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Interest Architect Review David Guindon

Interest Architect is a piece of software from David Guindon that allows users to search a number of different resources for niche keywords.

What does the product offer?

Interest Architect is a piece of (Mac and PC compatible) software that has been designed to help users to streamline the process of identifying niche keywords. David Guindon has set Interest Architect up to take a broad keyword search term and highlight other potential keyword terms that you can then target. I should point out at this point that Interest Architect has been created with Facebook Marketing in mind. As an additional bonus you also get access to a bonus product, Social Port Browser that helps you to identify what advertising campaigns other users have been operating and then reverse engineer these ads so you can employ similar techniques.

How does the product work?

When you put a keyword into Interest Architect it will allow you to search one of a number of websites for that term, returning related keywords based off your initial word. David Guindon has set Interest Architect up to search Facebook fan pages, Wikipedia, IMDB, websites, books and magazines and even brands through Amazon. The idea here is that you can then use all the results that come back to further identify more specific and targeted keywords. This means for example that you could search Interest Architect for something like “hunting” and receive back Wikipedia articles related to hunting which might lead you to Deer Hunting which allows you to find a more targeted audience.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing this Interest Architect is being sold for a one off cost of $147 (David Guindon rather arbitrarily says that the price may be subject to a price increase with no notice). There is also a vendor backed money back guarantee in place for 30 days should you find that you are unhappy with Interest Architect.

What is the rate of return?

There are absolutely no claims made about how much you can expect to make by using Interest Architect. Whilst Interest Architect is not a direct money making product it is also designed to help you to better target audiences. With that in mind I would expect some increase in profits although it is difficult to say by how much.


As a piece of software Interest Architect appears to do exactly what it says on the tin in so much as it does highlight potential keywords etc. The bigger question that I have is how necessary this really is. Whilst trying to target a smaller niche does have some benefits, there is also a reasonable limit to this. One of my biggest issues with Interest Architect is that it throws so much at you that realistically, it can potentially become difficult to identify what is a useful keyword and what isn’t and whilst David Guindon has built in numerous filters to help you sort results, it’s still potentially only narrowing down useless terms. The final nail in the coffin of Interest Architect for me is the cost. I simply don’t see what justifies a $150 price tag here as what Interest Architect does is of somewhat limited use.



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From: Simon Roberts