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How to Trade Binary Options Profitably Review

How to Trade Binary Options Profitably is a website operated by Keith Mann. It offers advice on pretty much all aspects of trading binary options including his own system Binary Options 10 Minute Strategy.

What does the product offer?

The website offers a whole plethora of information on trading binary options. These vary from tutorial system that covers the basics through to Mr. Mann’s own system and even a subscription service with daily hints and tips.

How does the product work?

How to Trade Binary Options Profitably appears to be the culmination of Mr. Mann’s knowledge and research. All of this is designed to educate the user and enable a greater understanding of binary options. Armed with this knowledge users are placed in a position to choose the best brokers, systems and trades and from this, generate revenue.

What is the initial investment?

The website is free to use with no upselling apparent. Obviously if one looked to take the knowledge provided on the website further a trading bank would be a cost to factor in.

What is the rate of return?

There is no real rate of return on this product. As it is about teaching results would be qualitative not quantitative.


How to Trade Binary Options Profitably seems like a great place to start if you are interested in developing your knowledge of binary options. It is especially useful to people who are considering entering the trading world. As the product is free there is nothing to lose and unlike many products that provide a system and require blind faith that the system works as advertised, the website seems geared to creating foundations of knowledge and building on this. Obviously the fact that it is free is a huge boon and with no risk there doesn’t seem to be any reason to not check out the site.



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Comments (2)

You may read about Trading on website.

The only way anyone can really know if this website really works, is to join up and try it for themselves.

Having limited knowledge on Binary Options trading and looking online for anything that could help me with it, I came upon this website.

The 10 Minute Pull Back strategy is right there, as soon as you log on to the Website.

There are other trading tips, trading information and tutorial videos as well.

Upon discovering the site, reading and reviewing the videos, I was very interested in what Keith Mann had to teach me.

He shows you, every step of the way, how to set up for this strategy. If you don’t have the MT4 platform that is required, he has the link on where to get it from, as a Demo account for free. If you don’t have a Binary Options Brokerage, he has a number of them with links to join up. He explains the reasons why each one of them have their good points and are ideal for this strategy. I had my own live Binary account already set up.

I signed up, at his Website and within minutes I received the details that were needed to upload to the MT4 platform.

It took me around 4 – 5 hours to set everything up. I had no MT4 platform. So, I had to go through all of that, to open a Demo account, download it and upload everything, as instructed from his email, I was soon ready to give it go.

Keith’s tutorial videos teaches you what to look for and when to place your bids. I followed his example.

To be honest, I took everything on blind faith. Keith is straight up, about what he has to offer and the way that he takes you through everything, step by step. It was because of the way he went about doing things, that I took him up on his offer.

In that first session of trading, using his strategy, I came out clear in profit. I started out with $180.00 in my Binary account and my bids were small to start off with but as the profit grew, so did the bids. For the first time ever, I bid $100.00 and made 80% profit. I realise now that it was wrong for me to have done that. Keith has Risk Management strategies that I now use.

I have been apart of his Forum now for just over one week and 3 days.

For anyone who is new to Binary Trading, he has so much to offer. Candle Stick patterns, Advanced strategies. Links to Expert Advisors and links to the latest Forex Market information.

And, it’s all free.

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From: Simon Roberts