racing selections as picked by Joseph Ryan. As a service, Home Straight Racing is relatively long standing and has been operational for 10 months at the time of writing where it has enjoyed a degree of success. The majority of bets that are sent out to Home Straight Racing subscribers are win or each way bets however there are also the occasional Trixie and accumulator bets with a varied staking plan. Joseph Ryan saying that he aims to maintain a decent strike rate which has been achieved to some degree with Home Straight Racing showing an average strike rate of 25.5%. With odds generally being on the long side this isn’t as bad as it may initially sound with Home Straight Racing only having one very minor losing month (around 3 points) in 10.

How does the product work?

At the core of Home Straight Racing is a special ratings system that Joseph Ryan says that he has developed over a period of time betting on horses. As well as this statistical analysis approach (Joseph Ryan says that he qualified from University with a “BS Statistics”) there is also a claim made that the creator of Home Straight Racing has built up a contact network in horse racing that he combines with his personal ratings system,

What is the initial investment?

As is the case with an increasing number of Betfan products, Home Straight Racing is definitely priced in line with a premium service. Subscriptions are available on a monthly or quarterly basis with a one month subscription costing £58 per month (plus VAT for EU customers) or £116 (again, plus VAT) for a quarterly subscription. There is the usual Betfan refund policy in place which states that whilst money back guarantees are not typically provided, any refund requests will be considered.

What is the rate of return?

Since it started in May 2014, Home Straight Racing has gone on to make a total profit of 608.55 points of profit. It is worth noting however that this is based on a staking plan that involves bets of up to 5 points however they are mostly around 3 points per bet.


As with all Betfan products there are plenty of strong pros countered with some rather significant cons. The results for Home Straight Racing are definitely one of the stronger points on offer. The fact that Joseph Ryan has been able to turn a 600 point profit in less than a year is a great achievement, especially with just one minor losing month in this period. That having been said, the costs for Home Straight Racing are rather prohibitive. The fact is that most people are not going to be comfortable paying in excess of £60 per month for a tipster service, especially when cheaper options are available. There is also the concern about the staking system which some users may find off putting. All in all, Home Straight Racing is very much about whether or not you are willing to risk the kind of investment that will cover the costs involved.



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