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International Property Alerts Review

International Property Alerts is a newsletter by known property management expert Iain Maitland. In this he looks at global property investment opportunities.

What does the product offer?

International Property Alerts provides people with information and advice on property investment on a global scale. The man behind International Property Alerts, Iain Maitland is well known and well respected and this shows in the opportunities that he is able to present. The newsletter is sent out daily with a few features with a monthly “glossy” PDF released as well. This will generally be a more diverse look at things when compared to the more direct methods of advertising International Property Alerts use in their daily newsletter.

How does the product work?

Iain Maitland carries out a lot of the work for you with International Property Alerts. This means that investment opportunities that he presents are researched and represent a fair investment opportunity. There are a number of different reasons for investing in property on a global scale with probably the most common being letting opportunities as holiday homes or to take advantage of a burgeoning economy by investing in property.

What is the initial investment?

Signing up for International Property Alerts is free as Iain Maitland appears to make his money by essentially acting as an agent between his clientele and developers.

What is the rate of return?

Any rate of return on property is a difficult one to assess, particularly in terms of global markets. This would ultimately depend on your initial investment, how you intend to make money off the property etc.


International Property Alerts is a decent thing to subscribe to. There is little doubt that this isn’t for everybody. The costs in property investment can be substantial and in the case of foreign buying, arduous due to local laws. I feel though that if this is something that you are seriously interested in exploring you will already know and even if you are sitting on the fence, the fact that International Property Alerts is free means that you have very little to lose.


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From: Simon Roberts