In Runner Review

In Runner is a piece of software created by Stakesoft that monitors values on Betfair and automatically places bets when certain parameters are reached.

What does the product offer?

In Runner software allows users to track prices of horses and bets in play if your pre-set conditions are met. The conditions themselves are fully customisable and allow users to back to win or back to lay. All of the trading is carried out automatically by In Runner whilst the races are going on allowing users the advantage of rapid trades. Users can select the price at which they want to back a horse and even the amount of profit that you would like to achieve. As a bonus when you purchase In Runner you also receive full access to Stakesoft’s Jet Bet and Last Minute Bot software.

How does the product work?

Stakesoft say that In Runner works by scanning the Betfair trading markets for your chosen trade price. Once this has been found it will automatically make the purchase with users then having the option to sell the trade back at a profit.

What is the initial investment?

In Runner is available for £119 per year and this is an automatically renewing subscription. There is no mention of a money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t any claims made about rates of return by using In Runner but based off how the product works there may be some potential for profit.


Stakesoft have put up something of a quandary in In Runners. It seems to work as advertised which is great and actually operates on a very simple principle. It is the edge that In Runner can provide that makes it worth looking at. That having been said because of the nature of In Runner it doesn’t look like it will be at its best as a standalone product. If you already have a trading system in place then the ability to not just automate, but streamline the trading process for less than £10 per month may well prove invaluable.

It also appears that Stakesoft have an expectation that their clientele will already have an understanding of Betfair and trading with user-friendliness taking something of a back seat, that isn’t to say that the software is badly laid out, but if you don’t know what anything means you will be left at a loss. For beginners I would definitely look at other products but for serious traders this may represent a helpful addition to your portfolio.



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From: Simon Roberts