InstaProfitGram Review

InstaProfitGram is a downloadable guide that claims to be able to teach users how to use their Instagram to make a monthly profit that is paid directly through PayPal.

What does the product offer?

InstaProfitGram comes in the form of a downloadable PDF which outlines a number of different topics. InstaProfitGram opens by covering how you can monetise your Instagram account (something that I shall look at below) as well as looking at testimonials of alleged users and also a detailed section on how to take the best photos for your Instagram account as well as driving traffic to said account with InstaProfitGram claiming that you can expect millions of visitors to every picture that you upload. Everything is explained relatively simply and laid out in a step by step fashion which makes it easy enough to follow and implement. The (unnamed) creator of InstaProfitGram also goes on to say that the theory that the product teaches is entirely scalable.

How does the product work?

Put very basically, InstaProfitGram appears to involves using you Instagram account to garner traffic which you can then use in conjunction with affiliate marketing techniques to monetise your account. This isn’t necessarily a new technique (despite a seemingly overhyped claim that only 1% of Instagram users are making money through a method) and I have seen similar methods employed through other visual social media sites such as Pinterest with varying degrees of success.

What is the initial investment?

InstaProfitGram is marketed at an allegedly discounted rate of $37 down from the “original” price of $47 and for “today only”. This comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee should you be unhappy with InstaProfitGram. Outside of this there shouldn’t really be any other costs involved as Instagram is a free application which means no hosting costs etc.

What is the rate of return?

This is one aspect that InstaProfitGram is very clear about with the creator pushing the figure of $700-$1500 per month as being achievable. Unfortunately there is very little evidence provided of this which is a shame really.


There is a lot to consider in terms of InstaProfitGram and the most obvious question is whether or not it is really a viable method of income. The answer to this lies primarily in the affiliate programs that you are involved in. As is rightly identified in the marketing, Instagram is a platform that is dominated by younger users and as such, what you are linking your account to should be carefully considered. The other issue that I take is the same one that I have with similar products that utilise Pinterest, namely that in targeting a visual social networking site you are primarily marketing to a demographic that puts an emphasis on the physical and is by their nature very cynical. This makes it difficult to find products to market and restricts how you can ultimately make money.

Despite all this I can see that there is some potential to InstaProfitGram however I feel that it is probably best suited to existing and established Instagram users rather than starting out to make this a business. If you are one of these few people who are in a position to leverage the platform, then InstaProfitGram may be worth a look but otherwise I would personally steer clear.


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From: Simon Roberts