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Instant Site Uploader Review

Instant Site Uploader is a website creation tool and marketing product developed by Aaron Danker.

What does the product offer?

Instant Site Uploader gives users access to a number of different templates for creating websites as well as a number of products that are made available with resell rights. Creator Aaron Danker claims that Instant Site Uploader streamlines and simplifies the process of creating an online business.

How does the product work?

At its core Instant Site Uploader is designed to be a complete marketing solution with the website creation, products and marketing all handled by Aaron Danker’s software. A lot of the money making aspect appears to be through affiliate marketing.

What is the initial investment?

Aaron Danker has made Instant Site Uploader available for 6 monthly payments of $27 or alternatively you can choose cancel at any time. Aaron Danker offers a 60 day period in which you can request a refund.

What is the rate of return?

According to Aaron Danker you can expect to earn $1,229.50 per week using Instant Site Uploader. It is worth noting that the screenshots that are provided as proof of income are all from 5 years ago (dated 2009) which seems a little concerning.


I am not sure how much merit there actually is to Instant Site Uploader. There seems to be some fundamentally good ideas but the execution doesn’t seem to match this standard. One of the key issues lies in the niches that Instant Site Uploader identifies. They are all proven which on paper seems great but the reality is that they are all over saturated and making your website stand out from the competition is difficult, especially given the fact that Instant Site Uploader does not create a search engine optimised website. This leaves you as a pretty small fish in a pretty big ocean.



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