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JacVapour Discount Codes 2014 New

For those who have already started using electronic cigarettes, there is one company who are now head and shoulders in the UK ecig market, and who have been constantly growing year, on year.

That company is of course

New 2014 JacVapour Discount Codes


Why Should I use this company?

The market for electronic cigarettes is exploding for many reason in the UK,  and the reason is that many people are looking to save money whilst at the same time using quality products, and companies who have positive reviews. JacVapour have those in abundance, and not only that but when you consider that the market is only going to grow, you of course want to be sure that you are using products that are cutting edge, and are growing with customer approval.

Do I really get a discount?

Of course, all you have to do is insert the code into the checkout on the website and you will receive the discount off your total order. Not only that, but unlike some companies who only give an introductory offer, JacVapour allow customers to keep using their codes on every single purchase you make. So over a year, that saving can make a massive difference to your bank balance. We feel sure that you would prefer the money to stay in your bank balance, that anywhere else. This, together with receiving great value is essential with personal products such as electronic cigarettes.

How much can you save in a year, on top of the discounts?

When you consider that the average pack of cigarettes in the UK is approaching £9, you can easily see how by using ecigs you can make great savings. The main reason being, that the products are manufactured to a very high quality, and this is one of the main reasons they are fast becoming the number 1 company in the UK – the consumer’s choice.

Many people when switching their habits from conventional cigarettes make savings of at least a few thousand ££’s, but of course that will depend on your initial smoking habits, and how many you smoked per day before switching to electronic versions.

What kind of products can I purchase from JacVapour?

The products vary from starter kits, to heavy vaporing kits. Again, this will depend on your own habits. Many people start with a starter kit, maybe a lookalike, and then upgrade to a more professional product.

For example here are the starter kits:

JacVapour Starter Kits

As you can see the starter kits are almost the same size, and feel as a real cigarette, and many people like to use these as to not stand out too much from what a normal smoker would look like, and also they are discreet. It is entirely personal preference as to which kit you wish to use.

 You may wish to start with a more advanced vapour system, which look like the following:

The Vapour Kits from JacVapour

As you can see, the more advanced vapour kits can actually hold the liquid, and many people do prefer these as you can see when you are running out, and need to top up with e liquid.

One of the other reasons people prefer the more advanced kits is that they generate a stronger ‘hit’ from the nicotine, and this gives a more realistic feel. Actually the smaller JacVapour vapour kits are similar priced to the lookalike units, so you may wish to consider using them as a starting point. Either way, the products are top quality, and many people are already raving about how they made the switch never to look back.


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