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Jeff’s Daily Double Service Review

Jeff’s Daily Double Service is a horse racing tipster service from Jeff Roberts. The service has an emphasis on double bets.

What does the product offer?

Each day Jeff Roberts sends out two tips to subscribers to Jeff’s Daily Double Service. These selections are sent out via email each day around 10.30am. Jeff’s Daily Double Service uses a combination of bets and staking recommending 2 points on a back to win bet and 1 point on the double. Over a 5 day period Jeff Roberts claims to have picked one winner and 2 days where Jeff’s Daily Double Service didn’t generate any winning selections. There have also been 2 none runners.

How does the product work?

Jeff Roberts doesn’t really provide any information as to how Jeff’s Daily Double Service’s selections are made. In fact information on many aspects of the service is lacking at best. Given the fact that Jeff’s Daily Double Service is free, this can be overlooked.

What is the initial investment?

Access to Jeff’s Daily Double Service (as mentioned several times before now) is free to access. It is worth noting that Jeff Roberts says that Jeff’s Daily Double Service is limited to 50 members.

What is the rate of return?

Over 7 days Jeff’s Daily Double Service has allegedly produced a profit of £95.96 or 38.4 points of profit. This has been achieved using £2.50 stakes.


I have some doubts about Jeff’s Daily Double Service, namely surrounding the lack of information that Jeff Roberts supplies about his selection process. That having been said despite a short trial period there has been a pretty decent profit and with Jeff’s Daily Double Service being free to access, there remains hope. Naturally this kind of service isn’t going to suit everybody, particularly as it is in its infancy, but under the circumstances I highly recommend getting into this now.

There may be a long way to go but I would rather take advantage now while you can get this for free rather than having to pay for the service further down the line.



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From: Simon Roberts