Inside Bets Review

Inside Bets is a brand new horse racing tipster service that claims to be operated by one Dave O’Sullivan. The claimed profit potential for the service is extremely high and implied to be low risk.

What does the product offer?

“Meet The Man Who’s Whispered In The Ears Of More Than 100 Leading UK Tipster Services Over The Past Two Decades” reads one of several headlines and headers for Inside Bets. It is not very often that a headline really intrigues me, but this is definitely an angle that I haven’t seen before. The astute amongst you will note that I use the term angle. This is in no small part down to the fact that I can’t help but feel that this is a service that isn’t all that it is claimed to be.

There are a number of issues that I will cover in more detail but a quick glance over the sales material tells me a lot about Inside Bets. Unfortunately, this is mostly down to my experience with reviewing the usual affiliate promoted rubbish which comes up on a seemingly weekly basis. None the less, I have decided to sit down and have a good look over things to see if there is anything to “Dave O’Sullivan’s” tips.

In terms of the logistics of Inside Bets, it is all very straight forward and as you would expect. You simply have to “Place your bets… Collect your winnings”. What this actually means for Inside Bets is a service which offers daily selections. These are issued via email each morning and list the race and horse. All bets are straight forward win bets. In this regard, following along with Inside Bets is undeniably simple.

Rather unfortunately, this is all that we can know about Inside Bets in many regards. There is no staking plan included (which is a massive disappointment given the fact that one of the headlines for Dave O’Sullivan’s service talks about turning “small stakes” into a small fortune). Whilst 1 point per bet seems like a reasonable guess, I am uncertain that you would get even close to the results that are claimed.

To top all of this of, there is no claimed strike rate available either. This is also a disappointment as there are numerous references to a “guaranteed” income. Not at all surprisingly there is no proofing either. This means that it is impossible to even try and garner a ball park for these two (frankly very important) aspects of Inside Bets.

How does Inside Bets work?

Those who are disappointed with the lack of information on what you can expect from Inside Bets will no doubt be made up with how much Dave O’Sullivan tells us about how his service runs. Having started his betting career working at Ladbrokes, he claims to have quickly moved on to Epsom Downs so that he could learn more about the Sport of Kings. Whilst there he developed a number of contacts including jockeys and trainers before moving into betting as a way of increasing his income.

Once he was successfully betting, Dave O’Sullivan says that he transitioned into offering his insider knowledge to other tipster services. This and betting was supposedly the source of his income for a long time however he has now decided to branch out and start his own tipster service which is Inside Bets. This is supposedly still based on the same insider contacts from back when he was 17.

What is the initial investment?

There is only one option for those who want to subscribe to Inside Bets which is a rather generous seeming offer. Dave O’Sullivan says that you can sign up to his service for just £29.99. This is a one time cost and seemingly provides you with a lifetime of selections. I think that it is important to point out however that I feel like Inside Bets will be wound up well before anybody is comfortably ready to move on from it.

I should also point out that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place for the service. This is guaranteed through Clickbank who handle payment for everything which means that you shouldn’t have too many problems claiming your money back if desired.

What is the rate of return?

Dave O’Sullivan claims to have made more than £1 million through horse racing betting over the years. This includes in excess of £98,000 this year alone. The key figure that is pushed throughout the sales material for Inside Bets though is one of making more than £1,500 per week. This would be an impressive figure if I believed it however there is very little evidence to back this up outside of a questionable screenshot of a betting bank. There certainly isn’t anything resembling proofing provided with Inside Bets.

Conclusion on Inside Bets

I could quite happily point out all of the flaws with Inside Bets and that would be enough to highlight the many reasons that this is a questionable service. Instead I want to look at some things from “behind the scenes” which tell me that this is more likely to be a dud than a winner. Key to this is the seller of the product. The fact that Dave O’Sullivan is a pen name isn’t necessarily too big a problem. There are plenty of genuine reasons why somebody would want to do this.

What is a problem for me however is the fact that the actual seller of Inside Bets is an affiliate marketer for betting products that is rather well known to me. This isn’t the first tipster service that they have sold and I don’t think that it will be the last. Even this isn’t inherently a problem, however the results that they have achieved are. I don’t believe I have seen one of their products make a genuine profit for subscribers.

On top of this there are a number of additional problems. These range from obvious red flags like the fact that the claimed income is in pounds and pence and yet there isn’t any sign of a staking plan to the fact that there is no real description of how the service works. With all of this in mind, there is only really one conclusion that I can reach for Inside Bets and that is that this is definitely a service to avoid.


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From: Simon Roberts