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Insider Betting is a brand new horse racing tipster service which is claiming to have made some massive profits. Selections come courtesy of one Mike Dempsey, a character who makes a number of claims about himself as well.

Introduction to Insider Betting

I want to take a bit of a different approach to my introduction today by highlighting just a few of the statements that Mike Dempsey offers up as “headlines” for Insider Betting. That is to say, statements that are made in the sales material that are highlighted by being bigger and bolder than the rest of the text.

  • Bets That Deliver £21,719.29 In Just 27 Days
  • You’re guaranteed to make money!
  • I’ll even guarantee your investment!
  • I’m really proud of everything this incredible product delivers for genuine punters

I know, I know, it sounds great right? And that is pretty much the operative words as far as I’m concerned. Insider Betting really does sound great. Honestly, it would be so easy to take a look at those claims, especially when combined with Mike Dempsey’s wider sales material and think that you are on to a winner. I mean, it says right there that you’re guaranteed to make money.

However, and not at all unsurprisingly to me, there is a lot that surrounds Insider Betting that is more than a little bit questionable. Which is of course enough in and of itself that I think it warrants a much closer look. But there is one other element that really tells me what I can expect here that I will get to later. So let’s jump in and have a look at everything that is involved, and see if this is really worth your time.

What Does Insider Betting Offer?

So, what exactly are you getting into with Insider Betting? This is a rather interesting question, because Mike Dempsey sort of jumps around a bit when he talks about the product. There are references to a “program” which he claims will show you how to do a whole host of things that I will cover. We are also told that all that you actually have to do is follow his tips. Which is it? The answer is a little bit complicated, not surprisingly.  

First things first, what you are ultimately paying for here is a tipster service. There are other elements as I’ve touched on, but all of those are rather secondary. And as far as tipster services go, Insider Betting is a very simplistic example.

Now inherently, that isn’t a bad thing. There are plenty of straight forward tipster services that have been decent, but here, I think that there are definitely broader questions about why it is simplistic. I have my suspicions, and without exposing too much too early, it boils down to the fact that I’m not entirely convinced that this is a service that is particularly genuine.

Ultimately, what this means for you as a subscriber to Insider Betting is that you can expect to receive selections on a daily basis. These are sent out via email on the morning of a race. Unfortunately, there is a pretty large window in terms of when they are sent out which inevitably means that it will not work for everybody. The emails also only carry minimal information.

From the bets that I have seen so far, what you are dealing with is just win bets. Which is actually rather interesting give the fact that we are promised “high odds ‘tripler’ bets”. However, I believe that I have actually figured out what exactly this means. Which is fortunate, because Mike Dempsey certainly doesn’t share that information.  

When it comes to the odds that are advised, most of them seem to be very mid-range. My belief here is that Mike Dempsey is selling the notion that you will hypothetically receive back 3 times your stake, which in theory, you could. However, that would be very much dependent on you actually winning bets on a consistent basis with Insider Betting (a topic that I will return to a little later).

It is worth noting that this is a pretty bang average tipster service in terms of the volume. You will typically receive just a small handful of bets each day. Given all of the elements that are ultimately involved with Insider Betting, that isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world.

All that this really leaves to discuss is both the staking plan, as well as the claimed strike rate. I want to start by talking about Mike Dempsey’s staking plan, or rather, plans. There is a lot of additional content provide with Insider Betting, almost all of which appears to be little more than recycled content from other authors. A lot of it is also content that has been attached to other services in the past (a point that becomes pertinent a little later on).

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate that is involved. This is particularly important to me because Mike Dempsey claims that 95% of his bets win. There is a lot that is wrong with this claim. Firstly, even if you were to ignore the lack of evidence, there is no ignoring the fact that this number would be particularly high. Even for a lay betting service, never mind something that involves backing horses to win at the kind of odds involved.

Secondly, and most apparently, there is the fact that Insider Betting doesn’t come with any proofing whatsoever. As such, you are only taking the word of the tipster, who of course coincidentally, also happens to stand to benefit the most.

How Does Insider Betting Work?                                   

There is a lot said about how Insider Betting works and what it includes, all without actually saying anything. Once again, I want to take a little bit more of an unorthodox approach in terms of the claims Mike Dempsey makes. The fact is that there are a lot of statements made that don’t really mean anything, all referring to what you can expect. These include the following statements:

  • How to literally WIN each and every day that you bet.
  • 3 irrefutable facts about achieving a £15,000 per month profit base. (This you MUST know if you want to have ANY chance of success)
  • How to use a little known ‘place’ bet to sky rocket your earnings
  • My failsafe 7-factor formula for looking at the daily race card and pinpointing BIG MONEY BETS.

There is more than this. However, the fact that I have been aiming to highlight is that these claims aren’t actually backed up by anything, nor are they particularly sensical.

The other claims that are made mostly relate back to Mike Dempsey and his claimed background in horse racing. In this respect, he claims that he has been a punter and journalist since 1999. He also claims to have been “published in more than 10 betting books” and now solely makes his income from betting professionally.

We are also told that his selections all come courtesy of a his own “computer predictions which are based on 25 years of stored results that successfully beat the bookmaker”. Now, this is where I think that you can actually start to get into what Insider Betting is really based on. For reasons that I will get to a little later on.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Insider Betting, there is just one option that is available. This is a one time payment which is priced at £27 (plus VAT). And for this, you receive selections for an unspecified period of time. What is really interesting about this is that when you are taken to the payment processing page on Clickbank, it states that you are actually paying for AutoBet 500, a name that is particularly familiar to me.  

Now, the fact that Insider Betting is being sold through Clickbank does mean that there is a full, 60 day money back guarantee. About the only thing that I can actually credit Mike Dempsey with is that this is at least mentioned in the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

The numbers that are claimed in terms of the income potential for Insider Betting are, frankly, incredible. Of course, there is the statement I mentioned way back in the introduction in which Mike Dempsey says that he delivered a shade under £22,000 in less than a month.

Elsewhere, there is a hugely questionable screenshot of an HSBC betting account which shows £103,365.15 in it. This ties in with a claim that using his “essential toolkit”, you can make more than £100,000 per year. None of these claims are actually backed up by any evidence however.

Conclusion for Insider Betting

I can be pretty brief in my conclusion of Insider Betting, because there are just a few points that I think should be made. First of all, those claimed results. They are of course entirely ludicrous. Any tipster that will sit there and tell you that they can guarantee you a massive amount of profit is inherently questionable.

And this is because any bettor worth their salt knows that there aren’t any guarantees. You can take steps to take to minimise your risk. Hell, there are plenty of tipsters and betting systems that are very good at doing this, some of which have been looked at before now. So, when Mike Dempsey starts talking like this, it is an immediate red flag.

Moving on from that, there is the marketing involved. I am going to lend a term from music production here and say that the copy is best described as a “wall of sound”. Now in music, this involves building up a lot of sound utilising studio techniques. What Mike Dempsey does is build up a lot of promise by simply throwing statements out about what he can supposedly do, all whilst not actually producing anything of substance.

This is, I believe, for good reason. It is quite clear to me that the idea here is that by saying as much as is possible, in theory, Insider Betting will say something that is appealing to everybody. Except, anybody with any knowledge of betting will immediately see through all of this.

Now, I think that is pretty damning so far, but to tell you why I really think Insider Betting is just a terrible product, I have to come back to the fact that this is actually AutoBet 500. I mentioned this earlier, but I feel like I should explain why it is so bad.

In the last year, this product has been launched under at least five different names. I say at least because these are the examples that I know I have written reviews about. There have been 3 in the last 3 months alone. And honestly, there hasn’t been one occasion where this has actually delivered. Or in fact, got close to delivering.

And when it comes to Insider Betting, there is no evidence whatsoever that this will be any different. Nor do I in fact believe that it has the potential to be. As such, I can say with confidence that this is a service that warrants a very wide berth. I can see how it might sound appealing, but ultimately, this is just going to be a waste of your time and money.


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