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In Play Betting is the newest product to be released by Ryan Phillips who operates Exponential Bets. It is a “set and forget” betting strategy that allows you to potentially profit through in betting on horse racing.

Introduction to In Play Betting by Exponential Bet

If there is one thing that anybody who is involved in betting for a living (or even a second income) wants, it is a betting strategy that is no hassle. I think that it is fair to say that most of us like to be involved in the betting process to some degree, however, something that you can leave to create a truly passive income is the dream for most.

In Play Betting is pretty close to this, and that is an impressive feat.

The service comes from Ryan Phillips and Exponential Bets which means that there is some degree of pedigree here. When Exponential Bets launched, I deemed it a fundamentally decent thing, if a little expensive. Since then, it has branched out a little, with one such product being In Play Betting.

exponential-bet-reviewA near automated betting system that offers some decent profits. Is it worthwhile? Let’s have a look.

What Does In Play Betting Offer?

I tried to start out here by defining what In Play Betting is, as I often find this to be the best way into explaining what a service can offer. The truth of the matter is that Exponential Bets has put together quite an interesting hybrid of a number of different approaches to betting. I even find myself wanting to call it somewhat unique, and that is high praise.

Essentially, In Play Betting is a combination of a betting system and a betting bot (I want to talk more about this a little later on). What is important to take away in my opinion, is that this is a set and forget strategy which has the potential to produce consistent daily profit.

In terms of what you get with In Play Betting, there is actually quite a lot provided. When you purchase the system, you are given access to a special member’s area on the Exponential Bets website. Here, you receive everything that you need in order to start using Ryan Phillips’s system.

The core of this is a PDF document which teaches you everything that you need to know about the strategy behind In Play Betting. This is well written and informative, and unlike some betting systems, doesn’t tend to wander off course in order to bulk up content.

As well as the core strategy, Ryan Phillips also provides a number of videos. These complement the PDF that explains In Play Betting, showing you everything that you need to do in a visual medium. This covers everything from setting things up all the way to implementing what the main document shows you.

Honestly, this is a nice touch as whilst I wouldn’t say that In Play Betting is particularly complicated, there is a fair amount to process.

Finally, you receive all the files that are necessary in order to import them to your betting bot. I should point out at this point that Ryan Phillips has tested In Play Betting on Fairbot, The Bet Engine, Betfair Bot Manager and Betextrader.

It is also worth noting that the last three allow you to utilise a “set and forget method”. It is important to factor in these restrictions in bot as I know some bettors have a strong preference to one or another. Having seen what Ryan Phillips has done with Exponential Bets over 2018 however, I anticipate that more will probably be added (although this isn’t explicitly stated).

How Does In Play Betting Work?

As is always the case when it comes to discussing how a betting system works, I am rather restricted in how much I say about In Play Betting. I don’t want to give away anything that Ryan Phillips doesn’t say publicly as I don’t see it as my place to give away his system for free. None the less, there are some details that I can look to provide.

In Play Betting is based around lay betting at once certain parameters are met. The strategy involved places these bets automatically through your betting bot (which is where the restrictions come in). At the time of writing this, In Play Betting is manual. This means that you have to look at a list of selection criteria in order to find races that qualify. This may not happen every day.

Looking to the future, there are plans in place to make the process automated according to the sales page on Exponential Bets. Ryan Phillips says “At this moment you add the bets to the bot yourself, but this in development to have this aspect auto loaded to a choice of the bet bots in the near future, but still the manual process only takes a matter of minutes”.

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing, Ryan Phillips is still marketing In Play Betting as in a beta phase, as is evidenced by the fact that the service is currently self selection and you have to “do the work” (not that there is all that much of it).  As such, In Play Betting is being sold at a discounted rate of £74.99 (this is referred to as a 25% discount) which is a one time payment. In the future, this cost will go up to the £100 mark.

It is worth noting that there is no mention of any money back guarantee for In Play Betting. Furthermore, Exponential Bets take payment directly through Paypal. As such, you should ideally be willing to commit if you choose to purchase.

What is the Rate of Return?

Using £10 per bet, In Play Betting has made a profit of £668.18 since the middle of March. This equates to 66.81 points which doesn’t sound a lot, but there are a few factors in play here. First of all, this works out at an ROI of a little over 20%.

exponential-bet-profit-resultsThis isn’t a bad number at all. Reflecting this somewhat is the consistency with which the bank has grown. There have been occasional losing streaks of some 5 bets which when interspersed with just one win, does make a dent in the profits. The clear consistent trend however is one of slow bank growth.

Conclusion to In Play Betting by Exponential Bet

There are two different sides to In Play Betting that need to be addressed. The first is the results. These aren’t great, if I am honest.

There are a fair old number of services which immediately come to mind that have outperformed In Play Betting in a shorter space of time. 20% ROI isn’t bad, but unless you are betting quite a lot at a time, this doesn’t necessarily amount to a lot. If I were looking purely at this, I might be wrapping up now. But that is only one element of In Play Betting.

What really interests me here is the future potential.

Right now, Ryan Phillips is quite open about the fact that In Play Betting is in beta (and to be fair to him, you can get it discounted as a result). So yes, there might be a fair amount of work involved now in terms of using the service, but in the future, this work should be taken out of the equation and that is where it should start to shine.

£668.18 in 8 months might not sound a lot, but what about if you didn’t have to do anything in order for it to work? This doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility.

For my money, In Play Betting is a very interesting thing.

When I last looked at Exponential Bets and Ryan Phillips, it was all new and figuring itself out and generally being just OK. Ryan Phillips said then that he was going to work on the wider Exponential Bets project and you can see that it is starting to bear fruit. In Play Betting isn’t going to be a fit for everyone though.

Some people don’t like automated approaches because they don’t perceive themselves as having control. If In Play Betting can replicate the results to date without input, it is a sure fire winner in my book.

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