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Jack Turner AW Tips Review

Jack Turner AW Tips is a horse racing tipster service from the eponymous Jack Turner. The service is for all weather bets and is provided through tipster Brian Stott.

What does the product offer?

Jack Turner AW Tips is a horse racing tipster service providing all weather selections for races across the UK. Selections are near daily and are advised via email with details also available on staking (Jack Turner AW Tips bets to either one or two points stakes). As is suggested by the name, Jack Turner AW Tips is an all weather service so should run year round. This will however restrict selections compared to a more traditional tipster. During its run, Brian Stott claims that Jack Turner AW Tips has achieved an average strike rate of 42.95%.

How does the product work?

Jack Turner has allegedly been betting successfully for some time now and whilst the exact selection process isn’t detailed, Jack Turner AW Tips does appear to be a form based service.

What is the initial investment?

Jack Turner AW Tips is pretty reasonably priced and is available on a yearly subscription. This comes in at just £45 for the year. This also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee as it is sold through Clickbank. It is worth noting however that the offer is restricted to just 20 patrons allegedly.

What is the rate of return?

Brian Stott says that Jack Turner AW Tips has made a profit of 254.55 points in a year. During the three months that he trialled the system he saw profits of 51.8 points of profit.


Arguably the most attractive part of Jack Turner AW Tips is the pricing. The fact is that the results aren’t terrible and the service has been pretty consistent based off the published results with just one losing month of around 5 points. The fact is that as it stands there is very little about Jack Turner AW Tips that seems to a particular downside. The service is inexpensive and if you buy into the results, a success. It will not by any means become a full time income but it looks to be a way of making a bit on the side without paying through the nose.



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