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Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course is a betting system which is being offered by the eponymous Jack Harvey. He claims that there is considerable profit potential here, seemingly with very little work involved.

Introduction to Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course

Whilst my ultimate goal in reviewing betting products and service is to find stuff that can genuinely help you to make money. Well, there are other perks to this as well. One of my favourite things is having a betting system land on my desk that features a certain kind of marketing. That is to say, a narrative based affair that feels more akin to reading a bad story rather than selling you a betting system. Because at least it’s entertaining.

Now today’s system, Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course, rather fits into this mould. I would be lying if I pretended that it wasn’t at the very least, that interesting approach that I do love to see. Jack Harvey makes some very strong statements and claims about how much money you can expect to make. He has also seemingly launched the same service under a whole host of different names, but I’ll come to that later on.

The fact of the matter is that there is pretty much nothing about Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course that stands out as being a genuine thing. What I have seen of this is massively questionable. In fact, I am not entirely convinced that Jack Harvey has ever really been involved with serious betting, because the claims he makes are that questionable. So, let’s dive into this and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.  

What Does Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course Offer?

So, what are you actually getting into with Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course? in some respects, this is a bit of a difficult question to answer, because the short answer is… Well, quite a lot. Because what Jack Harvey has put together is more of an overall package than a straightforward betting system. And straight off the bat, this is the first red flag for me. But I’ll pick this point up later.

The really big question here is what are you actually getting for your money? A question that Jack Harvey rather graciously answers in the sales material by saying that “As a Pro Hustler, You will receive the “Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course””. Well, one would hope so. The actual course itself is a PDF document that is amongst the most bloated things I have ever read.

I don’t think there is a single concise moment in what Jack Harvey says throughout Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course. There are just long, rambling, tangents to oversimplify already simple concepts. By sheer coincidence, I’m sure, they also pad out Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course and make it seem more worth the very hefty costs that are involved with the service.

As well as being overly bloated and lacking structure and focus, the actual book that you get with Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course isn’t particularly well written either. I like to strike a conversational tone with these reviews (which I like to think I nail), but I wouldn’t claim that I am necessarily the best writer in the world. I’m no Shakespeare. But compared to Jack Harvey, I might as well be.

Honestly, I cannot remember a betting system that I’ve struggled to read quite as much as Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course. Take for example, a segment that talks about ways to bet. You have online, phone, and in a shop. There are clear pros and cons to these. Online is the least effort but algorithms are always watching your bets, phone bets can work well if you don’t do well with the internet, betting in shops is a sure fire way to get kicked out if you’re successful.  

I have just summed up those three methods of betting (albeit crudely) in a sentence. It is concise. Jack Harvey’s attempts to explain these come with a story about how he and a friend “literally cleaned [the bookies] out” and had to go back the next day to collect the rest of their winnings.

What does this help you with? Nothing. What it does do, is help you cement the idea that Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course is genuine.  Because why else would Jack Harvey be telling you about the time that he just made so much money that the bookies couldn’t pay him. I really do have my questions about all of this, and they are quite justified.

Moving full circle though, you get a badly written and unnecessarily bloated betting guide. This element of Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course is at the centre of everything and really it is what you are paying for. To help sweeten the deal however, Jack Harvey includes a number of additional bonuses that he has decided have a value of “nearly £850”.

These are made up of books that appear to simply be PLR gambling guides that have been crudely repurposed as bonuses here. They cover  range of topics of which absolutely none of them really link up with the core product.

Instead, you get guides to football betting, sports betting, sports arbitrage, making money on money markets, a blackjack system, and TWO roulette systems. Again, as with much of the context of the main guide, a lot of this seems to have been included by Jack Harvey simply to make Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course seems like a product that somehow justifies the costs.

How Does Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course Work?

As much as I think that Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course isn’t a good product, I don’t believe that it is necessarily reasonable to start talking in detail about what is involved. I have some strong opinions on Jack Harvey (that I will come to), it doesn’t alter the fact that he has put at least some time and money and effort into this final product.  

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t say anything. The fact is that almost every element of Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course is… Well, it’s just a bit misleading. One of the key points that really gets hammered home in the sales material is Jack Harvey saying that you should be betting on a horse “after it has won – for a nice juicy profit”.

The reality of this is very different to how it is portrayed here. What Jack Harvey suggests with this statement is that you are betting on something after the event has finished. He doesn’t out and out say it, but I think that is what a layman may take away from Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course.

 The fact is that there are a lot of fallacies involved with Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course. Looking through Jack Harvey’s approach to betting, he states a few times that certain events are more likely in certain circumstances. This is demonstrably not correct. He then tries to twist these statements round to make his system “fit” and sound reasonable. Despite being built on those fallacies.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course, there is just one option available. At least, depending on which version of the sales email you have received and which link you have clicked. Ultimately, Jack Harvey says that he is asking £347. However, this number can drop to £197 which represents a substantial discount. But yet another link will bring you to a pricing page that charges just £97.

Whichever option you choose, we are told that there is a 90 day money back guarantee in place for Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course. We are also told that the first 30 people to sign up can bet with Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course using £20 of their money. If you lose that initial £20, then you can get that reimbursed out of Jack Harvey’s pocket.

However, I feel the need to frame this in context. Because this is entirely vendor backed. Furthermore, the only way to claim the refund is by sending an email to a Gmail address. Hardly the kind of thing that instills faith in Jack Harvey.  

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of how much you can expect to make, there are a few claims that are made. Some of these are much more important than others. One of the main landing pages for Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course makes reference to banking “£204, £428 or Even £1062 a Week”. Personally, I doubt most people will get close to these numbers.

They are however based off Jack Harvey’s own experience with Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course where he says using £10 bets per day, he was brining in £40-50 per day. When this number was scaled up to £50 bets, he says that he was clearing around £200 per day. All of these numbers are, probably not surprisingly, unsubstantiated.

Conclusion for Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course

I feel like so far, you may look at Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course and think that it all seems… Well, a bit on the questionable side. And I would be inclined to agree with you. But there is one element of this that definitely makes this a complete no go in my book.

For those of you who have looked at the title of this review, you may well notice that as well as referring to Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course, it also refers to Insider Hacks, Insider G H, and Bet After Win. All of these names are used because Jack Harvey has sold his system under three different URLs, seemingly marketing each one as a different product.

This wasn’t something that I immediately noticed, but whilst searching for the name in my inbox, I noticed messages going all the way back to March. Same product each time, same in so much as “Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course” is mentioned, but different websites every time. That just seems… well, a bit off to me.

That is a pretty big deal, but there are other elements that I want to talk about as well. Namely, some of the hugely fallacious statements that Jack Harvey makes. Obviously I don’t want to go into more detail than I have to here, and I won’t be quoting extensively from Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course, but I do want to give an example of the thinking.

So, Jack Harvey talks about a dice that is slightly weighted towards 6. And how if you were betting on dice rolls, the smart choice would be to bet on 6 because there is a slight bias. Fair enough. That all makes perfect sense to me.

What we are then told however is that a better strategy would be to wait until 6 came up, then start betting on it. Because “Because after a six has come in, the chances of a six coming in again are HUGE”. And so, you start to see the problem.

Now I will concede that the actual strategy is more nuanced than this, but ultimately, I can’t help but feel that Jack Harvey and Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course are quite ignorant to real life. Something that I unfortunately see far too often with betting systems. Something sounds good on paper, but put into practice, it can often be lacking.

That for me is really the nail in the coffin, but there are other elements about Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course that stand out as red flags to me as well. First things first, I am never keen on a service that uses a “narrative” to convince you that it is above board.

In this case, it is leather tomes discovered in an attic. Untouched betting systems that are perfect for the modern age. It just seems… Well, like a lazy plot device that any self respecting writer would dismiss as a bad trope.

Sticking with this point, Jack Harvey talks about his sister and how you are helping her to pay for treatment. If this is true, I sympathise with the guy, but in my opinion it doesn’t have a place in a sales material. Unless of course, you’re trying to guilt people into paying for your service. I know that sounds cold, but this is an industry which unfortunately breeds cynicism.

On the topic of red flags, I don’t understand why there is such wildly differing pricing depending on which link I click. It is almost as though somebody who doesn’t really understand how to market a product is doing their best to bring people in.

And on top of all of this, I just don’t think Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course is a particularly good system. All of those bonuses are rather telling to me, almost as though there has to be some justification for the costs involved. Because even at its cheapest, this is quite a lot of money.

Compare that to some of the very good betting systems that are recommended here that cost less money, and I think it becomes quite apparent that there are problems with Jack Harvey’s Pro Hustler Gambling Course. And it is because of all of this that I simply cannot bring myself to recommend it.

The fact is that there are some very good betting systems out there that work. So I see no reason to pay over the odds for one that doesn’t really (and if it does, Jack Harvey certainly doesn’t try to demonstrate this).  


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