Instant Spokesperson Review

Instant Spokesperson is a new product from Ray “The Video Guy” Lane that he claims will allow you to instantly start making money by selling marketing videos to local businesses.

What does the product offer?

Instant Spokesperson is essentially a package of videos that have been created in order to be used in 10 top selling local niche markets. There are additional features included with Instant Spokesperson that I will get to, however the bulk of what you are paying for are the videos. The niches that Instant Spokesperson covers are as varied as mechanics to real estate to Lasik eye surgery.

The videos themselves are a combination of Ray Lane (an American), stock images and stock video footage. Also included with Instant Spokesperson are a number of video based call to action features, a number of HD backgrounds and video editing software so that you can tweak the videos yourself.

There is also a training programme with Instant Spokesperson that shows you how to carry out editing as well as how to generate business and access to a support centre should you find that you are struggling.

How does the product work?

The idea behind Instant Spokesperson is a relatively straight forward one. The video content that you are buying is supposedly not just in high demand, but also a high ticket item that local businesses are willing to pay big bucks for.

All you have to do as an intermediary is to contact local businesses and offer to sell them one of the numerous videos included with Instant Spokesperson. Should this fail to work, Instant Spokesperson is covered by a rather interesting money back guarantee which I will look at below.

What is the initial investment?

The supposed “actual value” of Instant Spokesperson is $49, something which makes the current sale price of just $17 seem like a bargain (with 10% of the cost supposedly going to Toys for Tots).

As mentioned there is a money back guarantee in place for Instant Spokesperson however it is highly conditional. If you fail to make a sale through Instant Spokesperson, then you then have to give it over to Ray Lane and his team who will then either close a deal or you will get a refund on Instant Spokesperson.

What is the rate of return?

In the sales material for Instant Spokesperson, it is suggested that you can sell each of the videos that you buy for anywhere from $700 to $1,000 a time. I simply don’t see this being a number that is attainable for most people, if anybody.


Put simply, Instant Spokesperson doesn’t seem to be something that I can really see working as a viable method of making money. To credit Ray Lane, the videos that you get aren’t too bad. They are well produced and do an OK job of discussing the niche in a way that would draw customers in.

There are some problems however. Ray Lane isn’t an actor and this really shows. The sections where he is on screen aren’t exactly the kind of thing that will sell to potential customers in my opinion.

The biggest problem however is that there is simply no evidence that the videos that come with Instant Spokesperson are selling.


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From: Simon Roberts