Jason Turner Racing Review

Jason Turner Racing is a brand new horse racing tipster service which is operated by the eponymous Jason Turner. He claims that his bets have proven highly profitable with a strong strike rate.

Introduction to Jason Turner Racing

I don’t think that it’s unreasonable to say that horse racing is arguably one of the better ways to make a long term profit through betting. That is of course, if you have the know how, the discipline, and the pockets to stick things out through the rough and the smooth. Now, no tipster can just give you more money for betting to start off with, but what if they could take the discipline and the know how out of it?

Well, in a round about fashion, that is pretty much what Jason Turner is claiming that his service is able to offer you. With a very structured process, frequent wins, and strong profits all claimed… It would appear that you can really look to tackle the problems that can come with betting on horse racing and nail that holy grail of betting, long term and consistent profits.

So, we can pack this one up then, yeah? Jason Turner Racing is able to deliver everything that you need, you can make a decent living and we can all go home and retire. Except, of course we can’t. Because actually, despite some very impressive sounding claims, there are also some pretty substantial gaps in terms of what Jason Turner is offering. Let’s have a look at some of those.  

What Does Jason Turner Racing Offer?

One of the things that immediately stands out about how Jason Turner has structured Jason Turner Racing, and I think that this is a positive, is that it feels somewhat business like (at least, from the sales material). He opens by saying that he is “not hear to waste your time [sic]” and that in return he doesn’t expect you to waste his either.

So, what other elements of this fit that “business like” feel? Well, a bit part of that are the logistical elements. You see, rather interestingly for a tipster service this is a service that only bets Monday to Friday (most of the time). This frees up your weekends and keeps your “working” days to that “Monday Friday Nine to Five” vibe. It also misses out on a lot of racing over the weekends.

As you would expect, the selections are sent out directly to subscribers via email. In another positive for Jason Turner Racing, Jason Turner sends them out the evening before racing, typically around 11pm. This means that in theory, you should be able to get the best prices by betting early. We are  also told that should there be no selections on a day, you will receive an email as early as possible.

Now, if there is one thing that is rather disappointing, it is the lack of information that is contained within these emails. Don’t get me wrong. Jason Turner tells you enough that you can get the bets placed, but you are rather left to your on devices in this regard.

That for me is actually pretty frustrating. It shouldn’t take a tipster long to scope out which bookies are offering the best prices and advise on what kind of odds to bet on. The fact is that actually, consistently backing at lower than expected odds can prove detrimental to the viability of a tipster service. With all that said, Oddschecker will make this easier for you.

Moving on to the bets themselves, there is that strong sense of structure that I mentioned earlier. Each day, you will receive 5 bets from Jason Turner Racing. These are supposedly Jason Turner’s “best bets” for the day. From what I have seen so far, all of these bets are straight win bets. This definitely helps to make this easy to follow.

You will be backing horses at a range of odds with this, however that range doesn’t appear to be particularly broad. A look at the “evidence” that Jason Turner provides shows horses being backed as low as 6/5 and going as high as 17/2. As such, whilst there is the potential for some reasonable wins, you are ultimately going to see pretty modest returns.

However, what really starts to set Jason Turner Racing apart in my eyes is the claimed strike rate. Now Jason Turner says that over 10 days he has achieved a 40% strike rate, a figure that we must seemingly take as representative of wider results given a lack of proofing (a point I will be coming back to).

In and of itself, a 40% strike rate is very respectable. However, when you factor in the kind of odds that are involved here, then you start to see how that potential for long term profit exists. Winning 40% of bets at odds of 3/1 can start to produce some very good looking profits. Especially when you factor in the staking plan.  

This segues nicely into the final thing that I want to talk about with Jason Turner Racing which is indeed that staking plan. Now all of the evidence that is provided for Jason Turner Racing is based off £25 stakes. However, these are simply level 1 point stakes which means that you can easily scale those results based off how much you are betting.

Rather disappointingly, I haven’t seen any advice on a betting bank from Jason Turner. However, based off what he has said, a 100 point betting bank would probably suffice. Personally, I have some broader questions relating to this, but I will talk about those later on.

How Does Jason Turner Racing Work?

Now we come to one of the more frustrating elements of Jason Turner Racing. That is the lack of information on a selection process. In fact, let’s not mince our words here. There is just a general lack of information when it comes to the ins and outs of this. Something that is incredibly frustrating to me for a number of reasons.

First of all, I want to address that point about details of a selection process. I would never expect a tipster to give away their full process. That isn’t really reasonable. However, I don’t think that it is unreasonable to have enough information that you can at least say you have insight into what you are getting into.

The fact is that really, all that you have in the case of Jason Turner Racing is Jason Turner’s word that he is genuine and above board. The problem with this of course is that he also happens to be the one selling the service. As such, I think that it takes a very bold leap of faith to just blindly jump in to staking 5 points per day off the back of a few (questionable) betting slips.

Which brings me to my final point. It isn’t even like you can look at proofing for Jason Turner Racing. I have often said that with a decent amount of proofing, it somewhat offsets the wider lack of information. At least you can get an idea of the ups and downs etc. But in this case, Jason Turner really is just asking you to take his word that all of these things are genuine, and that is a very big ask.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Jason Turner Racing, there are two different options that are available. The cheapest of these is a 30 day option which is priced at £19 (plus VAT). Alternatively, you can sign up for 60 days for £30 (again, plus VAT).

It is worth noting that both of these options come with a full 60 day money back guarantee as Jason Turner Racing is sold through Clickbank. One of the few things that I think Jason Turner can unequivocally be commended for is the fact tat this is at least ell advertised.

What is the Rate of Return?

The main reason that any of us look at betting products is of course, because we want to make money. And what Jason Turner claims when it comes to Jason Turner Racing actually appears to be relatively grounded at first. There are no claims of making hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. In fact, Jason Turner purposefully starts his sales pitch by saying that if you are looking for that kind of thing, you should leave.

However, there is a key claim made here which is that in 10 days, Jason Turner says that he made £1,271.26 profit. Now, using those £25 stakes, we can easily place this number into context. More specifically, this means 50.85 points over 10 days. A number that whilst achievable, is likely a long way from sustainable.

Unfortunately, I believe that implication here is that following Jason Turner Racing can attain this kind of results on a semi regular basis. Something which simply isn’t believable. The fact is that these kinds numbers are something that most tipsters would be thrilled with on a monthly basis. To suggest that you can get this every 10 days without proofing is just ludicrous in my opinion.

Conclusion for Jason Turner Racing

If you were more naïve and perhaps not as certain about what is and isn’t realistic when it comes to potential betting profit, I can see how you could get taken in here. The fact is that if you aren’t familiar with what kind of results other (and more genuine) tipsters are attaining then £1,200 doesn’t sound entirely unfeasible over 10 days.

And I suppose if I’m honest, I’d say that if you were staking £100 per point I would be inclined to agree. But to £25 per point, it just doesn’t really add up. And that is one of several problems with Jason Turner Racing.

A problem that rather ironically could be solved if the other main problem with Jason Turner Racing wasn’t so prevalent which is the lack of information.

Now this lack of information isn’t just in terms of the selection process (although it is very much there). There are lots of little bits that are missing key elements. For example, the pitiful attempt at providing “proofing”. Ultimately, I can’t help but feel like the absence of this is rather notable.

“But” I may hear you (or more realistically, zz) cry “there are loads of betting slips showing winners”. And that is true. But even putting to one side for a minute questions about their authenticity, you have to ask if these results are representative of what the wider experience with Jason Turner Racing will be.

You see, proofing is a wonderful measure of success because it shows you the highs and the lows. It lets you look at masses of data and work out how much you would have to spend in order to make a profit. Most importantly, it demonstrates fact.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to paint Jason Turner’s “proofing”. For my money it just isn’t something that I believe to be good enough. Anybody can knock together a week’s worth of “winning” betting slips and claim that they’re on to something. But decent proofing will show you the rough and the smooth (as well as when to expect each of them).

And this runs much deeper than simply the profit and loss element. Do I think, for example, that a 40% strike rate is doable? Yes, I think that it is.  I’ve seen other tipsters hitting similar numbers before now.

Do I believe that Jason Turner delivers it with Jason Turner Racing? Not at all, if I’m entirely honest. And those two points are really the crux of the problem here. I don’t particularly believe that this a genuine product and these are genuine results. At the same time, I know that there are tipster services that aren’t dissimilar to this that can deliver a profit.

All of this is reason enough to stay away from Jason Turner Racing, however, I have actually missed out probably the main reason that I’d give it a miss. And it is something that I don’t believe most people would have picked up on really. The vendor who is selling this through Clickbank is known to me.

They put out a lot of tipster services that stick around for a few months, only to be quietly wrapped up. To the best of my knowledge, none of these services have made a profit in the period that they are active, and I see little reason to believe that this will be any different.

With all of this in mind, it shouldn’t really prove surprising that I really wouldn’t recommend this. I started to say that probably the best thing about this is that it isn’t particularly expensive, but really, that just doesn’t’ excuse that it looks like a pretty bad tipster service.


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I initially had Tips from Jason Turner as a free trial – and they showed a reasonable profit.
However, at the end of the trial the only option to continue receiving Tips from his service was to subscribe for the next 8 months at a One off fee of £96. This was via Clickbank.
Since subscribing, on the 30th of March I have received sporadic Tips from him – on checking the original email from him after I subscribed it does say that some Days there will be no tips – if the tips are crap!
Unfortunately you are not informed that there will be none on any particular day because of this!
I am now waiting to see if the tips do resume, and if there quality improves – as I am now no longer in Profit this month.
If not, then I will approach Clickbank and request a refund – which I have successfully had to do before with other short lived tipping services.
I am going to do a lot more research before subscribing to any other services!

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From: Simon Roberts