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Horse Laying Professionals Review

Horse Laying Professionals is a subscription based lay betting tip system for horse racing. It is supplied in conjunction with

What does the product offer?

The creators of Horse Laying Professionals provide emails Monday to Saturday with each containing 1-5 tips. These will always have odds below 6.0 in order to minimise the risks with users advised to stake 2.5% of a betting bank.

How does the product work?

Horse Laying Professionals claims to use a “secret formula” in order to generate maximum profits from lay betting. In actuality it seems that the creator analyses the usual statistics (form etc.). In fact the creator of Horse Laying Professionals says that they spend 2 hours a day studying race cards looking for the most opportune races.

What is the initial investment?

Horse Laying Professionals is available for a one month trial at the cost of £7. This then automatically goes up to the higher billing price of £37. There is no mention of a money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Starting with a betting bank of £250 the creators of Horse Laying Professionals claim that they were able to turn this amount into £982.98 using a level stake of 2.5% (their recommended stake). Unfortunately it is difficult to believe anything that is said as even the disclaimer states “All earnings are for illustration purposes and current or past results are not an indicator of future results”.


There are a lot of lay betting systems out there and Horse Laying Professionals just doesn’t bring anything new to the table. The trial price is cheap and for those who have an interest in the product will be a Godsend, but the subscription cost after the aforementioned trial period just seems overpriced for a very basic system. The only thing that Horse Laying Professionals really has going for it is that (assuming that the figures are not exaggerated) is that the number of tips is quite high for this kind of system. The big problem here lies in that the earnings are for illustration purposes. This is a very vague statement and what little faith there was in the system (which admittedly wasn’t’ all that great) is shaken. All this comes together to make a product that personally, I’d avoid in favour of more reputable lay betting systems.




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From: Simon Roberts