Instaeasy Review

Instaeasy is a new product from Luke Maguire (the Aussie with the crazy hair) that claims to teach users how you can make an income online through Instagram automatically.

What does the product offer?

According to Luke Maguire, Instaeasy gives you the chance, on a plate, to start making a serious income online with seemingly no effort at all. The software does this by interacting with your audience through social media platform Instagram.

Luke Maguire says that Instaeasy is able to do this through a series of likes and follows of other users, all of which can be issued based off criterion of your choosing.

This includes things like hashtags, those who liked photos and even those who are interacting with your rivals. Instaeasy is able to work with up to 3 different Instagram accounts (with the option to add more at a later date). With the traffic that Instaeasy generates, Luke Maguire then says that you can use this to generate traffic for a main website.

As is pretty atypical of this kind of product, Instaeasy comes with a number of bonuses including training on how to sell products through Instagram as well as various others of varied relatability to the core conecto.

How does the product work?

Instaeasy is clearly built on the principle that by engaging your audience, you will increase your following and resultantly, sales.

This means that Instaeasy is a solid offering for those who have a product that they are trying to sell within a certain niche. Luke Maguire also make the suggestion that you could take advantage of Instaeasy for affiliate marketing purposes.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there are two options available for Instaeasy.

The first of these is to pay monthly at a cost of $39 or alternatively you can buy the access to the year of selections for a one time cost of $347.

Both options include all the features you need to get started with Luke Maguire saying that he is giving away all updates for free. As Instaeasy is sold through JVZoo, there is a money back guarantee in place however this does only run for 14 days.

What is the rate of return?

In the sales material for Instaeasy, Luke Maguire is very clear about how much users can expect to make through the software with his main selling point being 5 and even 6 figure profits.


Instagram can represent a new way of interacting with your audience and what Instaeasy sets out to do isn’t bad at all. The fact is however that many of the case studies appear to come from existing brands with no real evidence to show the growth that is claimed.

My other problem with Instaeasy is the quality of interaction that you are getting. Software like Instaeasy is relatively common place and as such, there is no guarantee that the people that you are engaging with are the hungry buyers that you are looking for.

In fact, if I were to be cynical about it, I imagine bots talking to bots, almost ad infinitum. Given that this possibility can’t be removed, I personally feel that what Luke Maguire is asking to be a little too steep.


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From: Simon Roberts