Irish Tipping Review Kieran O’Shea

Irish Tipping is a brand new horse racing tipster service that is supposedly operated by Kieran O’Shea. As the name suggests, Irish Tipping focuses predominantly on Irish horse racing.

What does the product offer?

The headline for Irish Tipping paints a very impressive figure. In fact, Kieran O’Shea claims that his service made “£23,800 Profit in 2016 Betting Everywhere from Ballinrobe to Wexford”. That is a hell of a profit from any horse racing tipster service however the fact that Irish Tipping is focussed only on Irish racing suggests that this may well be a decent option for anybody who is trying to build a viable portfolio of tipster services.

In terms of what you can expect from Irish Tipping, logistically, Kieran O’Shea doesn’t appear to really do anything new. Selections are sent out the evening before races via email (supposedly so that you can get the best possible odds on those horses) however they aren’t issued daily. In fact, Irish Tipping will often have gaps which is down to the nature of Irish racing (less tracks means less races). Kieran O’Shea does claim that when there is a meeting however, 95% of them will be tipped.

In terms of the quantity of bets, Irish Tipping doesn’t appear to be an overly prolific tipster service however I have a feeling that this may turn out deceptive. For example, Kieran O’Shea claims that in January and February, he claims to have tipped 55 and 37 horses respectively. These had just 17 races in the month however. When summer comes round, I can only imagine that these numbers are going to become more prolific. The bets themselves are a combination of single and each way bets.

There is a staking plan in place for Irish Tipping which is predominantly based around level staking (Kieran O’Shea says that he uses £50 bets). This is generally halved for each way bets (meaning 0.5 points each way) however there are also what are referred to as Double Down bets. These are “SURE THING” bets where users are advised to stake 2 points or 1 point each way. In terms of the strike rate, it is claimed that Irish Tipping will win around 1 in 3 bets however with no proofing for this I am rather sceptical.

How does the product work?

There are two core claims as to how selections for Irish Tipping are made. The first claim boils down to the fact that because there are less race tracks in Ireland, Kieran O’Shea is able to better see what is happening. In fact, he claims that this that this ability is even better than insider knowledge. The sales material for Irish Tipping goes on to say that Kieran O’Shea can simply see what the going is like on a couse and “probably put a black line through half the runner on the card”.

The second thing that supposedly influences the selection process for Irish Tipping is value. Unfortunately, with no proofing supplied, this is a difficult claim to refute or prove. Personally, I have a number of doubts regarding this though.

What is the initial investment?

There is just one option if you wish to purchase Irish Tipping which is a monthly subscription. Kieran O’Shea is asking £19.95 per month (plus VAT) for this, a figure that is half of the claimed “real” value of £39.95. I am personally rather sceptical of this figure. In terms of a refund policy,  Irish Tipping is actually sold through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day guarantee in place. On top of this, Kieran O’Shea says that “if we are 10 months in and you do not have profit in your account, email me and I will refund your money”.

What is the rate of return?

For 2016, Kieran O’Shea claims that he tipped 476 points of profit. To £50 stakes this amounts to £23,800 which is the amount claimed in the headline. Furthermore, in January and February of 2017, Irish Tipping has supposedly generated an additional 60.85 points which would mean an additional £3,042.50.

All of this sounds well and good however I would once again highlight the fact that there is no proofing supplied for Irish Tipping.


Kieran O’Shea makes some pretty bold claims about his service and I can see how people would easily be attracted to what is on offer here. On paper, Irish Tipping seems like a very low risk option with seemingly consistent (enough) numbers. Unfortunately, there is a lot to suggest that the sales material for Irish Tipping isn’t quite painting a full picture as I will explore.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is the very distinctive lack of evidence. I cannot stress enough the importance of evidence with a service like this and unfortunately, Kieran O’Shea provides none whatsoever. Instead, there is a focus on how seemingly easy it can be to make money with Irish Tipping (despite claims in the sales material that this is far from the case).

Somewhat justifying my doubts about Irish Tipping is the fact that Kieran O’Shea doesn’t appear to be a real person at all. If you look into the website on, it is actually hosted by Awesome Betting. For those who aren’t familiar with this name, it is a company who frequently put out tipster services in a very similar fashion to Irish Tipping.  I can categorically say that I am yet to see one of their services perform in even the medium to long term.

All things considered, I really can’t see anything about Irish Tipping that is worth investing in. Even though the service isn’t overly expensive and there is a money back guarantee in place, I don’t believe that Irish Tipping is a worthwhile investment. In fact, I feel like the most likely outcome is going to be that you will be down on your subscription costs on top of anything that Irish Tipping’s selections make you. With that in mind, I would recommend giving Irish Tipping a hard miss.


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Tried and failed, didn’t take long to decide to leave, another random PRO with lots of hype and not enough short priced selections passing the post first.
Just another bullsh1t service

Thought I would try this as an accessory to British racing. I know little about Irish racing , unfortunately, neither does he. The initial couple of weeks were dismal. Thought I should give it at least one full month and went onto paper trade and the results showed no sign of a recovery.
Swerve this one, nothing at all to recommend it.

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