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Inner Circle Riches Review – Paul Lynch

Inner circle riches is run by Paul Lynch, a UK marketer, and Paul Dunstan who promise ‘endless riches’ for participants.

What does the product offer?

According to the website you will be paid for promoting products as an affiliate. Basically, inner circle riches is a membership where you pay to join, and then if you sell their products, you make a commission, not too dissimilar to the old PLR promotions a few years ago, although we suspect it is not that straight forward, as you will have to find your own customers unless you join their ‘Elite’ membership for $1,997.

How does the product work?

The product works by joining as a member to inner circle riches, and then the website claims that everything is set up ‘for you’ if you join their ‘Elite’ option, traffic, customers, and ‘sales funnels’. And if you make a sale, you get a commission paid out to you.

The products you will be promoting are:

Easy Sketch Pro
The YouTube Tsunami
The Pay Per Click Tsunami
The CPA Tsunami
The Elite Program (Paid for at $1,997)

What is the initial investment?

The investment to make this anything like worthwhile is: $1,997, otherwise you just gain access to a bunch of products that have been promoted to death online, and you will have to find your own customers to buy them – not so easy as marketers make out.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of returns we will take with a pinch of salt, and the reason being, that although there will always be screenshots of people claiming to be making silly amounts of money per month, some of these are real marketers themselves, and due to our research of other products and services the promoters have been involved with, we have read that not all has gone to plan.


We would not recommend this product, mainly due to who is involved. For example, if you search Paul Lynch and his products online, you will not always find pleasant reading, and when looking to invest $1,997 in any venture you want to make sure that who you are dealing with has a clean reputation.

The other reason we would not recommend, is due to the style of marketing, very crude, crass and a serious insult to the intelligence of most people. Some marketers try far too hard to promote a product, and when this happens it looks desperate.  The products you will be promoting are not great either; are not new, and are based of the sales the promoters have made in the past, not what they could make in the future. Such products go out of fashion, and stop working very quickly indeed.

Final Conclusion on Inner Riches

Think of it this way, if all you had to pay was £1,997 to have all the work ‘done for you’, and watch them build you a 4/5 figure monthly income, then it asks the question of what don’t they just do it themselves, without the investment if the products are so popular. Follow up emails also advise that you can make $998 per sale, which comes by way of recruiting further ‘participants’ to become Elite members, and you get paid by way of their payment – That in itself is a classic sign of a pyramid scheme – and all pyramid schemes are to be avoided, as they are technically illegal in most countries, as payments are coming from a down-line (the next customer) and such schemes are only reliant on further sign-ups, and are historically susceptible to collapsing at any time.



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