Insider Infiltration Review

Insider Infiltration is a brand new tipster service which is operated by a tipster referred to simply as “Paul” from the West Midlands. The service has supposedly made some absolutely massive profits over the last year.

Introduction to Insider Infiltration

One of the most interesting elements of this line of work isn’t just the betting side of it, but also the marketing. I won’t lie to you. Sometimes, something lands on my desk and I just know that it’s going to be a giggle reading the marketing. Overblown claims, ridiculous statements, and more likely than not, a narrative arc. It’s like having your own really bad thriller novel that only takes a few minutes to read.

Enter Insider Infiltration. Paul makes some very interesting claims about his position in the betting world. He also makes some very intriguing implications about the success of his bets. And arguably most importantly, he flat out tells you that you can make more money in a week than most people will make in a month. Let’s not mince our words here. If this can deliver, it will be massive.

Of course, I have been in this line of work for plenty long enough to know just how questionable these claims actually are. And if I’m honest, there is almost nothing provided by Paul that backs up this claimed ability of Insider Infiltration. None the less, I will try and keep an open mind when I have a look. So, let’s dive straight into this. 

What Does Insider Infiltration Offer?

So, what do you actually get from Insider Infiltration? Reading the sales material certainly won’t tell you. Because honestly, Paul almost seems to go out of his way to obfuscate information about the service. Instead, there is a very strong focus on that narrative arc that I mentioned a little earlier on.

Fortunately, I can reveal a number of things here. And honestly, much of it will probably just be pretty much what you expected. None the less, I think that it’s very important to establish the framework of what you will be dealing with.

So, this is a daily horse racing tipster service. That is one of the few things that Paul does tell you about Insider Infiltration. As is very much the case with modern tipster services, selections are sent out directly via email. Unfortunately, they do tend to be sent out a little later in the morning, on the day of racing. This has a few knock on effects for you as a subscriber.

Firstly, it means that if you are working a 9-5 job, you may struggle to get the bets placed. Something that is very important to keep in mind in my opinion. The real kicker here though is that you will struggle to get the best possible odds. I know that I say this a lot, but if you are considering Insider Infiltration as an option, then something like Oddschecker is a pretty good idea.

Moving on from this to the bets themselves, there isn’t a massive amount to report here either if I’m completely honest. To be completely fair to Paul, Insider Infiltration is a horse racing tipster service. The nature of the sport means that there are restrictions on betting.

What this means for you as a consumer is that you can expect exclusive win bets (at least, based off what I have seen so far). This isn’t an inherently bad thing as you aren’t exactly covering rank outsiders here.

In actual fact, the typical odds that you will see for Insider Infiltration are quite low. Whilst you may not be backing horses at less than evens, the majority of odds that you will find yourself able to get sit pretty squarely in the “middling” range. This isn’t necessarily a criticism of Paul. The fact is that if he were providing winners on a regular basis, you’d be laughing.

Now one thing that I do think is worth keeping in mind when talking about the bets is the volume of them. Most days will just see 2 or 3 bets, which is a pretty manageable number so long as you are winning frequently enough. You certainly shouldn’t find your bank suffering a massive draw-down.

Which rather nicely brings me to the claimed strike rate. You see, Paul says that Insider Infiltration will win “at least 85% of the time”. In an email that affiliates for the service use, there is a claim of an 88% strike rate. Meanwhile, a supposed testimonial says that Paul has quadrupled their win rate.

All of this sounds brilliant, however, there is the small matter that none of these claims are actually backed up by anything. You are exclusively taking the word of the one person who truly stands to benefit from you buying Insider Infiltration. That just doesn’t sit well with me. Especially when you factor in everything related to the service.

In a rather roundabout way, that also brings me to the staking plan, or rather, the lack thereof. You see, despite all of his grandiose claims of making huge amounts of money, Paul doesn’t’ actually provide any real context for them. This very distinctive lack of a staking plan really does stand out against the background of those 6 figure income claims.

Personally, if (and that is a very big if) I were going to follow this, I’d want a betting bank of 150 points. With no real evidence to back up the claims in terms of minimal risk etc. I’d really want to make sure I could take a hit. I’d also combine that with simple level stakes of 1 point. But all of that is ultimately academic.

The fact of the matter is that any tipster that is worth their salt will provide you with information on how to obtain the profits that they claim, no matter what they are.

How Does Insider Infiltration Work?

Now we come to the element of Insider Infiltration that is ultimately the most interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t say that for the best reasons. The fact of the matter is that as I mentioned way back at the start of this review, there is no denying that Paul spins a decent yarn. What he doesn’t do, is provide any genuine insight into the selection process.

We are told that he was born with “the gift of the gab”. That he was able to move from one group to another with ease, always making friends along the way. At some point in life, he decided to infiltrate “one of the innermost circles of the equestrian industry” (hence the ridiculous name). From here, the claims somehow manage to become even more “interesting”.

You see, Paul then goes on to claim that all of horse racing is rigged. And that these elite bettors at the top are laughing all the way to the bank at the expensive of your average punter. But Paul is now sharing their bets with you too, so it’s like you’re also on the inside!  The thing about this is that it really can feel like this is the case. And it doesn’t surprise me that this takes such a large part of the narrative for Insider Infiltration.

The observant amongst you however will note that actually, this doesn’t tell us anything at all. Any genuine tipster will be able to explain their betting process. And in my experience, it almost never comes down to a rigged system in which punters are being screwed over (except of course for the general act of betting with bookies, but que sera). This casts a lot of doubt on Insider Infiltration in my opinion.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Insider Infiltration, there is just one option available, and it is seemingly an absolute bargain. Paul is asking just £26.99 (plus VAT) for unlimited access to his selections. This means an overall cost of £32.39 which is less than you would pay per month for some tipster services.

One of the few things that Paul can be unequivocally praised for is the fact that there is clear advertisement of the 60 day money back guarantee that is in place. This is backed up by Clickbank so in theory, you shouldn’t have too much trouble claiming this if you have to.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the main reason that Insider Infiltration jumped out at me. Effectively, it is the massive headline which screams at you about how Paul made £128,993.74 in a single year. More importantly though is the implication that you can also make this kind of money yourself.

Elsewhere in the sales material, we are told that you can make £10,000 per month “easily”, a number that fits the above claim. As  does a claim of £2,500 per week. All of the testimonials are roughly in line with this as well. So, you may think, if it all adds up then surely Insider Infiltration is above board?

The problem that I have with all of this is that… well, I just don’t see how you can see it as being genuine. Even if you give Paul the complete benefit of doubt (which I don’t), the numbers are effectively meaningless. £128,993.74 could just as easily be 128.93 points to £1,000 bets as it could be 12,889.3 points at £10 stakes. Without this context, I don’t believe that Insider Infiltration has any real ability to lay claim on its income potential. 

Conclusion for Insider Infiltration

I really wish that I could sit here now and wrap this up by saying that I there was enough reason to buy into everything that is claimed about Insider Infiltration. I would love nothing more than to say that I believe that Paul really has infiltrated a gang of race fixing bettors. And that his tips really will make us all £100,000 plus per year.

Unfortunately, reality is often very different from the marketing, and Insider Infiltration is a prime example of this. If I’m blunt, you don’t have to look very hard at this to see that you aren’t really being giving anything tangible. Everything seems to be aimed simply at selling an idea that your Average Joe might buy into. Almost as if the focus were the marketing rather than the tips.

And honestly, this would explain a hell of a lot about this. It would explain why what I have seen is nothing like what Paul claims is possible. It would explain the lack of context for the profits. It would explain the fact that there is no proofing or real evidence backing things up (I refuse to consider a really dodgy screenshot of a William Hill account as “evidence”).

But even if you just throw caution to the wind and say, yes, I believe everything that Paul says. How long does it take before this group of elite tipsters catch on to what is happening? Even if you blindly put faith in the claims, Insider Infiltration is destined to fail eventually anyway.

Of course, that faith would be massively misplaced. You see, for my money, there is already enough here to demonstrate why this shouldn’t be something that you seriously follow. The fact of the matter is that sometimes, when something sounds too good to be true, it is.

Especially when it comes to the kind of thing that is very difficult to disprove, whilst also allowing somebody to say “you just have to take my word for it”. Like, for example, a ring of top bettors who rig races. Who allowed a complete nobody to enter their inner circle and even become Godfather to one of their children. That definitely exist, but good luck disproving it…

The real icing on the cake for me is something that perhaps most people will not have seen or considered. You see, in this line of work I am often exposed to vendors who sell this kind of highly questionable tipster service on Clickbank. And you come to recognise certain names that keep coming up again and again.

The vendor who is selling Insider Infiltration happens to be one such name. They have put out a lot of services with similar premises to “Paul’s”. And not at all surprisingly, those services were closed rather quietly after the 60 day money back guarantee window had elapsed. I see no reason why this won’t be any different.

And with that in mind, I just can’t bring myself to recommend this. Sure, it might be cheap. But if I’ve said it one, I’ve said it a hundred times. If you aren’t paying a lot of money for a bad service, you are still paying money for a bad service. And with so many decent betting systems and tipsters out there, I can see no reason why you’d want to do this. 


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