Instant Payday Network Review

Instant Payday Network created by Jeff Buchanan that purports itself as a network designed to make you money online.

What does the product offer?

Instant Payday Network claims to be able to make you easy money online with Jeff Buchanan advertising the process as being as simple as completing free trial offers. The reality of Instant Payday Network is however somewhat different. Upon entering your details you are given a number of steps, each of which take you to a website where you can fill in offers for cash. There are also other links to other ways of making money including the

How does the product work?

Getting down to it, Instant Payday Network uses the My Cash Freebies referral scheme to make money. What you do is claim a credit at which point you can get paid directly for referrals. In fact, Jeff Buchanan claims a referral fee when you sign up and start completing offers. This is the same with the other links that I was taken to whereby he or Instant Payday Network were identified as affiliates.

What is the initial investment?

Instant Payday Network is free to sign up for although to take advantage of My Cash Freebies you have to complete offers, some of which are free whilst others may come with a small cost. There is no money back guarantee in place for any of these although as Jeff Buchanan points out, any free trials can be cancelled.

What is the rate of return?

Jeff Buchanan claims to have made around $6,500 and $7,000 per month by using My Cash Freebies referral scheme. Realistically though, given the fact that the pay outs from this seem to be $20 a go, I am somewhat sceptical.


Instant Payday Network to me simply isn’t a legitimate or viable money making operation. What Jeff Buchanan has done is set up Instant Payday Network as a way of attracting people to sign up and encourage referrals through the various products he is affiliated with. Whilst you could hypothetically replicate this I am not certain that there I all that much money involved and it seems highly unlikely to be anywhere near the amounts that Instant Payday Network advertises.

I shall end by pointing out that the YouTube video that explains the Instant Payday Network service under the FAQs has been removed as “a violation of YouTube’s policy against scams and commercially deceptive content”.



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From: Simon Roberts