Horse Racing Renegade Review

Horse Racing Renegade is a piece of software offered through Horse Racing Rates and developed by Kevin. It follows a unique selection process to try and identify winners.

What does the product offer?

Horse Racing Renegade is a downloadable piece of software for Windows PCs that according to the creator Kevin is able to find favourable horses in races that match a strict criteria. Horse Racing Renegade can identify races and horses in just a few clicks which are then presented with the time, race and name of the horse. The odds for selections that Horse Racing Renegade produces are massively varied but are generally on the high side with some horses having odds of 60+ on Betfair. Naturally backing these kinds of horses is going to result in a pretty low strike rate which sits at around 19% for December. Bets appear to be each way based or if on a betting exchange, placed bets.

How does the product work?

Whilst the process of selecting horses is a closely guarded secret, Kevin says that Horse Racing Renegade is designed to identify races in which there are 10 or less runners with each horse having to have data from their last 3 races as a minimum. This leads me to believe that Horse Racing Renegade will identify its own form rating system and likely identifies potential winners through this (although this is entirely speculative on my behalf).

What is the initial investment?

Horse Racing Renegade is marketed at £39.99 which provides users with a one year license. It is worth noting that this is advertised as a reduced rate on the £59.99 that Kevin claims he would usually charge. There is unfortunately no money back guarantee in place for Horse Racing Renegade which Kevin Attributes to the fact that being a digital product there is no way of users really returning the product.

What is the rate of return?

Kevin says that in December alone Horse Racing Renegade has produced a profit of 250.05 points. It is worth noting that whilst this is proofed, there is only the one month that is covered in terms of any claimed results.


With just one month of results in place Horse Racing Renegade is a difficult one to assess. For example one could look at the fact that 250 point have been made in a single month which is frankly a staggering amount in such a short space of time. This when offset against a very reasonable price point certainly makes for an attractive option when compared to standard tipster services. That having been said it is hard to ignore the fact that Horse Racing Renegade isn’t an extensively trialled service. Personally though there are more pressing issues with Horse Racing Renegade.

The first is the losing streaks which can be pretty extensive and this is something that has to be considered as your betting bank can and likely will take a battering during these periods. From here it become something of a question of whether or not you are happy to make risky investments as I feel that realistically this is what Horse Racing Renegade represents.



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