iPro Speed Review Betfan by Jannie Marais

IPro Speed is a new horse racing tipster service which is provided through the Betfan group. Selections come courtesy of tipster Jannie Marais.

Introduction to iPro Speed

If there is one criticism that I have pretty consistently levelled at Betfan as a whole, it is that I find a lot of their results are based around a five point staking plan. This means that when a service claims 300 points in 4 months, you are effectively looking at 60 points of profit to use 1 point stakes. The reason I am bringing this up is because their latest offering, iPro Speed, has been proofed to 1 point level stakes.

This means that the results that have been garnered are entirely genuine and in theory represent results that can be achieved in the future. With this in mind, I want to take a good look at this and see whether or not Jannie Marais’s selections are really worth investing in in the long term.

What Does iPro Speed Offer?

Logistically, iPro Speed is exactly what I have come to expect from the Betfan group. Selections are issued on a near daily basis. These are uploaded to a special member’s area of the website as well as being emailed directly out to subscribers. This does however tend to happen late in the day with Jannie Marais typically sending out his selections between 11am and 12pm.

The quality of these emails is very good however (as you would expect from a top tipster stable) with enough information to actually place bets based on advice.

Iprospeed reviewIn terms of the bets themselves, iPro Speed is almost exclusively made up of win bets. There are however a handful of each way bets (half a point each way) and the occasional place bets. These latter ones are rather interesting as they appear to have been advised before Betfan took Jannie Marais’s selections live. If this bet type does in fact come up again, it does mean massively restricted choice in terms of a bookmaker or using the Betfair exchange.

There is a staking plan in place for iPro Speed and I can honestly say that I am overjoyed to report that (as mentioned before), it is all 1 point stakes. This is important for a number of reasons. First of all, you know that the results are all above board and have, most importantly, not been inflated in anyway.

Secondly, it means that your betting bank will generally be under much less strain than staking 5 points per race (some days produce as much as 10 tips).

The final thing that I want to talk about is the strike rate iPro Speed. This is quite important as whilst the selections that Jannie Marais offers are varied in terms of odds, there does tend to be something of a range there (looking at any given sample of around 40 bets, there seems to be odds between 1.5 and 8.0).

This means that in my opinion, iPro Speed needs to win reasonably frequently. With a strike rate of 29.66% at the time of writing, I believe that it just about achieves this, but I would like to have seen it higher too.

How Does iPro Speed Work?

Rather unfortunately (although increasingly typical for Betfan) we are given no insight into what Jannie Marais’s selection process entails. There is a lot of sales patter, saying for example that iPro Speed is “Not About Luck” and that “you won’t be a lucky punter you’ll be a professional investor”.

None of this, you will note, tells us anything. Now don’t get me wrong, ultimately Betfan are one of the more reputable tipster stables on the market and the length of proofing for iPro Speed does go some way to mitigating this lack of information (since October 2017). I would however always like to see a little bit of insight into how selections are found, if only so customers can make an informed decision.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available if you want to subscribe to iPro Speed.

The first of these Betfan refer to as a monthly subscription however payment is every 28 days which means 13 payments per month. This is priced at £37. Alternatively, you can sign up to iPro Speed on a quarterly basis at a cost of £74 per quarter. At the time of writing, there is also a trial option available which allows you to sign up to receive Jannie Marais’s selections for £7 (plus VAT) for 14 days.

As is the case with all Betfan products, there is unfortunately no real money back guarantee in place. The team do however say that they will review any refund requests.

What is the Rate of Return?

Their stats:


Since October 2017, iPro Speed has made a profit of 97.42 points. I have to admit that this isn’t necessarily the strongest result at a glance, however when you start to break things down the picture does start to look a little but rosier. First of all, the average points per month sits at 10.82 points. This is a pretty reasonable result and if it can be maintained is a lot better than a lot of services I have seen before. The ROI for iPro Speed also stands at 15.12%. Whilst Jannie Marais’s tips aren’t necessarily going to make you rich, there is a consistency which should be commended.

Conclusion to iPro Speed

Betfan’s products are a very mixed bunch and it has been some time since I have really had my interest piqued by one of their services. iPro Speed however has very much caught my attention. I talked earlier about profits being boosted by large staking plans and the fact that this hasn’t happened here counts for a lot.

Naturally this does have an impact on the results in some respects (this could quite easily have been sold on the back of 500 points in less than a year), but the fact of the matter is that you know exactly what you are getting into when you sign up for iPro Speed.

All of these are undoubtedly positives for iPro Speed. But there are some buts to be discussed. The big one for me is value for money. £37 per month is not particularly cheap. The quarterly subscription does do a lot to mitigate this however there is a much larger outlay involved. Does all of this ultimately mean that there is value for money to be had in iPro Speed? Potentially. It all depends on how realistic you are willing to be with your expectations.

For my money, if you are looking to boost your income a little bit through a sustainable betting strategy then there aren’t many examples that are that really look much better than iPro Speed. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a service that is necessarily going to be for everybody. The costs involved are arguably a little high for a casual punter.

On the flip side, I think that some punters would look for more profit than Jannie Marais offers, particularly at the monthly cost.

Honestly, I can see both arguments and I can’t find fault with them. The fact is that I see iPro Speed as being more than a little bit niche and that puts it in a bit of a unique position. It is not quite one thing or another, but I certainly don’t think that it is bad. Quite whether this means that it will be for you or not is very much a question of personal taste.

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From: Simon Roberts