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Horse Betting Analyst Review

Horse Betting Analyst is an online and email horse racing tipster service from an unnamed tipster that provides subscribers with selections every day but Sunday.

What does the product offer?

Horse Betting Analyst is a horse racing tipster service operated by an ex resident tipster for a number of different sites.  Selections are sent out to users via email and can also be accessed through the Horse Betting Analyst website, typically by 1.30pm or occasionally the night before. The number of bets varies depending on the season but the tipster behind Horse Betting Analyst says that he wants to put a focus on quality rather than quantity. Horse Betting Analyst follows its own staking plan with stakes of anywhere between 0.5 points and 10 points.

How does the product work?

Given the claim that the man behind Horse Betting Analyst is an ex professional tipster it seems likely that there is a lot of experience involved. The fact that Horse Betting Analyst looks at value bets further suggests that there is a degree of statistical and form analysis however this is only speculative.

What is the initial investment?

Horse Betting Analyst is not cheap costing £332 for the first 4 months and £499 for each 6 month period thereafter. There is no mention of any money back guarantee so I wouldn’t anticipate anything like this being in place.

What is the rate of return?

Since the start of April in 2011 Horse Betting Analyst has jumped from 587.1 points of profit to 2303.55 points. This represents growth of 1716.45 points. This equates to an average profit of 44 points per month.


On the face of things Horse Betting Analyst looks like a decent option but there are a number of things that I find hold it back. First is the price, coming in at around £83 per month it is anything but affordable. Second of all is the high risk nature of the betting involved. Horse Betting Analyst has a longest lose streak of 16 races which at up to 10 points per race is a huge number. There are also periods of relatively sustained loss and these must be factored in. If you can afford it, Horse Betting Analyst is a strong option but  can’t see there being a significant number of people who can.



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From: Simon Roberts