JB Racing Tips Review

JB Racing Tips is a horse racing tipster service which is currently being offered through the Betting Gods tipster stable. It has produced some very strong results with an exceptional average monthly yield.

What does JB Racing Tips offer?

I don’t normally talk about results before I look at anything else when I am considering an angle to start with. As a writer, I find that it takes a lot of the mystery out of what is to come. JB Racing Tips however is a very well deserved exception to the rule because “average monthly profit of £1,131.62. I mean, these are results that punters genuinely dream of.

That is to pretty modest stakes as well. But all of this profit has to come from somewhere and this is what I want to explore, because without a doubt, this is not a service that will suit everybody. With this in mind, let’s look at why exactly this is.

Betting Gods run a tight ship and this generally means that you can expect certain things from all of their tipsters. These are frequent bets, easy access and (generally speaking) sustainability. JB Racing Tips ticks all of these boxes. Selections are issued on a near daily basis to subscribers and these are mad available through a member’s area, the Betting Gods app (which is available on iOS and Android) and of course email directly to subscribers.

In terms of the bets themselves, the volume is reasonable with around 75-80 bets per month however this is about the only thing that is close to standard. Looking at the bets themselves, there is a massive variety. These range from straight win bets to each way and a number of accumulators as well with four and five folds rearing their head so far. What really jumps out at me however are the odds that you are betting on.

I have had a glance through the proofing for JB Racing Tips and with the exception of accumulators, the lowest odds on a horse was 4.0. These are some very long shots.

The staking plan for JB Racing Tips is also a little on the extreme side. Win bets are generally advised at 4 and 5 points whilst each way bets start at 1 point each way. There are definitely high numbers involved in this regard and honestly, if it weren’t for the recommended 200 point betting bank, I would be wincing a little at these stakes. As it stands, I believe that JB Racing Tips is just about manageable in this regard.

Given the odds that are involved with JB Racing Tips you would be crazy to expect a high strike rate and yet… according to the results that Betting Gods have published, it is just shy of 26%. This is not going to win any awards, but looking at the proofing before the strike rate, I was expecting 20% tops so this is a massive positive for the service.

How does JB Racing Tips work?

If there is one gripe that I have with anything which comes from the Betting Gods camp it is the lack of information on the selection process and JB Racing Tips is no different. Now, I am not stupid, and I am sure you aren’t either.

It is very apparent that there is a value based approach involved here however I would like to have had a little information to make an informed decision. Especially as the staking plan that is in place can become very expensive very quickly and I would want to know that we aren’t plucking names out of a hat. With that having been said, I have followed Betting Gods since their inception and I know that the owner of the site, Darren, does not tend to allow crap to be sold through them.

Still, it is a bit of a disappointment.

What is the initial investment?

You could easily be forgiven for thinking that JB Racing Tips is going to be expensive but actually, it is pretty reasonably priced. There is a monthly subscription option at a cost of £25 per month, a quarterly option at £60 per month and a one off payment of £200 to receive selections for the year. Honestly, these are very fair prices in my opinion. On top of this, all options give you 10 days of selections for just £1 and there is a 30 day money back guarantee in place if you are unhappy with the results.

What is the rate of return?

It feels a bit anticlimactic now revealing the income for JB Racing Tips. None the less, we are looking at 678.97 points since November 2017. I cannot stress how strong a result this is. This also represents growth on the 200 point betting bank of 339.49%, again a fantastically strong result. Because of the high stakes involved, the ROI for JB Racing Tips does ultimately take a little bit of a beating however 35.63% is still a fine result which any tipster would be proud of.

Conclusion on JB Racing Tips?

First things first, I think that you have to put JB Racing Tips into context. The results are phenomenal. In fact, they are amongst some of the strongest that I have seen or a long time. More than 100 points per month in profit is the dream and to the right stakes, you are talking a genuine and tangible source of revenue. It is important to me that I cover everything that is right about JB Racing Tips because frankly, things are going to get a little bit down from here.

So whilst Betting Gods has produced a lot of profit on a points basis, the ROI paints a better picture in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, 35% is still very good, but in order to get the big bucks, you have to keep in mind the larger stakes. So whilst Betting Gods talk about £1,131 per month on average to £10 stakes, there are also 4 or 5 points bet on each race.

This means that you will actually end up staking £50 per bet in effect. Cut this down to a more reasonable 1 point per bet and you will also be effectively cutting your profit by around 80%..

This kind of staking plan is one that I have historically seen through a different (and equally well known) stable of tipsters and frankly, I am not a fan. Don’t get me wrong, if you can afford to stick out these stakes then you will do very well for yourself. When you lose however, you will lose big and whilst Betting Gods say that a 200 point betting bank is a solution, I don’t quite subscribe to that.

With all of this in mind, whether or not JB Racing Tips will work for you depends entirely on how patient you are willing to be. If you are disciplined with deep pockets, then I genuinely believe that longer term, you will do very well for yourself. For most people though, I don’t really see this being a viable option as a tipster service.



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