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Isiris 2 Review – Blue Sky Betting Systems

Isiris 2 is a new horse racing tipster service which is operated by Blue Sky Betting Systems. They claim that the service has no affiliate with the original Isiris tipster service, however it is based on their methods.

Introduction to Isiris 2 / Blue Sky Betting Systems

One of the most common things that I feel I see when it comes to the world of tipping is services cropping up claiming to have modernised or innovated some well known historic tipster service. Isiris 2 plays into this by taking on the name of the original Isiris, a tipster service which launched way back in ’92 and is still around today.

Depending on who you ask, those are some very big shoes to fill. Honestly, the whole of Isiris 2 feels a little questionable to me. There are a large number of reasons for this that I want to cover over the course of this review, but for now, let’s just jump in and start looking at what Blue Sky Betting Systems are actually getting you into. 

What Does Isiris 2 Offer?

Whilst the original Isiris system could be argued to have been something of a revolution in its time, Isiris 2 unfortunately doesn’t seem to be in the same position. This is a relatively pedestrian affair in terms of logistics at the very least.

Isiris-2-reviewBlue Sky Betting Systems issue their selections to subscribers on a near daily basis. It would appear that you can then place your bets with whichever bookmaker or betting exchange you choose. It is worth noting that Blue Sky Betting Systems have proofed Isiris 2 to SP, BSP and BOG which demonstrate a decent amount of flexibility in how you bet.

Moving on to the bets themselves, Isiris 2 is a decent mix of straight win and each way bets with the odd double thrown in for good measure. One thing that does stand out about Isiris 2 is that there is a pretty substantial mix of odds here with Blue Sky Betting Systems’s proofing showing (rather interestingly in my book) that they have both lengthened and shorted quite substantially in some cases.

The volume of bets is typically rather manageable however I would advise that Isiris 2 can get up to five or six bets in a day. This might not sound a like a huge amount but the staking plan can bring some risk here.

This naturally brings me to that staking plan. By and large, you will be backing horses that are advised through Isiris 2 to either 2 points each way, or 3 points on a straight winner. This staking plan from Blue Sky Betting Systems is relatively balanced, however as mentioned on some of the busier days, it can mean staking as much as 19 points on racing.

It is also worth noting that there is also some variance with Isiris 2. This does however apply exclusively to a small handful of long shot each way bets which are advised at 0.5 points or 1 point.

Finally, I want to look at the strike rate for Isiris 2. This is one area of the service that I feel is pretty unique in so much as the results are pretty decent which almost seems counterintuitive. I haven’t really touched on the longer shot bets, but Blue Sky Betting Systems advise selections that are firm outsiders.

To create some context for this, the average odds to BSP stand at 408.59 whilst even to industry SP, they average out at 7.64. In spite of this, Isiris 2 has attained a pretty respectable strike rate of 38.03% according to the proofing.

How Does Isiris 2 Work?

In the sales material for Isiris 2, Blue Sky Betting Systems go out of their way to herald the dawning of the “data age” of horse racing betting. As such, it says, “a clever racing fan with a background in maths and computers and a copy of this book [the original Isiris manual] could take these ideas and with a lot of patience and late nights make them work in today’s betting markets”.

There is also a statement that all horses picked by Isiris 2 “have been sent by connections to win”. Whether or not this is supposed to imply an insider edge or not is something that is up for discussion, however the gist of what Blue Sky Betting Systems say suggests that this isn’t the case.

All of that sounds reasonable enough, however I should point out that there isn’t actually any substance to this provision of selection process.

I have researched the original Isiris in great detail and to be fair to that service, it seems like a potentially big part of it is down to having inside information. This seems at odds with the “math and computers” approach that Isiris 2 sells itself on. It isn’t even like Blue Sky Betting Systems have been operating Isiris 2 for long enough that I believe that the proofing is necessarily a fair representation of what to expect moving forward. As such, I am inclined to treat all of this with a pinch of salt.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different options if you want to sign up to Isiris 2. The first of these is a weekly subscription. This is priced at £25 per week with the first week available at half price. There is also a monthly subscription which is priced at £75 every 28 days with your first month available at half this price.

It is important to note that this does mean that you will pay for this 13 times in a given year. Finally, there is an option to sign up for Isiris 2 on a quarterly subscription which is priced at £165 every 3 months. Once again, you get your first period for half price.   

Blue Sky Betting Systems are taking payment for all options directly via Paypal.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since it launched in December of last year, Isiris 2 has produced an overall profit of 172.44 points to BOG. To BSP, the number is still very respectable at 154.91 points. Both of these represent an ROI of around 30%. There is no ignoring the fact that these are quite impressive numbers however I believe that it should be factored in that Blue Sky Betting Systems’s proofing for the service doesn’t offer a substantial sample of data.

Conclusion on to Isiris 2 / Blue Sky Betting Systems

Isiris was a very well known tipster service that is actually still going (but that’s a whole different review) and in invoking its name, Isiris 2 makes a pretty bold statement, albeit to people of a certain demographic.

Looking at the results that have been shown so far, there may well be some potential to back all of this up and that is something that is genuinely impressive. I mean, we are looking at 50 points per month on average, and that is a number that is open to everybody, regardless of restrictions with bookies etc.

It would be easy to wrap up at this point and highlight that Isiris 2 has made a decent amount of money and that even £10 stakes would have net you a very strong profit. But there is so much more than this in my opinion. First of all, there are the obvious points. Isiris 2 has simply not been around long enough that I would say that the results to date are in any way representative of what may exist in the future.

This ties in to my second point which is a question of value. Isiris 2 is incredibly expensive. I don’t care how you dress it up, even taking the best value offering, you are paying more than £50 per month, quite a lot for a tipster service that is still in such early phases. All of this does create a sense of risk around Isiris 2 that I am not particularly comfortable with.

With all of this in mind, I am not certain that Isiris 2 is something that I would look to buy into right now.

Blue Sky Betting Systems are asking quite a lot in order to access their tips and I just don’t see them as proven. In another 3 months, this may be worth revisiting but in terms of the here and now, I am just not quite convinced.  


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