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Inside Racing is a relatively long standing horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Premium Sports Tipsters stable. It claims some rather respectable looking profits that come from a rather interesting source.

Introduction to Inside Racing

Let’s be honest here. There isn’t much worse in the world of betting than gubbing. What is gubbing I hear you ask? If you do have to ask, you’re probably lucky to have never been on the receiving end of it. Effectively, it means the restrictions or even closure of betting accounts. Namely, those who happen to win too much. A convenient little thing for the bookies indeed (and people wonder why we hate them so much?!).

 This means that when a tipster service comes along which doesn’t really rely on the bookies to make a profit… Well, it’s a very interesting proposition. Enter from stage left, Inside Racing. Now there’s a lot about this that is… Well, it’s interesting. I’ll go into this in more detail, but the fact is that Premium Sports Tipsters don’t push this as an alternative to using the bookies. Which is good, because most services where this is “an angle”, usually turn out to be a bit crap.

In the case of Inside Racing, it just is. And honestly, that quite excites me. Now don’t get me wrong, there is much more to this. In fact, as much as I am excited this offering from Premium Sports Tipsters, there are some things that greatly concern me as well. And it is with that in mind that I’m quite eager to jump into this and see whether the pros outweigh the cons.  

What Does Inside Racing Offer?

Whilst there is a lot to say about Inside Racing, it is worth keeping in mind the fact that Premium Sports Tipsters themselves don’t provide a huge amount of information directly. There is a lot that has to be extrapolated from information and drawing a lot on personal experience. As such, I do hope that you will bear with me over the course of this review.

With that out of the way, let’s start by talking a little bit about the logistics. In no small part, this is down to the fact that whilst there are a lot of elements to Inside Racing that are quite unique, this is one of the main areas.

So, first things first. This is categorically not a daily horse racing tipster service. Those of you who like to have a punt Monday through Sunday should walk away now. Because honestly, it isn’t even like Inside Racing is just a case of “taking the odd day off”. Premium Sports Tipsters’ proofing demonstrates that you can often wait for a good few days before receiving selections.

Personally, I don’t see this as being a bad thing at all. I’d rather bet infrequently and on good bets, then simply put out a high volume of selections in the hope that something will stick. Fortunately, because of how Inside Racing works (at least, according to Premium Sports Tipsters) there is no real option to start exponentially extending this to try and bring in more wins.

Now, as you would expect from any modern tipster service, when selections are sent out, they are issued directly via email. And you will typically receive them on the morning of selections. This isn’t necessarily the biggest problem though.

To bring Inside Racing back to the introduction, the best results for this service are to Betfair Start Price. In fact, you are looking at an improvement of some 20% on the results that bookies offer based off Premium Sports Tipsters’ results for the last year. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting early odds, finding a BOG bookie, or using odds comparison sites to get the most out of it.  

Now, that does also mean having a Betfair exchange account, and more importantly, placing bets at the off. Whilst this is a difficulty in and of itself, you can simply set up a betting bot to place this on the exchange for you. There are plenty of examples of free software and tutorials available to help you with this.

In terms of the bet types, there is a limited market, as you would expect. This is horse racing after all. In this particular case, you are dealing exclusively with straight win bets, which are of course arguably the most liquid market on Betfair’s exchange. This makes it a win for Inside Racing.

Touching briefly on the odds involved, the average odds for Inside Racing according to BSP is 3.32. This isn’t a particularly high number, but it is at least representative of what you can expect. There are however the odd bets which will come in that carry significantly higher odds, which is in line with the nature of the service if I’m honest.

Probably not surprisingly based off what has been established so far, this is also a low volume service. Whilst the odd day may have a couple of bets, most weeks will have no more than five. This is something that certainly helps Inside Racing to be manageable.

This manageable volume is particularly important when you look at the staking plan that is involved. Almost all bets are advised to be backed between 1 and 3 points depending on how certain the team behind Inside Racing is that a bet will come in. Occasionally, there are 5 point bets advised which are effectively “dead certs”.

Obviously running the numbers for Inside Racing indicates quite clearly that you really need to be winning pretty often if you want to keep this profitable. And based off Premium Sports Tipsters’ proofing, this is the case. The strike rate stands at a very impressive looking 45%. This generally seems to be pretty representative of what you can expect as well, which is always a positive indicator.

How Does Inside Racing Work?

All things considered; I actually think that Premium Sports Tipsters do a pretty darn good job of explaining how Inside Racing works. In so much as they can that is. You see, as the name suggests, Inside Racing is ultimately built around inside information. Specifically, we are told, this comes from a “‘collective group’ of top work riders from top racing yards around the country”.

We are then told that this means that they know things like “how a horse has been working on the gallops”, “which races are being targeted for every horse”, and “if a horse is expected to win or is being saved for another race”. All things that make a lot of sense give the wider context for the service and ultimately inspire a bit of faith from me.

Of course, this kind of claim is very easily fabricated as well. And I will also say that Premium Sports Tipsters don’t really provide any information backing this up (although I’d say all things considered this is pretty reasonable). But I reckon that ultimately, there is some truth to this.

If I’m completely honest, you only have to look at the proofing Premium Sports Tipsters provide for Inside Racing in order to see this. Whilst I’ll talk about the wider results a little later on, the first 3 months were remarkably consistent in the best way possible. All of which suggests that there is at least some inside knowledge coming from somewhere.

What is the Initial Investment?

Premium Sports Tipsters have a number of options available if you want to subscribe to Inside Racing, each with massively differing amounts of value. The option with the lowest outlay is a monthly subscription which is priced at £43, however, this is charged every 28 days. Alternatively, you can sign up on a quarterly basis which is priced at £86 every 3 months (although your first 3 months are charged at £43 at the time of writing).

By far and away the best value option for Inside Racing is a 6 monthly subscription. This is priced at £91 every 6 months meaning an effective cost of about £15 per month (£15.17 if you want to get technical about it). We are told however that this offering is a limited time thing and the offer may be rescinded in the future.

All payments that come from Inside Racing are handled directly via PayPal. Given that Premium Sports Tipsters don’t offer any sort of money back guarantee or refund on their products, you should make sure that you are very certain before buying into this.  

What is the Rate of Return?

The profit potential of the service is an interesting one. The focus of this has been on the results to BSP as this is where the best performance has been. This means a profit of 246.26 points since April 2019. That isn’t really a bad number at all. With that said, there does have to be some context provided for this.  

First things first, whilst the profit doesn’t look too bad now, it should be noted that Inside Racing had actually made 246.99 points within 3 months. The current results are also representative of a drop from a peak profit of 299.03 points which was attained within 4 months. As such, there has been a period of 8 months that have seen a general trend towards losing money.

Conclusion for Inside Racing

It is quite clear to me that there is potential for Inside Racing to be something special. Talking about those first 3 months for a moment, there are some phenomenal numbers. We’re talking about a strike rate of 88.24% for a month. The same month which saw a return of 116.48 points. Even out of the gate, you saw a profit of 91.7 points and an ROI of 235.14%.

The thing is, it is very easy to undervalue these kinds of results. They are well above and beyond what I’d expect from any tipster. Unfortunately, there is also a big brick wall known as consistency, and this is where a lot of tipsters, Inside Racing included, tend to crash.

In the results I said that there has been an 8 month downward trend. That is fundamentally true, but it also isn’t quite that black and white. What you have actually seen are periods of loss followed by periods of small gains.  This suggests that there is still something that means Inside Racing isn’t entirely out of the game.

The big question with something like this is how much faith do you put into it that it will perform again? In 4 months, Inside Racing made more profit than some tipster services do in a year. And it was all done to BSP. So, your betting accounts with bookies aren’t ever at risk. That is impressive no matter how you dress it up. And if it’s happened once, why can’t it happen again?

Of course, there is also the important factor of this being a massive money sink until that happens. Whilst the 6 month subscription can potentially carry value. In fact, ignoring the results, £15 per month really isn’t bad. However, if you are still going to be on that downwards trend, it just isn’t worth it.

Ultimately, that is where I think I am with this. It just isn’t worth it. One of the interesting things in this line of work is how you judge results. Overall, Inside Racing looks to be pretty decent. But the broader picture shows something very different.

The fact of the matter is that any tipster can have a run of a few bad months. It happens. But in the case of Inside Racing, what I am seeing is that the winning months on that downward trend are all about 10 points or so. That wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t losing months of this kind of number or on occasion, significantly more.

And to nail that point home again, that is an 8 month downwards trend. That isn’t just a few bad months, that is a consistent pattern. Which honestly, is a shame. Because I really wanted to come into Inside Racing liking it. The fact that Premium Sports Tipsters’ proofing shows that this works best with BSP is a very strong starting point. And those first 4 months are blisteringly good.

Honestly, this may be worth keeping half an eye on. Especially as horse racing in the UK and Ireland starts to pick up again. But ultimately, it has to be judged on what it is and not what it could be. And what it is, is a bit of a stinker.


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