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Instant Domain Sniper Review

Instant Domain Sniper is a piece of software by Richard Fairbairn that allows users to search for domain names and receive data on the commercial viability of them.

What does the product offer?

Instant Domain Sniper is a downloadable piece of software (compatible with both Windows and Mac) that has been designed to allow users to search for domain names that are currently available as well as registering interest for existing domain names through a number of brokers. Instant Domain Sniper also provides you with analysis of the domain name such as page ranking, traffic and related searches. Richard Fairbairn says that if you don’t have a domain in mind, you can also search for domains based around keywords. There is also bonus material in the form of Suggestion Sniper, Key Word Sniper and Fast Rank Formula. These are all based around the core premise of Instant Domain Sniper.

How does the product work?

Richard Fairbairn doesn’t really explain how Instant Domain Sniper works. This would typically be a point of contention but there is a video provided showing the software in action. This all seems to be in order and I have no reason to believe that this may be doctored or questionable footage.

What is the initial investment?

Instant Domain Sniper is available at three levels. These are comprised of Base at $44.50, Standard at $49.00 and Ultimate at $47.00. The main differences lie in the number of searches you can make per day with Base and Standard being restricted to 25 and 50 respectively. There is a 30 day money back guarantee provided by Richard Fairbairn if you are unable to make Instant Domain Sniper work for you and if the support team can’t help you with this.

What is the rate of return?

Instant Domain Sniper isn’t really a direct money making product so this is difficult to gauge. I would realistically expect results from Instant Domain Sniper to be qualitative rather than quantitative.


Instant Domain Sniper has the power to become a very valuable tool, especially for those who engage in frequent product launches or operate on the basis of volume. If you wish to start something more focused online then I don’t believe that you will really get your money’s worth out of Instant Domain Sniper. This is really best suited for people who are constantly looking to start new websites and ventures, otherwise, doing your research manually is probably a better value option.



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