Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe Review

Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe is a newly launched product from Kevin of Horse Racing Rates that the creators say will allow you to very quickly identify potentially winning horses.

What does the product offer?

Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe is a rather interesting piece of software that comes with the rather strong advantage of operating on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. This means that even those without a computer can still take advantage of the software.

In terms of what you get, Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe is a pretty straight forward affair that is designed to help users with betting.

This isn’t a system as such, nor does it simply identify winning horses. Instead, Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe is designed to examine form and calculate ratings for users based of this.

The software produces a number a report that shows a variety of bits of information on a horse that may impact your selection. This includes things like a horses fitness, the jockey and trainer and of course the all important ratings.

How does the product work?

There are a number of different ways that users can customise Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe in order to fit with what they are looking for. For example, you can look at just the top rated, the top two or even the top 3 horses from a given day.

You can even configure the software so that it just shows you races where there is a ratings gap of certain integers. The actual ratings system itself is rather complicated and not something that Horse Racing Rates gives out, however Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe does (as the name suggests) lean rather heavily on a horses form when calculating this.

Using the software itself is really easy to do and requires just the push of a button.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there is only one offering from Horse Racing Rates for Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe which is a 12 month license for the software. This costs £34.99 with payment handled directly through payment.

Unfortunately, Horse Racing Rates offer no money back guarantee for Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe however.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t really any claimed rate of return for Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe and this makes a lot of sense.

Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe is not a direct money making product and at best, you could view it as guidelines for making your own selections.


As I have come to expect from Horse Racing Rates, Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe is of a decent quality. The software is simple and the results are pretty decent.

The fact that you can (to some degree at least) decide how much risk you wish to incorporate when you select what factors Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe implements. It is definitely worth keeping in mind however that there are no guarantees on offer.

Personally, I would view Horse Racing Form Guide Deluxe as more of a time save. It stops you having to pour over The Racing Post each morning calculating form.

This does however mean that despite how helpful the software is, it clearly isn’t going to work for everybody.


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From: Simon Roberts