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Huge Domains Review

Huge Domains are a web domain name seller that specialise in premium or “brandable” domain names.

What does the product offer?

Users can purchase domain names from Huge Domains that Huge Domains believe to be premium or as mentioned above “brandable” domain names. These are domains that can easily be positioned for SEO and at the same time roll off the tongue and are memorable. None of their domain names are hyphenated etc. offering only complete words/phrases and many of them being “dotcoms”. They are sorted by category so if you have an existing plan in mind you can find it based off that.

How does the product work?

Huge Domains purchase and register domain names when they become available for sale and then resell them to customers for a profit. The domains can vary massively with some being clearly established real words and others being potentially bankable brandable names.

What is the initial investment?

The cost of purchasing a domain name through Huge Domains varies massively. Prices start from $495 for something like “” right through to $7,500,000 for “”.

What is the rate of return?

There is no measurable rate of return on something like this. A good bankable brand name can be priceless, especially given the nature of online marketing through social media and such like in the current digital world.


For those in the market for a premium domain name this certainly seems to have a wide and varied number of options. Not just for those who know what they are looking for but for those looking to build a brand there are some surprisingly interesting options, and it comes with the knowledge that you can build your brand around a name that you know you can obtain the domain name for, and therefore have a website that people will be able to find with great ease.


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From: Simon Roberts