In the Know Review

In the Know is a horse racing tipster service from the Betfan group that provides selections based on advice and the creator of the service being “In the Know”.

What does the product offer?

In the Know provides somewhat sporadic tips with there being gaps of up to three days between them. This is down to how In the Know works (which I shall look at below). Because of the nature of In the Know, selections are sent out by SMS as opposed to email or a website, typically with not long before a race starts. Bets are a combination of each way and win bets with a huge variance in odds. This comes together in the form of an average strike rate of 45.67%.

How does the product work?

The methodology behind In the Know is there in the name. The service works due to the alleged fact that the tipster behind the service is “in the know”. This information allegedly allows Betfan to provide In the Know subscribers about late changes etc. hence the SMS based notification service.

What is the initial investment?

Betfan are not letting In the Know go cheaply and a subscription will weigh in at a hefty £70 per month for the service. As always with Betfan products, In the Know does not come with a money back guarantee however they do state that they review refund requests.

What is the rate of return?

Since going live on Betfan in June, In the Know has achieved an overall points profit of 384.44 points or 76.88 points per month on average. It is worth noting that these results are based on 4 point stakes.


I am actually not all that impressed by In the Know. Whilst the profits look great, if you adjust the staking to 1 point you are left with a much more average looking 19.22 points of profit per month. With the price involved for In the Know I don’t see this as being a strong investment. For the same money you could easily sign up to two services, each of which would produce a similar result to In the Know. The costs involved are simply too high for the payoff in my opinion.



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From: Simon Roberts