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Hot Wagers is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is operated by Flutter Finders. We are told that the selections come courtesy of a team of sports betting tipsters.  

Introduction to Hot Wagers

Sex sells. It is supposedly one of the oldest rules in marketing. Hell, I can’t count the number of emails I’ve received about a betting system that has made reference to “sexy girls” coming my way.  But would you necessarily want to build a betting service around it? I mean, when I was 18, that might have interested me. But I’m a full blown adult with a life that doesn’t revolve around when I might see my next pair of breasts.

This is all important because coming into today’s review, Hot Wagers… Well, the marketing seems to be a bit conflicted. You see, the first thing you see when you log onto the sales page Flutter Finders have set up is an introduction to “the team”. And this apparently includes 3 scantily clad and objectively very good looking women. That I’m also not convinced are real (in more ways than one)… But that’s by the by. What you don’t see is a huge amount of information about the service.

Which brings me to the single most important element of Hot Wagers. And that is whether or not this “A TEAM of betting” can actually deliver. The fact is that it is all well and good Flutter Finders setting up the service the way that they have. I’m sure they’ll attract a certain kind of punter. But what I am concerned with, is long term profit.

What Does Hot Wagers Offer?

Honestly, Hot Wagers is probably one of the more interesting tipster services that I have looked at recently. The reasoning for this? Well, there is just a hell of a lot that is technically on offer here. The fact that it is all set against one of the strangest marketing campaigns that I’ve seen from a tipster service only really doubles down on this.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s start with something that is ultimately very grounded which are the logistical elements of the service. Now for those who aren’t aware, Flutter Finders are an offshoot of Betfan. Arguably the largest and one of the better known tipster stables in the UK. As such, there are certain very clear expectations in terms of the management.

What this means in real terms is relatively straight forward. As you would expect, selections are sent out directly via email. They are also made available on a member’s area on the Flutter Finders website if you prefer to see them there. It isn’t elaborate, but nor does it need to be.

Now one thing that isn’t necessarily ideal (at least in my opinion) is the timing of emails being sent out. They are sent out “by 11:00am each morning”. Now depending on what you are betting on, this can or cannot be a problem. Especially because based off what I have seen of Hot Wagers, you should expect those emails towards the later end of the timescale.

I would also say, unequivocally that if you are going to follow this service, you would do well to employ an odds comparison site. Because of the wide range of sports and betting markets involved, value isn’t always about for long. As such, it is wise to ensure that at the very least, you are getting the best possible odds available to you.  

So, what sports will you be betting on exactly? Well, you can expect tips from markets you would anticipate seeing like horse racing and football, to less well known stuff like tennis and golf. There are also some more niche markets involved such as darts and snooker. You may even see bets outside of sport. It is definitely an eclectic mix.

Of course, betting on so many sports (and more) also means that you are betting on a huge number of markets within said sports. I would like to think that there is some kind of rhyme and reason behind the bets that the teams advise, but if there is, I can’t see it.

I’ll hold my hands up to drawing on a somewhat limited sample size here, but the volume of bets is all over the place. Some days appear to be very high volume, whilst others might just have one or two bets advised. However, you can expect to be betting pretty much every day if you are following this.

One thing that I do appreciate is that there is at least a decent range of odds. Obviously, this is something that is ultimately defined by the sport you are betting on. For example, horse racing will generally have broader odds available on a given event than something like… Tennis, for example.  There does appear to be some kind of focus on value though.

This just really leaves a few things to talk about. Firstly, I want to discuss the strike rate. Or rather, the lack thereof. You see, Flutter Finders don’t just not make any claims here. They also provide zero proofing for Hot Wagers. As such, there aren’t even any ways of calculating such a thing or develop an idea of what to expect in the longer term.

That last point is particularly poignant when you consider the staking plan for Hot Wagers. This is because when selections are sent out, you receive your staking advice which can range from 1 point per bet all the way up to 5 points per bet. As you would probably expect, this can really start to add up.  

How Does Hot Wagers Work?

Information on how Hot Wagers works is… Well, it’s somewhat lacking. I started this review by talking a lot about how sex is used to sell. And this is really important because key to this, Flutter Finders suggests, is the team behind the service. The focus of this team doesn’t seem to be about their betting approach. With that said, let’s have a look at this team…

  • Scarlett – AKA Blaze – A woman who appears to be either heavily airbrushed or is a 3d model. She is also, inexplicably in lingerie. She starts out by inviting us to “Meet The Team” and asks if we are ready for “SOME SPORTING PROFITS”.
  • Danny – AKA Titan – He is “Here To Win” and asks if we love the sport of kings and the beautiful game.
  • Jasmine – AKA Vegas – This woman is, I am almost certain a 3D render. She is however at least covered up and tells us to “Be Ready For The Ride!”. This is followed up by a statement without context of “FUN, ENTERTAINMENT AND SEXY CASH PROFITS!”. What does this mean? Who knows…
  • Josh – AKA Sherlock – He says that we can “BECOME A FOUNDER MEMBER OF THE NEW BREED OF PUNTER!”. And  that he is there to “Embrace The Change!”.
  • Nadia – AKA Luna – A scantily woman in a rather revealing bathing suit. who invites you to “Enjoy the Kudos” and welcomes you to Hot Wagers.
  • Jordan – AKA Blade – His quote is “Let’s Get It On”. This accompanied by a statement that “IF THE BETS ARE HOT AND THE PRICE IS RIGHT IT’S GAME ON!”.

Of all of those statements, really, just one of them actually pertains to anything to do with how the service works. Fortunately, this isn’t the only information that Flutter Finders provide. We are told that there is a “very good ex-bookie in the loop who helps the team find the best value”.

Those of you who may be looking for at least some insight into how the Hot Wagers team are able to find selections for such a wide variety of sports… Well, you’re going to be incredibly disappointed. Because that is about all she wrote on what the service entails. Of course, this is very frustrating and disappointing.

On top of these problems, as mentioned already, it isn’t even like Flutter Finders provide any proofing that you can have a look at. If you at least had an idea of the ebb and flow of Hot Wagers, you can make some kind of informed decision about whether or not the risk is for you. As it stands though, you really do have to come into this pretty blind.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available if you want to sign up to Hot Wagers, both of which differ wildly in terms of the value that is available. The first option is a “monthly” subscription which is priced at £45 (plus VAT on top of that). Except, it isn’t really monthly. Instead, it is billed every 28 days. In turn, this means over the course of a year you will pay this out 13 times.

Offering substantially better value is a quarterly subscription. This is priced at £65 plus VAT every 90 days. That is a huge saving that is more than half what you would pay on a monthly subscription over the course of a year.

Rather unfortunately, because Flutter Finders are ultimately a part of the Betfan group, there is no real money back guarantee in place. They say that you can submit a refund request and these will be reviewed, but they are not typically granted.

What is the Rate of Return?

Rather interestingly, Flutter Finders make no particularly claims in terms of the income potential of Hot Wagers. Really, the closest we come to insight into this is a statement whereby we are told that they “expect all our members to win much, much more than they spend with us on the membership”. But that is a very contextual claim to make.

Conclusion for Hot Wagers

I don’t really know where to start with Hot Wagers if I’m honest. This is at least the 4th attempt I’ve had to try and conclude what I think of this whilst still trying to remain objective. The long and short of it all is that I don’t really have a whole lot of faith in the claims that Flutter Finders make.

Let’s start with one of the more obvious problems. Namely, that there just isn’t really a way of knowing how much you can make. Now to some degree, this counts with any betting service. But in the case of Hot Wagers, you get nothing. Even the claim that you can win “much, much more” than you spend on your membership is hidden way.

That is a pretty big problem in no small part because… Well, how do you make an informed decision about a service? Especially one that doesn’t even provide context for the selection process. It genuinely feels like pretty much every element of Hot Wagers is designed to obfuscate information. And honestly, I don’t think that this is a coincidence.

Which brings me back round to that marketing and the whole “sex sells” thing. You see, as an adult with a (relatively) mature head on my shoulders, I know what I want from a tipster service. I want insight, information, and most importantly, an approach that favours consistency.

If I were 18 again though, you can guarantee I’d be a bit more interested in Hot Wagers. Who wouldn’t love boobs and betting on everything at that age? But I’m not that person. And this brings me to the real question of would I recommend Hot Wagers?

The short answer to this is no, I wouldn’t. But this isn’t just about the marketing. As a grown man, the flaws that stand out to me are much more obvious things. No proofing, no insight into the selection process, no strike rate, no real information on the profit potential, and of course, all of this at a premium price. Unless you want to tie yourself up for 3 months that is…

And these aren’t moot points. As far as I’m concerned, missing possibly one of those things may not be a massive problem. But what Flutter Finders are missing with Hot Wagers are the key components of allowing a potential subscriber to make an informed decision. Now personally, when that is taken away from me, I can’t help but question why?

Unfortunately, in my experience, this is usually because the performance is less than ideal. And what is really frustrating with Hot Wagers is that Flutter Finders are so strongly linked with Betfan. A management company that are usually pretty professional in terms of what they offer etc.

So, summing it all up, what you have with Hot Wagers is a very expensive tipster service. That cannot tell you how much money you can expect to make. Or how six people with names like Gladiators are picking bets out for a wide array of sports. At a cost of a little over £700 a year? There are plenty of other places I’d rather spend my money.


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