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Insider Betting Bot Review

Insider Betting Bot is claimed to be a piece of software created by Thomas Anderson that claims to be able to identify winning bets with a high accuracy rating.

What does the product offer?

Insider Betting Bot is claimed to be a highly sophisticated piece of software created by a syndicate of which Thomas Anderson is a member. Allegedly a fool proof method of betting, Insider Betting Bot is claimed to generate daily selections for horse races across the UK. These selections are claimed to win 72% of the time however not surprisingly there is no real proofing of this. Insider Betting Bot is advertised as a betting robot that “you can use from anywhere” and yet “it delivers predictions right to your computer”.

How does Insider Betting Bot work?

There are claimed to be a number of factors at work when Insider Betting Bot generates its selections. Thomas Anderson says that Insider it starts out with insider information coming from a variety of different sources, all of whom are “people in the horse racing industry who are truly in the know”. This is then allegedly combined with “finely tuned algorithms” developed over a significant amount of time to produce the bets. The reality however is that Insider Betting Bot simply takes their bets from, a horse racing website that offers free tips courtesy of their resident tipster (Insider Betting Bot is so lazy in its approach that when viewing the tips on their website they even leave in the following footer “GG.COM’s horse racing tips are compiled for us daily by our in-house tipster GG-Tips”.

What is the initial investment?

There are 3 licenses offered when you purchase Insider Betting Bot starting with a monthly option which is £19.95, a 6 month license which is £49.95 and finally a 12 month license which is £69.95. Furthermore, Thomas Anderson has the audacity to try and charge £14.99 per month for selections to be sent to your email address. Fortunately Insider Betting Bot is sold through Clickbank so if you have already purchased it you can claim a refund under their 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

The sales page for Insider Betting Bot claims that you can expect to earn in excess of £100,000 per year through Insider Betting Bot as well as further claims of £431 per day.

Conclusion on Insider Betting Bot

There is no mincing words about this. Insider Betting Bot is a scam product. All of the sales material is lazy and clearly designed to appeal to the most vulnerable out there with claims of huge and easy profits. On top of this, Insider Betting Bot is not what it claims to be at all. Even overlooking the fact that it blatantly just steals tips from, Insider Betting Bot is not a piece of software or a bot and what you have to do is go to a page on their website, an unsecured page on the main site. I cannot stress enough that there is no reason to purchase Insider Betting Bot and if you have done so I would recommend immediately lodging a refund claim through Clickbank.



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From: Simon Roberts