Income Blueprint Workshop Review

Income Blueprint Workshop is a training program developed by Sarah Starr that she claims will help you become a successful internet marketer.

What does the product offer?

The core of Income Blueprint Workshop is a series of videos of a conference hosted by Sarah Starr herself. The videos are around an hour each and cover a large variety of topics ranging from an introduction to making your first $100 online, ensuring you have the right mind set right through to making a ten step plan. There are also guest appearances in the videos from Rob Cornish, Martin Avis and Mark Lyford. There is also bonus content in the form of written transcripts of the videos as well as mp3s of the audio so users can store them on their mp3 devices. Sarah Starr also offers a one hour telephone consultancy session with her as an additional bonus.

How does the product work?

Income Blueprint Workshop claims to be able to teach anybody how to be a successful internet marketer. In fact the product is targeted at “newbies” with a view to helping them replace their current “9-5 job income”. Most of what Sarah Starr teaches doesn’t seem to be all that different from many other courses. What does set it apart is the lengthy videos suggest that this may well go into detail which can only be viewed as a positive.

What is the initial investment?

Income Blueprint Workshop, with the bonus content is available for a one of fee of $147 although Sarah Starr does say that the costs of this may go up to as high as $497. There is also a full 30 day money back guarantee in the event you are unhappy with the system in place.

What is the rate of return?

As this is a training course the results will most likely be qualitative rather than quantitative. That having been said Sarah Starr frequently alludes to replacing your current income with her online marketing systems and even mentions at one point “Hundreds of dollars per day”.


Income Blueprint Workshop really does seem to offer a pretty good all round package. Sarah Starr seems to know her stuff and it seems only reasonable to assume a good amount of content in the videos. The bonuses are in line with the product and don’t seem to be an attempt at selling you another product. The guests in the form of Martin Avis and Mark Lyford are a good way of getting the insight of other online marketers on specific parts of their roles as well.

The only potential sticking point lies in the price as there are definitely cheaper alternatives available, but it seems questionable as to any of them are doing so to the same standard as Sarah Starr with her Income Blueprint Workshop.




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From: Simon Roberts