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iAmAnalyst Review

iAmAnalyst is a piece of web based binary options trading software that is designed for personal computers as well as mobile devices.

What does the product offer?

iAmAnalyst is a web based application that allows users to trade binary options on a variety of devices although iAmAnalyst seems to put a focus on mobile devices and tablets for their sales pitch. The creators claim that the system is quick and easy to use and doesn’t use confusing charts and indicators. As iAmAnalyst is a web based application which opens up its use for almost anyone.

How does the product work?

According to the creators of iAmAnalyst the system has been built on the back of research and analysis by a team of analysts, brokers as well as software designers and developers. The end result is claimed to be a simple to use automated product. Unfortunately in terms of what basis the software uses, there is nothing mentioned which I consider to be a cause for concern.

What is the initial investment?

Technically iAmAnalyst is a free product but in order to make use of it you have to sign up with a chosen broker, in this case it is Banc de Binary where you will no doubt have to make a minimum deposit (this is usually around $250).

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return for iAmAnalyst is not really explored in detail but a testimonial video claims that they have been able to turn $5,000 into $93,111 in about a month.


iAmAnalyst is a slightly new spin on an increasing number of binary options products that entice you in with a free product that requires the use of a certain broker. There is no real evidence that the products work as advertised and often they are set up in order to earn commissions from the chosen broker. For example the recommended binary broker for iAmAnalyst is Banc 54 on promotional videos but Banc de Binary on the website. Personally I would avoid any of these products and seek money making opportunities elsewhere.


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From: Simon Roberts