Inside Sport Review

Inside Sport is a sports betting tipster service which focuses on providing an “honest service orientated for players that use higher stakes”.

Introduction to Inside Sport

There are a lot of tipster services on the market and I have seen a lot of different terms used to describe what is on offer. Inside Sport describing itself as it does is a new approach however. Of course the marketing angle always makes it difficult to judge how genuine a service is and what you can realistically expect in terms of results. The fact of the matter however is this.

As far as mission statements go, what Inside Sport have in place is much better than a lot of tipsters on the market and so it is well worth a more serious look. I am not entirely certain where to begin, but none the less, let’s get down to details.

What Does Inside Sport Offer?

I really want to start with looking at some of the logistics of Inside Sport. This is in no small part because I believe that it is one of several things that really makes the service stand out. Now, I have reviewed selective tipster services before now but it has been some time since I have looked at something which starts to get as in depth as Inside Sport.

I say this because the number of bets which are selected on a monthly basis are very few and far between. Just 13 tips were advised from the start of May to the start of June. When emails are issued however they contain a lot of information including the reason or selection.

All bets that are advised through Inside Sport are Asian Handicap bets which means that this service isn’t necessarily going to be for everybody. Whilst the team do appear to provide some help on this unusual betting method, there is no getting around the fact that this is relatively advanced stuff compared to most tipsters. Keeping with the subject of the bets, there is very little in the way of variation of the odds (generally under 2.0).

inside-sport-reviewThe leagues that you will be betting on are made up of a massive variety however, including a number of more obscure leagues. There are certain bookmakers recommended for use with Inside Sport, most based around Asian markets however the team say that European bookies may produce more profit.

If the betting side of Inside Sport is a little prone to be complicated, the staking plan is a long way from it. The Inside Sport team advise simply staking 1 point on each bet that is advised. With an opening betting bank recommended of 100 points, this does mean that should the service hit a losing streak, you should be well positioned to absorb these losses.

All of this brings me to the strike rate. Inside Sport is a selective service and I would absolutely expect a high strike rate as a result of this. At the time of writing, this stands at 61.54% which is honestly, a phenomenal result. It is worth noting however that this has also been just 13 bets placed. This is hardly a huge sample and a long way from indicative of how Inside Sport will perform in the future.

How Does Inside Sport Work?

The team behind Inside Sport supposedly work in the igaming industry for a number of different sportsbooks. This is in a variety of capacities ranging from content writers to researchers, all   but has apparently fostered some deeper understanding. If there are doubts in this regard, you simply have to look at the explanations that come with selections.

These are deep, well written and explain exactly why a bet is being placed. This is a much needed improvement on the majority of tipsters and is a big part of believing that Inside Sport is a genuine service.

What is the Initial Investment?

Inside Sport is one the expensive side. So much so that a monthly subscription will cost you the rather steep fee of €60 per month. Alternatively, if you are looking for better value, you can also opt to sign up for 2 months at a cost of €100. Payment is handled by sending them directly to an email address (through Skrill, Paypal or Neteller) and there is no money back guarantee in place.

This is somewhat disappointing, however it is also par for the course for the majority of tipster services these days.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since September of 2017, Inside Sport has produced an overall points profit of just 33.02 points which is a massively disappointing result. This amounts to just 3 points of profit per month on average. The ROI does paint a better picture with an average of 22.09% per month on average (the actual monthly results range from a 21% loss all the way up to 45%). These figures provide a very conflicting picture in my book.

Conclusion on Inside Sport

The team behind Inside Sport talk about how their service is ideally aimed at those who are willing to bet big. This is fair enough and anybody who can afford to bet big amounts, fair play to them and all the best. The problem as far as I am concerned is that in order to make Inside Sport even slightly warrant the costs, you would have to stake a very high minimum of £10 per point on the best months. £18 per month as an average amount staked.

Now, given that the Inside Sport team seem to be aware of these potential arguments and a key proponent of the service is the belief that you make your money by staking a lot. This is undoubtedly a way to maximise profits for those who can afford it. However. And this is a massive however. If Inside Sport can inflate their results, then so can a lot of other tipsters, all of whom are performing better.

Look, I get it. On paper, a return of 20% per month is solid and there are a lot of people who would be very happy with this. Rightly so. Bu at €60 per month, I can think of more tipster services than you can shake a stick at that will out perform Inside Sport on a regular basis for a much lower subscription cost. Now, does this mean that Inside Sport is a necessarily bad product? The short answer here is no, it doesn’t. I do believe that it is a victim of its own folly though.

I cannot stress enough that the value for money that is on offer with Inside Sport is simply shocking. I can honestly think of 10 tipsters off the top of my head who will make you more than 3 points per month. They also come in at half the cost. All of this just isn’t good enough in a competitive market and this is one of the main reasons that I can’t bring myself to recommend Inside Sport.



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From: Simon Roberts