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Instant Winning Bets Review

Instant Winning Bets is a betting system developed by ex-banker Tim Bolton. The system is based on what he claims are unseen patterns in horse racing.

What does the product offer?

According to creator Tim Bolton, Instant Winning Bets is a betting system that is able to offer a staggering 98.7% success rate with no prior betting knowledge required. Instant Winning Bets is sent out in the form of a PDF manual which details how users should make their selections.

How does the product work?

Tim Bolton says that Instant Winning Bets is built on the back of a proprietary algorithm that he has developed based around his insight into general patterns. Tim Bolton claims that much of this is built on similar systems that he applied whilst working as a trader for a major bank in the London and Tokyo.

What is the initial investment?

Instant Winning Bets sells for £26 (plus VAT for EU residents) through ClickBank. As the purchase is made through them there is an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

The only real claim on Instant Winning Bets is that Tim Bolton has made £643,097.43 in a 1 year period. There aren’t really any other details available about what you can expect.


The only thing that really works in the favour of Instant Winning Bets is the money back guarantee provided through ClickBank. There is also the price, which is reasonable enough if Instant Winning Bets can really deliver. Unfortunately it is here that I struggle to have faith in the product.

The numbers quoted are frankly ludicrous. The notion that you can earn almost £2,000 per day through horse racing simply doesn’t hold true. For one, I can’t see many bookmakers keeping an account open for that long and even using Betfair I imagine you would struggle to get high stake odds backed like that. I am also sceptical about this so called algorithm. The claim that Tim Bolton sees patterns where others don’t isn’t necessarily a good thing as sometimes a pattern nobody else sees is simply random chance.



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From: Simon Roberts