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Horse Network Tipster is a horse racing tipster service which is provide through the Betting Gods stable of tipsters (pun not intended). There are some incredibly promising results which suggest that this may be a strong offering.

Introduction to Horse Network Tipster 

It has been a while since I have looked in on Betting Gods and to my delight, there are a few different tipsters that have launched (at least, they are new to me). Now there are some differences in the results of them, but today, I will be looking at Horse Network Tipster.

This for me is the one that shows genuine promise and profit potential and whilst we may all bet for a variety of reasons, making money is ultimately the goal for all but the smallest minority.

Horse_Network_Tipster_review_betfan At the time of penning this introduction, I have had a glance over the system and I have to say that I am quite impressed with what I Have seen. So, with a rare sense of anticipation, let’s see whether or not Horse Network Tipster can stand up to closer scrutiny.

What Does Horse Network Tipster Offer?

First and foremost, Horse Network Tipster is a Betting Gods product and that means that there are certain things that you can expect from the service logistically.

Selections are made available in a multitude of different ways. Most people will be happy to simply receive an email, however there are also mobile phone apps (which are available for both Android and iOS), as well as a member’s area for Horse Network Tipster on the Betting Gods website.

Selections are issued on the evening before racing (typically between 7pm and 9pm), something which seems to be integral to the way that Horse Network Tipster operates, but I will look at that in detail later.

In terms of the bets themselves, there is surprisingly quite a lot of ground to cover. I feel like the majority of horse racing tipster services that I have looked at recently have all claimed the same “massive profits, simple win bets” formula (which rarely seems to be genuine).

Here though, whilst you do have a number of straight win bets, Horse Network Tipster also provides a number of smaller and exotic accumulators. This includes things like Trebles, Yankees, and a Canadian Bet (a new one to me I’m not ashamed to admit).

These are at a range of odds, but by and large, you are looking at quite high odds. In fact, Betting Gods say that the average odds for Horse Network Tipster are a staggering 22.0. It is worth noting that this is a pretty high volume service with some 250-300 selections on a given month.

This high number of bets is slightly by the staking plan that is in place for Horse Network Tipster. By and large, you will be betting between 1 and 3 points on a given bet which doesn’t seem too bad, but it does have the potential to add up.

Furthermore, it is worth keeping in mind that on some of the more exotic accumulators, you may end up staking slightly higher than this across all bets. Naturally all of this does require a somewhat robust betting bank with Betting Gods recommending that you have 200 points available to follow along with Horse Network Tipster.

With all of this out of the way, I want to talk about the strike rate for Horse Network Tipster. Because of a number of factors involved, you don’t necessarily have to be winning that often in order to make any profit from the service.

With Betting Gods stating that the strike rate for the service sits at some 13.5% (at the time of writing), you may think that this seems a bit low. Honestly though, this is more than enough for Horse Network Tipster to be profitable, and with the advised betting bank, you should be able to absorb those losing periods.  

How Does Horse Network Tipster Work?

 In terms of how Horse Network Tipster works, there is unfortunately no detail provide. It seems like a pretty safe bet to say that the tipster behind the service is ultimately basing their selections on value, but this is somewhat speculative on my behalf.

The fact of the mater is that Betting Gods just don’t provide any information on what the selection process for their services entail. I will not lie, this is a little disappointing in some respect, especially from a consumer point of view as there is no real way of knowing what you are getting into.

With that having been said one thing that the Betting Gods group should be commended for is the precision of their proofing records. Horse Network Tipster is fully proofed with key information already calculated for you, graphed out, etc. As such, whilst you may not have any insight into what the selection process is, you can use the proofing to get a decent idea of what to expect from the service.

What is the Initial Investment?

Betting Gods have two options available for those who are looking to subscribe to Horse Network Tipster. The first option is a monthly subscription which comes in at £29 per month.

The next option is signing up for the full year which involves a one time payment of £279. It is worth keeping in mind that Betting Gods offer a one week trial with both of these options.

This costs you just £1 for the full 7 days. As well as this, it is also worth noting that Betting Gods do provide a full 30 day money back guarantee in place which is backed up by the fact that Horse Network Tipster is sold through Clickbank.

What is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing, Horse Network Tipster has a profit of 459.57 points, which in a little under a year isn’t a bad result at all. In fact, I would say that it is one of the more profitable services that I have looked at recently.

The numbers are consistently good across the board too with an ROI of 17.25%, a monthly profit of £353.52 to £10 stakes, and bank growth of 230%. All of this is backed by consistent profitability in the longer term.

Conclusion on Horse Network Tipster 

There aren’t many horse racing tipster services that I have looked at recently that are what I would describe as just being “solid”. This means that there is no reliance on gimmicks or finding unlikely circumstances that allow you to generate a profit.

For all of the short term profits that can be made this way, there is often a lack of longer term bank growth and that is what I want to focus on with Horse Network Tipster.

Now, there are some quite reasonable criticism that can be levelled at Horse Network Tipster, for example, the volume of bets involved can be quite a lot, and if you aren’t able to place them all, then there is little point in following the service.

Furthermore, there are some months where the service has lost money and these will inevitably happen as you move forward for the future. The focus on longer odds also means that there can be short term losing streaks as well. Honestly, that 200 point betting bank is there for a reason, and you should make sure you can finance this when you start betting.

Whilst all of these things are important, the stand out aspect of Horse Network Tipster to me is the value for money. Betting Gods are asking just £29 per month in order to receive selections and that makes this phenomenal value.

With all of this in mind, I can say that Horse Network Tipster is one of the better tipster services that I have looked at recently. For those who are looking to dedicate themselves to a horse racing tipster service, I think that you can do a lot worse than Horse Network Tipster.


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